Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bonus Day

Bill and I drove to Ocala today to babysit the kids so Marsel could attend a funeral for a friend's mom. She drove to Matthew's house, had Caleb meet them there and so they got to enjoy some sibling time. Here is the 'fort' we built in the garage!

David certainly enjoyed the building process while Abigail instantly had it turned into home and pretend........their names were changed and she was in character immediately. I loved to be able to share the time with them.

Matthew was very patient with our 'ideas'!
I finished this-really am glad I tried a new stitch on a plain colorway! Who says it isn't possible to be innovative on the humble sock!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weave On!

Warping another project.........I am using some crochet cotton in burgundy and gold. I am warping on the ping pong table so Nyki isn't out in the garage to help.......only Bling!
The darker warp makes the rose a bit darker. I'm liking how it looks. (The warping is a bit off center because the gold thread ran out sooner than my calculations-I was not about to undo the whole thing, believe me!) Warping is work but it is the only way to get to the weaving part!

Weaving Pleasure

I just wove this shawl until the yarn was turned out so pretty.

It has the coloring of the water at Alexander Springs we visited while the family was here.

I used the suffolk/alpaca blend I spun and dyed. It is so soft and drapey.

I will warp another idea today.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Innovative Socks

While I was knitting up the third pair of KnitPicks socks, in Felici Patina this time, I had a 'what if?' thought. What if I blurred the lines between the color changes by using a knit one with the new color and slipped the stitch of the old color around the first row of every color change? I tried it and instantly knew I was onto something wonderful! Because I didn't want to rip out the beginning I did the heel in the same way as the toe so it wouldn't look odd and it gives the eye a nice rest. I am knitting the leg in a k2p2 rib so no need to slip any stitches........ doesn't it give the sock a wonderfully Fair Isle look?
Give it a try! (But remember you saw it here first!)

(I was tempted to go back and try the new way on the other two pairs of socks but got a hold of myself in time! )

Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching Up

I did finish the tablerunner; sewing the binding on while sitting in bed......Nyki had already gone to sleep-I didn't even disturb her as I slid out of bed to take the picture!

In the morning I pulled out the dresser that was here and organized a cutting/ironing center that will double as the wool prep is nice to have this area to work at! I caught Nyki redhanded at the attempted murder of my styrofoam head! She wasn't the least bit penitent! I spun up 2 skeins of the superwash/nylon I blended on the drumcarder-I am pleased with the results and will now dye up the skeins.........I am thinking chocolate covered cherries kind of colors....

Back in the sewing room , I serged up a pair of capris for myself. This fabric is a light-weight kettle cloth that is at least 40 years old.........I am enjoying the challenge of stash busting! I finally got to the finishing work for the two pair of socks with the striped yarn from KnitPicks (Felici in Putty and Meridian). And when I began the third pair of socks I had a 'what if ?' thought. They need their own post to see what I did!

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Day in the Cave

When the boys lived here, they dubbed the room I now do my sewing/crafing in as the cave-it has no windows and they always kept it dark in there so it was appropriatly named but now the name has stuck and we still call it that! I keep it lit right up though, just ask Bill!!!
The cave was a hub of activity today-I made a list of things to finish up in there and I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process. Bill is finishing up on the electrical and came to visit occasionally to update me, but mostly it was quiet and creative! I hit up the pile of fabrics and sewed up a tablerunner. It was so much more comfortable to be able to stand at the table and not hunch over! I planned, cut, ironed and laid out all my pieces to my heart's content!
I also cut out a tie for David using a pattern I saw on The Purl Bee; it is from the fabric I made Abigail's birthday dress out of so they can 'match'. It is a quick go but requires the back seam sewn up by hand.........good thing I like to do handwork! I next put my hand to quilting the tablerunner........ I modified the small feather pattern to make it less fussy and it worked up more to my liking. The plan is to finish binding it tomorrow.
I finished up the last stitch on the tie just in time to hit the dinner preparation hour-what a nice day.
Oh, here is a sock that is just minutes away from being frogged. I saw a pattern ages ago to make a sock with the cuff out of 3 small granny squares (crocheted) and then pick up the stitches and knit the rest of the sock. I had fun making it but when I tried it on.......way to chunky and bulky looking! I will save this yarn for a Fall weaving project! Say goodbye to this idea that is down the least I got the idea out of my head! Permanently! Starting a new sock instead tonight!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Town Sales

We took a trip into Daytona Beach to take advantage of some sale items........I brought home mine but Bill is holding a raincheck!

