Friday, February 1, 2019

Ticking Them Off

 I hope I'm not ticking off people;  
I mean ticking off all the projects that are nagging at me!
This one is 5 weeks past birthday gifting time but now it is ready to head out!
I made this entirely on the knitting machine--that is why it took so long !
Buttonholes were knit in the bands;
I hope I have  this process stuck in my brain because I made it several times before I got it right! What would we do without YouTube?
And as I made the Icord for the hoodie, 
I realized this is really a knitting machine because it uses hook latches to knit with, too!
Now onto the next overdue project to finish up all the late to-do's;
  I've almost got my head above water again!
Look out February, here I come!


  1. You are a machine! Or I guess, you rock that knitting machine!

  2. Youtube really is a life changer!
    The doll sweater is very sweet. I love the buttons!

  3. That sweater is just too cute!!!!

  4. Sweet sweater! It is going to be loved.

  5. Very cute sweater - the buttons are perfect!

  6. One bite at a time and you will be done before you know it! Cute sweater!

  7. I love the doll sweater, great job working with your machine. Not many robin's here, maybe they don't make it this far south? Have a wonderful weekend.


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