Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Yard Knows

 That it is nearing Christmas even if the weather isn't so clear on the signs!  The poinsettia is beginning to turn red!
The Christmas Cactus is covered with buds-I have two of these plants , one on each side of the front door and they are both covered in buds!
 This is an Okra flower-who knew they produced such beautiful flowers!  The plant is about 5' tall also!
 The Roselle Tea plant is covered in blossoms-they close up every day by 4:00-very cool.
 The Camellias are beginning to open!
 The Turks Cap is covered with flowers-this is the first year that it has produced blooms!  It will grow to a very good sized bush eventually.
 The flowers do not open-this is how they are when mature-they look like a tassel on a fez or a Turk's cap, hence the name!  (They are a type of Hibiscus!)
 The Ti plants are in bloom-isn't this an interesting way to flower?
 I finished a blooming of my own-the boucle cowl done!  I knit this on size 5 needles in the Old Shale pattern; and cast off when I got near the end of the skein-about 10".
 It is very soft and comfortable for a southern cowl!  Just in time to wear for our mild winter!


  1. Wow, those are all gorgeous! Thanks for taking the time to share them. :)

  2. love all the flowers as a "Northerner"it seems funny to see flowers in winter but out here in Texas--everything is out and bright. Sharon

  3. Thanks for sharing the blooms and the sunshine. And, oh, what lovely things you knit! Love your cowls.

  4. lovely blooms - we are down to a few gorse blossoms with spring feelings... and the cowl looks just as colourful:)

  5. I think my Christmas Cactus is broke. Maybe it's an Easter Cactus. Are you doing something to "force" the buds?

  6. I was just thinking the other day that it has been a long time since I did a garden post. With the new Christmas bush already in colour and summer starting tomorrow (Dec 1) maybe it's time. Thanks for your post as a reminder. That's a pretty cowl you've made too.


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