Tuesday, November 12, 2019


 I finished this block for the mermaid quilt.
I only have a few more blocks left!
I need to start thinking about complimentary fabric and layout options!
A slightly larger needle is now being used for; this sweater
I had completed it months ago 
but I was not happy with the neckline.
I ripped out the 1" of ribbing and have reduced the needle size considerably!
I hope the tighter ribbing at the neck will help it to stay put 
or I will have to try something much more radical!

Monday, November 11, 2019


I have two pairs of socks on the needles!
These are for me, I think.
Needless to say, they will be a smaller size than the ones for Bill.
I am making these on #1 needles over 64 stitches.
I am going to try the Zigzagular sock pattern and hope it shows enough with the stripes!

And on this Veteran's Day,
thank you to all those who are serving
or have served in our Armed Forces.
I live in a country that is safe,
economically thriving,
and free enough to be grateful for being American
and to say so.
Thank you, God, for Your presence in our Nation
and let us not forget You in all of our prosperity.

Sunday, November 10, 2019


 I managed to stand and work at the quilt frame -almost done with this one!
 And even better, I machine knit the back of a new sweater, Take II.  
This is the raglan back and it looks like it will fit this time!
This looks like an ordinary sock 
it has a stitch count of 88 instead of my usual 64 because it will be for my husband
who has rediscovered how nice it is to wear a pair of my socks to bed instead of cotton ones!
He wears size 15 shoes so I will be knitting on these for a while! lol
He also wants them as tall as I can make them 
so I will weigh the sock until I hit the halfway mark
and bind off (another benefit of knitting toe-up!) !

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Scenery Close and Far

 Bill played on the tractor this week-and promptly got stuck!
It took over an hour to pull him out-he was really sunk in deeply!
 If you have followed the saga of the back woods flooding over the last 18 months,
this is a picture of what it looks like now.  
A real dead tree forest. 
Most of the pine trees and all of the maples have perished.
The great egret is happy with the shrinking water levels, though;
it makes for good fishing!
 Here is a picture my oldest son sent me;
I was born under the shadow of this mountain!
(well , in the army hospital but this was still the view!)
Mt. Rainier.
If this picture can't tempt me back into painting, nothing can.

Friday, November 8, 2019

It's Been A While Since Beach

Bill and I decided to spend the day at the beach yesterday.
It has been 6 months since we went to see the ocean!
How does that happen....?
I did a lot of knitting, since the physical pains wouldn't allow a beach walk.
It was nice to just sit and soak up the mild sun
 and yet not be too hot because of the warm ocean breeze.
  (83* air and the water was still 77*)
I was surprised by this neat sight-how beautiful and calm the horses were 
even with the waves pounding right next to them! 
 (the waves were 4-6' high)
While I miss seeing the Canadian geese fly in their V formation,
I did enjoy the many brown pelicans that flew overhead the same way!
We stayed right at Crescent Beach all day-
I had made us sandwiches so we nibbled
as the urge struck and savored the day.
Bill did some fishing and fed the crabs mostly....
He threw the bits the crabs left on the hook to the little terns
who gobbled them up pretty quickly.
It wasn't until evening that his patience paid off;
He caught a mullet!
We stayed until dark;
the sun set behind us yet still reflected beautifully on the clouds in the eastern horizon.
What a perfect day.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A Few Things Happening

 The binding was applied yesterday.
Now to toss it into the washer/dryer so I can wrap it
and give it to my beekeeper friend, Lisa! 
 On the knitting front, 
I am continuing to knit dishcloths!
I lost some good knitting time with the time change,
I usually knit all 45 minutes to church but it was dark on the way IN and back now.
 I sewed pj bottoms for the boys-
everyone likes a new pair of flannels when it gets chilly!
 Check out the blue flowers in this 20' tree
in my son's yard.
The morning glories grew and grew and now finally they are blooming!
Isn't that a beautiful tower of flowers!?!

Quilting Group

 During our quilter's group on Monday, I finished sewing the strips 
and cutting them into 6 1/2" blocks.
Once home, I arranged them into their final placement-now to sew them together!
(36" x 48")
 I also finished seaming all of the blocks to the peppermint sticks quilt top!  (36" x 48")
 There is so much sparkle in this quilt!
I hope it shows in the photo!
 The honey comb quilt is off the frame!  The binding will happen today!
 I used a happy little bee panto on this one!
 One of the ladies in the group brought me all of these 5" blocks of Christmas colored fabrics.
I think I can get 3 quilt tops out of this pile!
One of the nice aspects of getting together to quilt, is the sharing and teaching we take the time
to offer one another.  It is great to have a group of knowledgeable and generous women!
I didn't waste any time in putting the next quilt on the frame--I keep making more tops;
I have to keep up with myself!


 I finished this block for the mermaid quilt. I only have a few more blocks left! I need to start thinking about complimentary fabric...