Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Designing and Knitting

 I liked the first mitts I made, the one on the right.  They almost filled the idea that was in my head.  But I tweaked the pattern and yes--This is what I wanted it to look like!  I needed some definition to the point ribbing on the back of the hand.
 And I used the new knitting software I bought and created a pattern for them!  If you would like the pattern for free, just leave me a comment (and email address if it isn't imbedded in your signature) and I will email you the pdf for Pointedly Ribbed Fingerless Mitts!
 I also finished the last of the puppy hats-this one in darker colors to reflect her own dog!
 My FiberBinderClub package got lost in the mail last month but it is finally here along with this month's!
 I hand carded the pygora fiber
and the mohair so they are ready for spinning!
This is what the beautiful sock looks like that I worked on this week!  I got all done and tried it on and it fit perfectly...unfortunately, it is for my daughter and it was not long enough even though the pattern said it was for a larger foot.   I reworked the whole pattern to make it 1" longer and a 1/2" wider so I know it will work when I knit it again!!!  It is all  part of the art!


  1. My talented, productive, and persistent mama!!! :)

    That fiber looks deliciously soft.

  2. Isn't yarn so forgiving?

    Pygora? Something crossed with Angora?

  3. Now that fiber looks fun to spin. Still staring at the doll hair...

  4. You are SUCH a good knitter. If it fit me, I would keep it, buy some new yarn, and knit a pair that would fit her.

    Have a ball with your fiber-binder fluff!


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