Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Which Way Did I Go?

 I sat down the other day and just started another dishcloth.
I thought about doing stitches that would be like a Gansey sweater.  
Then this just entertained me and seemed to knit so quickly;
and as a bonus, it is the same on each side!
As knitters, we have fun with only a few stitches, don't we?!


  1. We sure do have fun! That turned out really nice and I love that shade of blue.

  2. Playing with sticks and string is definitely fun. Love the pattern of your cloth.

  3. Cute! I really do need to make some dishcloths.

  4. Oh my gosh I love that. Everything you touch is gorgeous.

  5. yours reminds me that I need to make new ones myself! at least that is one small project that doesn't need all that much thought and esp. no sewing together of small parts!

  6. Love that it is the same on both sides!

  7. Nice, reversible! I am going to work on some dish cloths this summer, that is my plan. Right now, I have a bunch of other things in the queue already being neglected. I'm also using dish cloths to teach knitting. It is smaller, fosters stitch familiarity and a sense of completion.

  8. Well, for a very basic knitter like myself, they look very fancy!! I am in awe! xx


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