Wednesday, November 14, 2018


 Another goal was reached when I added the multi-colored border to the Summer Blooms quilt.
Later in the day, I was able to load it on the frame and even work one row of the panto design. 
Birds and blooms matched the light whimsy of the quilt.
I did all the math to work the sleeves for the purple knit pullover;
I am now re-working every two rows for a k2, p2 rib. 
Since this knitting machine works stockinette with the purl side facing you,
I have to rip back a row of stitches and work them manually into knit stitches.
I am getting much more coordinated and speedy on this step with all the practice!
The interesting part of this is that I had to match the gauge 
to the rest of the sweater that I have knit by hand!
Then I have to attach it by grafting it to the live stitches on waste yarn--
the instructions call for picking up the stitches and knitting down to the cuff.
If you remember, that was not a lot of fun to do on the last sweater (brown cardigan, Invariance)
and I wanted to try this blending of hand knitting and machine knitting!!!
Here goes!
And this afternoon-the boys took which might be their last swim for a while!  
The boys say it can't be the last one!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nice and Bright!

 The king-sized quilt is off the frame and ready to be delivered!
There is room for my summer blooms as soon as those borders get attached!
This is the other thing that is keeping me occupied! 
I am cleaning all the grout between my floor tiles;  
the bathroom is done and this is the area by my front door. 
 I had forgotten the grout was white and not beige!
No scrubbing required-just a squirt of water, a sprinkle of cleanser
 and a few swipes with the toothbrush.  
After a few minutes, I wipe the whole thing down with a dampened microfiber towel 
and I have like-new tiled floors again! 
 It is lovely to perk the house for winter!  
(I always prefer to clean like this in the Fall knowing that I will be spending more time in the house;  Spring calls for open doors and heading outside instead of cleaning the house!)

Monday, November 12, 2018

Nearly There!

 I didn't get as much as I had hoped over the weekend but I did manage to piece the Summer Blooms  lap quilt and it only needs it's border added so it can go on the frame!
And the frame will be empty very soon, too!

I might just find time to complete the today!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

One Finish

 I woke up and got right to work on the L'Enveloppe and completed the 'sleeve' section of the poncho.
I had to give the stockinette edges a good steam so they didn't roll.
 It was good but I decided to close up the slit on the side, seen here, and then I added I-cord around the whole edge of the garment and even the collar.
  One side has the seam sewn up leaving an armhole
 and the other side is more of the open poncho style;
  this way the poncho stays put and you don't have to pull it to keep it on straight!
  And it can be worn with the arm in either side so for me-
I can wear it with the warm or cool colors in the front. 
And here I am ready to wear it to church this chilly 62F morning!
(it is Nemo photo bombing me with his best side presented)

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Almost Enveloped!

I will be finishing the L'Enveloppe today--it is now blocked and it laid out perfectly to gauge and the schematic--all encouraging signs as I near the finish line!

I have high hopes for today;  finishing the quilt on the frame  and sewing the small edition of the Summer Blooms quilt top so I can load that on the frame next!  

I hope you have a good Saturday!

Friday, November 9, 2018


 I am working on my machine knitting-which is coming along well 
but it doesn't look like much to share at this point.
I have only a few inches on the purple pullover body 
and then I will try to do the sleeves on the knitting machine
 so the stockinette will crank right along on the machine,
 if I can finish up the L'Enveloppe first!  
All of a sudden, things will come together and I will have two finished items to share.
Until then, here is Nyki and me sharing kitty kisses!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Feather in My Cap

 I've joined a KAL for machine knitting so it is technically a MKAL!
It is the L'Enveloppe pattern by Sally Melville
but converted to machine knitting by the KnitItNow website. 
 I'm learning a lot and tackling my largest pattern yet!
  It's good to learn new skills!
All of this was knit in the hour LittleGuy was napping!
 After voting yesterday, we stopped to check the level of Lake Broward 
at the end of the road where we vote.  
The water is down but still covering 20' of the beach area!
The Turk's Cap bush is full of these crepe paper looking blossoms!
This is wide open--they are so pretty! 
 This bush is in the Hibiscus family, too.


 Another goal was reached when I added the multi-colored border to the Summer Blooms quilt. Later in the day, I was able to load it o...