Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Gathering

We traveled to Cassandra's family home for the day-Matthew and Ashley joined in, too.  We had a wonderful visit!

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Look what Will has learned to do!!!


As you gather today to give thanks for all the loved ones around you,  remember Who the Giver of all your blessings is...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Designing and Knitting

 I liked the first mitts I made, the one on the right.  They almost filled the idea that was in my head.  But I tweaked the pattern and yes--This is what I wanted it to look like!  I needed some definition to the point ribbing on the back of the hand.
 And I used the new knitting software I bought and created a pattern for them!  If you would like the pattern for free, just leave me a comment (and email address if it isn't imbedded in your signature) and I will email you the pdf for Pointedly Ribbed Fingerless Mitts!
 I also finished the last of the puppy hats-this one in darker colors to reflect her own dog!
 My FiberBinderClub package got lost in the mail last month but it is finally here along with this month's!
 I hand carded the pygora fiber
and the mohair so they are ready for spinning!
This is what the beautiful sock looks like that I worked on this week!  I got all done and tried it on and it fit perfectly...unfortunately, it is for my daughter and it was not long enough even though the pattern said it was for a larger foot.   I reworked the whole pattern to make it 1" longer and a 1/2" wider so I know it will work when I knit it again!!!  It is all  part of the art!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Zee Finish Line

Zipper stash.
 Zig Zag stitch.
 Zip drive for embroidery stitches.
 Both of these cats have them-so do you........
a beautiful example of Zygomatic bones!

(cheek bones!)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Mitts and Bitts

I designed these mitts-they fit wonderfully!  It is from the Targhee I spun a little while ago .  I had planned to make the Vino mitts from but after several attempts I gave up and happily knit these!  I have enough yarn to make another pair which I will do but I will tweak the point up the back of the hand to make it more prominent.  This designing kick is so much fun-I will share the pattern for these with you in a
 The second skein of Granny Apple Tree yarn is finished!  I want to cast on for a pair of mitts but will probably tackle a pair of socks first.  The socks will be an 'under the radar' project!  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Color Gradations

Here is some more superwash I dyed. 
 I split the roving into four sections this time; two for each skein.  This way I can make matching socks or mitts !  There is 150 yards in this skein.  Go ahead and give it a squeeze!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Yard Knows

 That it is nearing Christmas even if the weather isn't so clear on the signs!  The poinsettia is beginning to turn red!
The Christmas Cactus is covered with buds-I have two of these plants , one on each side of the front door and they are both covered in buds!
 This is an Okra flower-who knew they produced such beautiful flowers!  The plant is about 5' tall also!
 The Roselle Tea plant is covered in blossoms-they close up every day by 4:00-very cool.
 The Camellias are beginning to open!
 The Turks Cap is covered with flowers-this is the first year that it has produced blooms!  It will grow to a very good sized bush eventually.
 The flowers do not open-this is how they are when mature-they look like a tassel on a fez or a Turk's cap, hence the name!  (They are a type of Hibiscus!)
 The Ti plants are in bloom-isn't this an interesting way to flower?
 I finished a blooming of my own-the boucle cowl done!  I knit this on size 5 needles in the Old Shale pattern; and cast off when I got near the end of the skein-about 10".
 It is very soft and comfortable for a southern cowl!  Just in time to wear for our mild winter!


 Commercial YARN
 Handspun plant fiber YARN
 Handspun wool YARN
 YELLOW Sunflower
 YELLOW Cassia


 YELLOW kitty Bling-Bling
 front YARD

Monday, November 18, 2013

Purple Cow Summation

I didn't remember to take a single picture-this is two years running that I completely forget to use the camera even though I had it with me!  The day was a bit overcast and it did drizzle later in the day but it was still a busy day and wonderful to meet and talk with friends old and new!

This is the skein of superwash wool I was spinning off and on all day!  I ended up with 313 yards of fingering weight yarn which  will be a cowl.

I learned several things that I need to remember to prepare for sale next year-I had several requests for babies' wear (hats and sweaters mostly )and for men's sizes-both hats and fingerless mitts-I had zero of both of those items available!  Another surprise was that I sold none of the sea glass but I think that is because they were only charms and not finished jewelry-people wanted to buy finished not another project-good to know for next year.  I did sell a lot of my soap so that was very good news.  People did buy some of every scent and even the unscented so I was pleased to have a good selection in that arena.  The socks I had for sale were admired but no one even came close to buying them-I did sell one of my shawls and both pairs of woolen fingerless mitts with requests for more.  I have a much better idea of what to make , knit or create for next year's sale.  I will probably set up a booth in our local market when that starts this winter (January-March).  I did make enough money to keep me fluid in my yarn and soap making supplies!  Phew!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pre-Purple Cow Preparations

 I finished two pairs of socks for Aria from the socks I made her Mom!  The skeins of yarn are no more!
 I have been packing for the big sale at the fiber/vending event in Port Orange tomorrow.  I will be demonstrating my spinning and selling my yarn items as well as my soap and sea glass!
 I have everything inventoried and price tagged to make the sale easy tomorrow!
 I added some hardware to some of the sea glass-I will be wearing one myself!  I just didn't have enough time to make each one with its own fixings!  This will give me an idea if there is a market for more!  I do take orders from this sale so that is another possibility.
 I also started this when I was unable to get off the couch with this cold!  It has come at a most inconvenient time!  (Okay, a cold is never convenient....)
I am going to make three of these puppy hats for the three youngest members of the family!  I used the brand from Hobby Lobby called I heart this Cotton and it is SO soft!  This would be great for any garment and it does not have the rough feel of dishcloth cotton.   A nice surprise!

Early to bed tonight because we leave very early tomorrow morning to give us time to travel and set up in Port Orange!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Xacto knife.  

This one is 30 years old-the tip is broken but it sharpens pencils for me and not too much else anymore!

Pitiful amount of photos but I found one for X!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday's Gifts

I decided to try my hand at drilling my sea glass so I can make some jewelry with it!  I watched a ton of YouTube videos and then gave it a try!
I finally applied the right drill bit and it went through the glass like butter...almost!  It is a bit intimidating using the dremel in the water but with the right safety precautions, it works!  I see a whole new craft opening up for me!
 I also decided that the reason I didn't start the yellow and blue socks again ( I had two failures at working out the pattern) was because the colors didn't make my heart sing.
I am a dyer;  I dye!  And now I am singing at the new lime green and teal yarn!
 All my busies this morning were in anticipation of these visitors!
Ella played harmonica with Grandpa but when I whipped out the camera to snap the moment, she looked away!  Very cute to see her 'play' music!
 Another new adventure for Ella-using the walker!  She was so fast, my camera couldn't focus on her!
She gleefully yelled and laughed the whole time she ran and crashed through the room!  It was hysterical to watch!
Yes, she was very proud of her new skills!
Cassandra and I even got to try our hands at more glass work when Ella napped-I have her hooked on its use-she has just started to collect her own glass now that she is a beach resident!


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