Monday, February 11, 2019

Sunday Swing

I finished the KAL socks last night-
very appropriate to finish the on Sunday;
2 weeks from when I began them!

I have enough yarn to make something else with them;
a pair of shorty socks?    no.
another block on my sock blanket?  yes.
a newborn hat on the knitting machine?  yes.
What wonderful decisions to face!


  1. Whoa.....that was FAST!!! They look great.

  2. They're striking, and the remnants will make an attractive block and baby hat.

  3. Nice finish (and fast!!). Love the yarn.

  4. Wow that was fast, and the colors are terrific!

  5. They turned out great! And I love playing with leftovers!

  6. Amazing how the color changes when the stitch patterns do. Love the colors.

  7. just love those colors!!!! 2 weeks for a pair of sock is darn good


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