The cats were great help in putting together my Craft table. I did need to have Bill's help for several of the steps required muscle.......he gladly assisted.

The dye pot turned out some great skeins........a pair of pink and blue are out of Finn wool-they are so squeezie-feels delicious and no, I don't know what they will make. The other 2 skeins are of the suffolk/alpaca blend I have been spinning and that will be for another weaving project.
We found a sidewalk cafe for New York Pizza and were so wondrously surprised-it is a close second to Gino and Joe's; the best pizza in the world! We will repeat that performance, I guarantee it! Followed up the great lunch with a walk on the beach and then home.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Routine Again!?

We closed up the 'vacation' house because all the guests have gone!

Did laundry and cleaning and in between I filled up the time with my usual fibery pursuits:
I started out with some dyeing of 6 handspun skeins.
Picked out some fabrics from the stash for another tablerunner.
Tried a new use out for the ping pong table--I am much better at this than I am for the real game! (You can see the lawn mower in the background-Bill has another project, too-it quit!)
Yes, I think I have a much better game at weaving. I worked out great because I could get a longer warp this way-7' actually, so that with fringe, etc I can have a longer woven linen. I warped with a #5 cotton and will use my handspun for the weft.
I accomplished quite a bit on the second sock-just a few more inches of ribbing! Closed out the day with some actual weaving......
it is so much airier with the warp being thin.........I just love the way weaving surprises me with each new project! I am listening to Weavezine podcasts while I putter through the day, catching up on old ones and learning so much!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boat Tour

We took Mike, Anita and Jackie on a boat ride after church yesterday. The weather was perfect and the gators thought so , too, because there were so many of them sunning themselves! The wind has abated and so we had quite a wonderful ride.
We docked at our fav restaurant and saw this little guy-
I was so tired because of getting up before 4am to take Jared, Krystle and Jason to the airport before church , that I fell asleep sitting up on the ride home!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beach Day Again

We squeezed in another visit to the beach. We got there in time for low tide but the winds were still strong and so we didn't do any water time-just a real long hike looking for shells.
Such beautiful waves .

The guys found this cutie-a puffer fish--he has spines all over the top of his back-beware!

I did a bit of this and a lot of book reading.

The guys tossed a football and then we went to lunch at a beach cafe. What a great time.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mostly at Home Day

We hung around the 'train house' today. The guys braved the high winds and played badminton while the girls sat inside and gabbed! (Okay , we did eat a lot of junk food, too!)
I even managed to get everyone together for a group shot! Krystle's parents and sister have joined the group-what a good visit we have enjoyed!
This is what I made on our beading day.......we had fun knitting together! Marsel and Krystle each made a choker like the one on the top of the pic.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

And The Beat Goes On!

What a fun time we are having! Went to Fort Mantanzas yesterday.......we had a picnic first before the beach.
I have been taking pictures of all my kids in this tree for 20 years.........the family tree is growing!
I did a little of this on the beach but mostly watched the antics of all the 'children'. Never a dull moment....Jared even rescued a 14 yr old girl from the water-she had gashed her thigh open (6-7") from a spill on her surf board-he scooped her up and carried her to her parents and while they applied pressure to the wound and waited for the EMT's, we packed up their stuff... Caleb got a nasty cut at the base of his toe while using his skimmer board-minor in comparison to the young woman's but it is giving him some mobility problems. Never a dull moment!

We celebrated David's birthday when we got back fromt he beach! He turns 7 on Sunday but we wouldn't all be together then so.............

The evening was full of happy bodies............

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cheerful Chaos

Hanging out and having a good time with all the stories, teasing , etc! Jared and Jason enjoyed the tornado watch / thunderstorm last evening--Seattle has a lot of rain but doesn't do justice to a good thunder and lightening storm!

Marsel and I took Bruce to the airport today because he had to go back to 'real' life.
I have managed to get one sock done and the other is well on its way. (Car time yields knitting time!)
Yesterday, most of the crew went for a boat tour. Jared caught some incredible 'gator sightings shots! Is this guy smiling at you?!
These guys don't look too scary yet, but give them a few seasons and then they will!
Girls are going to the beading table......hope to give you a glimpse of the fruits of our labors tomorrow!


I will be working on my sock knitting today since I will be in the waiting room for quite a while;   Bill is having surgery to remove his ga...