Wednesday, February 20, 2019


If you are wondering what I am doing today,
it is gardening!
My daughter is here and we bought some color!
It will go in the new strip of garden plot beyond the pool screen.
So much potential....

Big Dreams, Small Spaces is a great series on Netfllix--
I am inspired!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


 This little 1" tree frog is pretty common around here-they hunker down in the plants all day 
and come out to 'sing' at night.
 Today, Abigail spotted this large guy-2 1/2" of tree frog and spotted!
 He was very relaxed about his photo shoot!
The little one is called a Squirrel Tree frog and the larger is called a Barking Tree frog!
So now we all learned something!
While they are nocturnal, I am not even though my best knitting time
 has become the hour before bedtime!
It's a good thing these mittens are so symmetrical so I can memorize the pattern for each row!  
I have to get knitting--I had hoped to send these home with my daughter so Bruce would have this completed pair while they still have winter!
(I had worried the mittens wouldn't fit but my daughter tried them on
 and assured me they are spot on!  Phew!)
This is a short and sweet visit so I had better get knitting.....!

Monday, February 18, 2019

FO But Not Blocked

A little knitting is happening in spite of a major back spasm.
A pinched nerve?
I can knit, if I don't move too much,
don't yank the yarn out of the skein,
don't turn to look at my notes.
The sweater was a quick finish on the machine-
I did add the button bands and neckband by hand--
I can't skim that carriage back and forth.
I like the lace at the front and back hem;  it was a good exercise in design.
And the only exercise I am doing right now!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Outside Pleasures

 While there were lots of real live manatees in the spring, I didn't manage to catch a clear photo of one!  You will have to settle for these two guys (Will on left and a friend on the right!)
 It was a breathtakingly beautiful day to be on a field trip!
 This is looking north up the St Johns River.
 At home, there are so many colors that please the eye...ornamental kale,
 my favorit red camellias,
 the burgeoning azaleas
 and even the bees are out!
The calliandra bush is full of blooms because we didn't have a killing frost!
The honeybees are grateful to have the mild  winter,  too!

(this was late to post because I forgot to hit the publish button!)

Friday, February 15, 2019


 I made pretty good progress on the Squirrel Cardigan.  
One side is completed;  later on today, I will finish the left side.
I did decide to add a bit of lace on the bottom of the fronts and back.
See, it is starting to make sense.
But first, I have a field trip with Will to go and see the manatees in Blue Springs!
Pictures tomorrow!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Machine Embroidery Work

 This faux leather wallet is made 'in the hoop' as an embroidery project from UrbanThreads.
 It is a quick and clever project to do with materials I had on hand.
My son bought a cash register for the boys and we play 'shop';
I noticed they needed a wallet to carry their money.
 This wallet design holds the paper money and their 'credit' card in the slots.
 It's nice to hit the bull's eye when making things for the boys!
 We had a lot of fun spending the money-they even do chores to earn more money to spend--
a great learning tool, right?!
(Even when the money is fake!)
 Along those lines, there was also a pattern using the same kind of 'in-the-hoop' design 
for this Fox purse.  
(the red tipped pin is only holding down the flap 
 until I make it to the store to purchase a larger snap closure!)
I liked this picture because Nyki did a photo bomb and I didn't notice her at the time!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Give it a Go!

A new project on the LK150;
the swatch was washed and dried to check my numbers.
 And the stitches are cast on and now I am reworking some stitches to give a k2 p2 ribbed hem.
 The Koi Pond square is added to my sock blanket-this makes block # 108.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Typical Day

For those of you craving color--
this is the Cassia, still blooming!
 I ventured out to view the  flooded  back 1/4 of our property to see this mound 
because it is the sandhill crane on her nest! 
 I can't wait for babies!
 The new 'lake' recedes a few inches and then we get another rainstorm with several inches
and it is back fuller than it was a few days before the rain!
I am afraid this is the new landscape for us!
 My Live Oak Avenue is high and dry, though, and is a visual pleasure to pass under its boughs.
 The boys followed me as I drove the golf cart --they threw/rolled (ground balls only were allowed!)
a softball at the golf cart and saw how close they could get to me;
if it rolled under as I drove along, 
they scored the most points!
 They sure do have imaginations!
They ran for half an hour like this!
We watched the Space Station go past last night, you can just see it between the top of the two pines!
One leftover sock yarn newborn hat was also completed yesterday!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Sunday Swing

I finished the KAL socks last night-
very appropriate to finish the on Sunday;
2 weeks from when I began them!

I have enough yarn to make something else with them;
a pair of shorty socks?    no.
another block on my sock blanket?  yes.
a newborn hat on the knitting machine?  yes.
What wonderful decisions to face!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

So There!

 I added the pom pom on the first hat and then I quickly made the second one with slighter letters!  It's so nice to really knit one in no time at all.  
I managed to stitch the last of the Summer Blooms blocks into a top;
now to make a decision for the borders! 
 I also cut all of the inner sashing for the owl quilt;
I will cut more of the pink in slightly wider strips for the outside borders.
And this was the end of my day last night--
knitting on the Sunday Swing sock while holding my little Lena!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Goldilocks Hat!

 This is a hat to fit BoyWonder with the initials for his school in his school colors.
 I had an idea and so I charted out the letters and sat down to the knitting machine to start,
it struck me that since I would be knitting from the wrong side--my chart was backwards!
 A quick re-write and then I started in--this is a technique that is completely hand manipulated
on the knitting machine-I knit the row in burgundy with the needles for the letters pulled out  of work and then I knit each one with the gold.  Each row of the chart is worked this way.  It gains its own rhythm and I enjoyed doing the work.
 Then I zipped up the last of the straight knitting and seamed it up and--
wowza!  I had a hat fit for Shaquille O'Neal!
 Back to the drawing board!
 And with the reduced letter size and therefore, smaller chart over fewer stitches,
I made the second one in record time.
 Off the machine and ready for seaming--I know what I am doing with the seaming now
and in no time, I have a very nicely seamed hat!
 I am pleased with the letter size but wonder if I can do it one more time with even smaller initials!
I like the gold rim on the inside!

And I need to add the pom pom;  I think it will be in both gold and burgundy!

To be continued....

Friday, February 8, 2019

The Final Stitches

The dishcloth turned out quite well
for a play time of what ifs!
It is a simple k2p2 that is offset one stitch each row to make
the purl stitches stack to the right or the left;
I changed direction every 10 rows.
36 sts on #6 needles with cotton yarn.
One KAL sock is done!
I did notice that the stitches seemed to torque
so that the stitches looked like they traveled 
around the leg.  
When I laid it flat it was fine but I had to put a marker on the front of the leg
so that I would know 'where' I was!
I did do the pattern all around the leg.
KnitPicks Koi Pond yarn, #1 needles over 64 stitches.


If you are wondering what I am doing today, it is gardening! My daughter is here and we bought some color! It will go in the new st...