Thursday, February 28, 2019

Uh, Oh!

 Only a little knitting happening here--we have an uninvited guest;
Ethan has come down with the flu.
High fever,  aches and vomiting means this little guy is really sick.
 When he is dozing or in a movie zone, I have been experimenting with the seed stitch.
Both of these have k1, p1 across each row, the one on the top has the second row repeated or stacking the k1, p1 over two rows.  
These are two little washcloths that will be added to a pkg of love going to my grand nieces soon.


  1. Oh, no. I hope he feels better soon! Poor little guy.
    Those dishcloths are fun.

  2. Hope Ethan is feeling better!!

  3. I love how it looks but I hate how slow it goes (for me). I just remembered that I wanted to knit some dishcloths!

  4. Hope the little guy feels better soon!

  5. Bless his heart, hope he is over that nasty bug by now.


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