Friday, June 18, 2021

Amazing Discovery

Crack of dawn and we were off to Sea World to play at Discovery Cove with family!
Oh, let me say that I am not a tourist kinds person 
but this has to have been one of the best trips we have enjoyed.  Everywhere was beauty...
Places that didn't need to have beauty, did.
     Look at the flamingo parade!
The plants were incredible;  
we saw many new to us plants!
The place was so clean 
and a delight for the eyes in every direction.
 The lazy river (which is not really lazy-you have to walk, float, swim and fight the current and get doused in the waterfalls... to name a few!) was a favorite with all of us UNTIL there was the 'swim with the dolphins' time!  Just incredible to watch our sons and their families enjoy this special time!
The kids smiled all the way home 
and they are smiling in their sleep!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Just Rolling Along

I am joining Joy of DaysFilledWithJoy for the Sewcial QAL;  block number one and two needed to be constructed and in the morning before everyone is awake, I did a bit of piecing to catch up!
 All day we swim in the pool with the kids and then in the afternoon when it T-storms (we are in our summer pattern where a storm rolls through almost every afternoon) we play games and get dinner ready.  After dinner there is time for one more swim and yesterday during the storm, my oldest son, Jared in the red shirt, helped by my #1 grandson, David, put together the brute of a lathe!  It is so exciting to see it set up!  I still need the electrical run for it so its use is a while in the future, still, this is a huge step in the right direction!  How nice to work with these two...a great first memory for the lathe and me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

A Celebration of Cousins!

We were in Washington to meet Mila (the birthday girl with the crown) and haven't seen her on her birthday since so it was a wonderful day to share with her yesterday!  The back row has my oldest grands, the boys in the middle and so this is 6 of the 8!  A record gathering!
A few days ago, my furniture arrived against all odds and my gang of older cousins  unpacked it, put it in place and cleaned up for us!  It is nice to have grown children!  I will show you a pic of the furniture when the dust settles around here!

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Wet and Wild

Yesterday, I worked a bit on these while drying out from so much pool time!  Even gators like to dry in the sun on occasion! lol
I got all geeky and decided to keep to a pattern of colors-three colors and two places in the block to put them--the outer color is always dk grey and the second row is always the light grey.  That gives me 3 x 2 =6 different blocks to make.  I make a few of each and am trying to keep the block levels even but I am working sporadically to say the least....
My Washington girls are still on their time so they sleep in until 10 (7 their time) and my FL boys wake up at 7 our time!      First there was one....
and then there was 2!  Early morning snuggles are the best!
Our angel trumpet 'tree' is in full bloom!
Such a big and beautiful bloom with a mild sweet smell.  This was enjoyed on one of the golf cart rides!

I hope you have a good day-we will spend it with tons of family--

Friday, June 11, 2021

Flowers and Mermaids

The sun shone all  day and while these flowers grace the side of the pool...
and some zinnia's I grew from seed-
This pool disturbance was my focus today!
Two precious mermaids moved in!  So nice to get to know grand daughters two and four!
 And daddy gave them an exciting after dark swim before bed!  See me smile?!

Thursday, June 10, 2021

While Waiting

Yesterday, I waited all day for a special delivery 
so I made a denim skirt.
Then I sewed a backing for a quilt and loaded it on the frame.
And I played with my watercolors off and on all day. 
 (A new to me teacher has me inspired again--I want to do so many of his lessons!  Paul Clark is his name and this is my rendering of his Scottish Castle in Line and Wash
Finally, when it was almost today my oldest son, 
Jared, and his family arrived! they will be here for weeks and it is a good thing because I haven't see them for years!!!!
 Might I say, hugs in person are the best.  
Today, we hang out at the pool 
and I get to know my two grand daughters!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Simple Jobs

It's a silly little thing but I added pockets to the right thigh of all three pairs of my cropped yoga pants (my uniform each day when I am home!) and it is wonderfully convenient to allow me to keep my cell phone by me without having to use a hand to do so or worse yet, having to remember where I set it down! lol 
 The phone slips right into the black Kona cotton pocket--much more slippery than using the knit fabric of the yoga pants.  Happiness in the simple things, you know!

 I sorted through the 25 quilts that sat on two shelves in the guest room called the 'cave'.  (no windows, hence the name my sons gave the room when we first moved here. ) This is the last room to be remodeled-hoping to hire someone to do this next month.  But back to the quilts, I sorted them according to size-moved all but 5 to the 'garage sale' pile and put them away for now.  What a nice job done.  

Amazing Discovery

Crack of dawn and we were off to Sea World to play at Discovery Cove with family! Oh, let me say that I am not a tourist kinds person  but t...