Sunday, October 25, 2020

Some Color Inside and Out

The rental car was acquired though it needed a good wash!  
The Roselle plants (member of the hibiscus family--good for tea!) are all in bloom!  
They are this color, a darker red and a yellow!
 And amid all of the upheaval of the last few days, I did complete one sock.  I hope there is a calming around here again in both sock knitting and life! lol

Saturday, October 24, 2020


Bill took off early yesterday morning to go to the lab and run a few errands.  He never got more than 1.5 miles from home;  a man ran a red light and they collided.  At least Bill hit their side of the car instead of them T-boning Bill or this would be a very different post!

The only sad part is  the loss of this vehicle which we both love to drive! 
 The insurance company has deemed it totaled so now we have to go car shopping 
which is hateful to me and tiring right now for Bill.  
We do go today and pick up a rental until we find the replacement.  
The car is a Ford Escape--Bill had a very narrow escape;  
how grateful I am that God spared his life.

We did have to go to where the car was towed and clean out all personal items 
and remove the license plate.  
I'm always sad to say goodbye to a car! 
 Very little was accomplished after all of the extras of the day--
I did have to cut the extra fabric to the side of the quilt I was working on at the frame 
and sew it to the bottom which was 6" too short!  
What a shock.  After sewing it to the bottom of the quilt, 
I loaded it back on the frame to finish the bottom border!
I knew there was a good reason 
why I always place the top closer to one side of the backing than the other!
Off the frame and awaiting its binding.
And a new quilt is loaded on the frame. 
 As soon as we are back from the Enterprise, I will hit the quilting trail!

 Doing my own thing, I have painted the front of my church.  
We will be driving our rental on Sunday which will be strange 
we will be going together and that is too wonderful!

Friday, October 23, 2020

Reclaimed Territory

Yesterday was a bit of a wash as far as creativity!  
I had two doctor's appointments with two good reports 
which helps with the drama of going anywhere!  
 I did get the sock knit back to the troubled spot and then some
 and that is all I have to show from yesterday!  
I couldn't even muster any painting skill so another no show for the INKTOBER!
(it doesn't help that the prompts are losing their appeal-it was chef...sigh!)

  I have high hopes for today!


Thursday, October 22, 2020

Binding and Bungling!

I started the day with a determination to get the binding on the two finished quilts!  It was a good idea I had to pull this portable table next to me so that it would hold the weight of the quilt and reduce the hauling that sets my neck and shoulders into  fits!

It didn't take long before Lena hopped up to hold the quilt in place for me!  Cats!
The Autumn LeMoyne Stars quilt is ready to be donated--all crinkly soft and waiting to comfort! I love the look of this one-busy but so are leaves are a very blustery day!
The Ohio Star Kitties is also a done deal and it, too, looks good now that I am finished!
The Noah's Ark Hexagon is almost finished-it was a simple one that didn't required much brain power to knock it off.  I'm sure I will finish it today.
Yeah, this was a very sad moment.  I had the sock knitted up past the heel and started the ankle when I thought the area by the zig zags was narrower than when I began!  Oh, no.  Well, the mistake was way back at the toe when I had ripped it out the first time!  I just pulled it off the needles and ripped without stopping to think too much or I would've cried.  I have knit a pair almost already!
INKTOBER DAY 21--SLEEPING  Did I mention that I don't like verbs?  This is my tongue in cheek version of me sleeping in my room at night.....


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Taking a Good Gouge

The Sandhill Crane family still visit several times a day. 
 It is so nice to see their chick grown now to his parents' size and coloring.  
He will be on his own come Spring but for now they are still a happy family.
I played at the lathe on a new Camphor bowl.  
There sure was a lot of sawdust!  
It smells so good, I think it would be good in little sachets to keep away moths, too!
The bowl is just roughed out;  the end on the right is the bottom of the bowl 
and is now turned around on the lathe so I will begin hollowing out the bowl portion.
  I will then wait for the bowl to dry out a bit-it is full of water 
and needs to dry out so the final bowl will not crack and warp. 
 It was so relaxing to sweep away the waste wood to get it rounded out, 
that dinner was late! 
 I'm so happy to have the area and tools to work with wood!
A fantasy coral reef--I think it would be pretty painted on the wall on our pool!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Far From Normal

We began yesterday by exercising our citizen's right to vote for the President of the United States, assorted other justices and judges, etc.  The line wasn't too bad and the wait was only 20 minutes.  While we don't have colorful leaves this time of year, we do have the rain tree which is covered with yellow flowers and red seed pods!  If you squint, it looks just like colorful Autumn leaves! lol

When we came home, we went out back and cut down a Camphor tree (Bill wants them off our property because they are invasive)  so as long as it was going, I went along and pointed out interesting joins, crotches and sizes of cuts so I would have a stock of green wood!
Soon, you will see this pretty and aromatic wood as a bowl or plate!  (Camphor smells a bit like Vicks but a bit more menthol--it is very pleasing and the bowl will retain the light scent much like cedar does.)
This fungus was a first for Bill and I!  It stands 6" tall-very much like a sculpture!  It is called a Clathrus crispus--a red cage fungus.  I hope more will form.  
The newest sock is on the needles!  It's a zig zagular pattern which I have done numerous times but like it just the same!  I decided not to use twisted stitches this time because I am lazy.
Now I am not so sure I should've done that because the stitches just blend into the background.  I am going to rip back and try the twisted stitches and if it still doesn't stand out, I will knit vanilla socks and let the colors speak for themselves!
INKTOBER DAY 19-DIZZY  This wasn't exactly something that thrilled me but I did watch a lot of videos about optical illusions and that was fun! lol

Monday, October 19, 2020

Socks Again!

The Fer-de-Lance Socks are completed! 
 The pattern by WanderingCatStudiio worked for these toe-up socks, too! 
 I used 2.50mm needles with Stroll fingering weight in the Sashay colorway.  
The pattern showed up beautifully and looks very complicated! 
 While the socks are not exact matches, 
I didn't think it was necessary for this yarn. 
 What a good knit!

 I had a Venus Fly plant as a teen;  it lived for a year, at least, 
I fed it a spider or a fly every few days!  
I've had a hard time keeping one alive in recent years for some reason.
 I did like having the plant in the window sill and will try again! 
 Watercolor with pen for the trichomes (hair triggers at the outer lobes of the flowers).

Some Color Inside and Out

The rental car was acquired though it needed a good wash!   The Roselle plants (member of the hibiscus family--good for tea!) are all in blo...