Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Innovative Socks

While I was knitting up the third pair of KnitPicks socks, in Felici Patina this time, I had a 'what if?' thought. What if I blurred the lines between the color changes by using a knit one with the new color and slipped the stitch of the old color around the first row of every color change? I tried it and instantly knew I was onto something wonderful! Because I didn't want to rip out the beginning I did the heel in the same way as the toe so it wouldn't look odd and it gives the eye a nice rest. I am knitting the leg in a k2p2 rib so no need to slip any stitches........ doesn't it give the sock a wonderfully Fair Isle look?
Give it a try! (But remember you saw it here first!)

(I was tempted to go back and try the new way on the other two pairs of socks but got a hold of myself in time! )


  1. Very cool!!! It gives it a dainty, feminine touch.

  2. You are one clever woman! talent is supposed to be [passed down, any possibility of passing it up a generation? knaw, it isn't gonna happen!

  3. Hmm! WEll, I could argue the point ... LOL
    My slip stitch beanies are weeks old! It's a great technique, isn't it?


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