Thursday, September 19, 2019

One Down and One to Go!

Seaming up the mitten wasn't as easy
as I thought but slow and steady and all that...
I think on the next mitten I will be trying a different tip
than this one which is done like the toe of a sock.
I should've tried another method so that there
wasn't a line of solid color across the palm side 
where I did the Kitchener stitch--I can't imagine doing
that stitch in colorwork!!!
As with hand knitting, 
the mitten needed blocking to meld all of those stitches together.
Mine is blocking now and is nice and relaxed and pleasing!
I will make the second mitten like this but then try another style top for
my next pair because there will be more!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Thumbs Up!

 I had a slight internet problem so this didn't load this morning!  Any way-
Here is a tale of two mittens!
When you experiment in colors sometimes you have a fail--t
he mitten on the right just looks washed out 
because all of the colors are the same medium tone! 
The mitten on the left has the same design 
but the background is white and makes the design pop!
It is easier to experiment on the knitting machine because a mitten is done in an hour.
 The grey yarn didn't work with the knitting machine--see all of the dropped stitches?!
The wool was Palette from KnitPicks which I normally love for Fair Isle work
 but it didn't stay in the needle hooks on the machine.  
So now I know!
 The design here uses KnitPicks Stroll for the white
 and Patons Kroy Sock in Blue Stripes for the  stars.
 The green yarn is just waste yarn to hold the live stitches
 so I can pick up stitches for the thumb-
also done on the machine. 
 The top I will use Kitchener stitch to close it up.
Here is the completed thumb, now to seam up the top and down the side.
The mitten class is a good canvas for experimenting and learning new techniques!
Now to make the second mitten and have it match! lol

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


I've drawn some personal ornament designs to add to the winter collection by Days Filled with Joy!
I wanted things that were pertinent to my Florida home.
Nice quick designs and a quick stitch right now which is a great way to achieve almost-instant gratification!  

Next drawing will be one with a flamingo!

Monday, September 16, 2019


I'm ready to turn the heel-with a short row heel from the start this time!
it is slow going on the small needles and all of the texture .
I am enjoying it if I stop thinking about what I am going to knit next....

First, I have to take my big boy to the vet to get those two infected teeth pulled!
He is doing much better on the antibiotic and will keep doing better when the teeth are out-
he just doesn't know it yet!  (keeping one of six cats away from dry foot, water after midnight is an adventure in itself!)

Sunday, September 15, 2019


I'm here-I had a visit from my son and the boys Friday night to stay overnight;
we had a wonderful time--Fridays were always pizza and movie night 
so we relived the tradition!

But Saturday morning, both boys woke up with fever and sore throats and littlest guy was vomiting!

Dad weathered the Saturday backlog at the Urgent care and got them in for exam and meds.

The rest of the day was spent snuggling sick boys and cleaning up vomit!

I wouldn't have traded the time for anything!
 When they went to the doctors, 
I continued my uphill climb on learning to do Fair Isle on the knitting machine.  
This is a mitten fail-but, I am learning a lot!
  And not making the same mistake more than three times! 
 I have already ripped this one out and tried again,
Then one of the yarn strands broke and I lost half of the stitches, 
picked them up onto a knitting needle
 and loaded them back on the machine 
when the boys arrived back here--I will try again on Monday!

So that's what I have been  doing-precious little of anything else.

I am going to do some hand knitting in the recliner right now-that sock is still staring at me!
(I'm also going to catch-up on my blog list, too!)

Friday, September 13, 2019

And So it Unfurls

 I am enjoying the quilting work at the frame.  
It is good to make myself just roll with the moment and not expect perfection.
 I knit another mitten/hat set in my mitten course;
this is a peasant type thumb instead of a gusset type.
I liked these a lot.
This thumb would be used in Fair Isle work which I have yet to tackle on the knitting machine
but I will attempt it sooner or later!
 And for your Friday Feline pic-
Oj in full-out recliner mode!
 Look at that fluffy paw!
And this is a less joyful pic--PuffDaddy has two infected molars and has been miserable.
He is on antibiotic for a few days until he gets them pulled next week!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Quilt Again

I loaded up the only quilt top that I had enough backing for-
all of my fabrics are smaller pieces because I have used up the bigger ones!
Anyway,  I loaded it up and started quilted free hand this time.
It uses a completely different part of my brain
than when  I use a pantograph and trace the pattern with the laser!

One Down and One to Go!

Seaming up the mitten wasn't as easy as I thought but slow and steady and all that... I think on the next mitten I will be tryi...