Friday, June 14, 2019

Stepping Spritely!

 Yes, my first pair of socks from the single bed machine!
That second sock was so much quicker than my first attempts!
I remove the live stitches from the machine onto the circular needle and graft the bottom of the toe to the sole stitches;  then I stitch up the side seam.   
I did this work in several waiting rooms and in the car today.
( An hour to do all of the machine work and just under an hour to graft and seam. 
 I am sure I will improve that time as I get more familiar with the process, too. )
Not surprisingly, I loved every minute of it!
 After the doctor appointments, we went out to eat again and then drove on the beach.
We saw this shrimping boat and watched it as it headed back after a day out fishing.
 It was a balmy 81F outside, no bright sunshine so it was utterly relaxing to drive along,
watching the sea birds, listening to the waves and unwinding inside and out.
 There were a lot of these areas taped off--turtle nest sites!
A few months from now, there will be volunteers guarding the newly hatched babies
 as they rush to the ocean.
 We headed back to the access road and then home.
A very wonderful evening to close out the day.


This is the wound at the doctor's today.
It still looks miserable until you realize that the pink skin around the wound 
is the area that used to be the size of the open wound--so we have seen it shrink by 50%.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

One and Three Quarters!

I stitched up the seam of the first sock
 and cast on the second right away
and made it this far when I had to quit!
It's so frustrating when you have to 
because you

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Pass it On!

 A new pair of socks are at work on the knitting machine--
there is enough yarn to start and finish a pair this time!
 And I made another Flamingo embroidery on a blank tote;
this one has my friend's name on the side;
she wants to learn how to crochet!
So, of course, she needed some supplies to get started
along with a tote bag to keep it safe from her little boy, dog or cat! 
I even remembered to sew my label into the side seam of this one!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Hot Cakes

 I saw the pattern on the right in an email about a KAL by KnitOneCrochetTwo 
I didn't want to have a summer cotton  yarn knit
 but I did love this Plymouth Hot Cakes gradation yarn in worsted to knit the vest!
(this is an exquisite acrylic/wool blend)
 I almost knit the cardigan on the left but instead stuck to my original plan.
I'm glad I did;
I will save that cardigan for the next project!
I was nervous that all that garter was going to be boring
but I was wrong!
 This knit is flying off the needles because of the beautiful yarn and colors!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Living and Learning!

I am taking another class to better learn how to make a sock from fingering weight yarn 
on the machine. 
 It turned out beautifully and you can 't tell how many times I had to knit that heel 
until I figured out what I was doing! lol
Sock number two went much faster, 
until I ran out of yarn.
Then I realized that this leftover yarn from the Begonia sweater needs to be used to 
adjust the size of the neckline so the fit will improve
 and I will not rip out anything.
Sometimes you need to step away from a project to know what to do.
I knew what I was doing when I breezed through piecing the rest of the blocks for the charm pack.
It will take a while until I am up to full creative speed again!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

All Around Town

 We did a little of this the other day!
 Followed by a lot of this!
 And the mesmerizing work of the waves did wonders for all of us.
Coming and going allowed me to add another row to the array of little squares!
I had originally thought I would be done with this row (a 10 x 12 block arrangement)
but now I am thinking about another row or two! lol

Friday, June 7, 2019

Now What?!

 Begonia Sweater
KnitPicks Stroll yarn-3.3 skeins
#6 needles 
Lessons--I find the yoke construction doesn't fit me as well as sweaters with set-in sleeves;
the yoke tops hang and grow so the neckline stretches when it is worn a while.
Cool construction-the raglan seams are WIDE-they are done with 13 sts between decreases 
which is very unusual.
The ribbing makes this sweater very squishy and has a nice fit.
I might rip parts out and make the yoke differently;
I will lose the raglan portion and make set in sleeves 
and the front and backs will be classic style with shoulder seams....
I have until winter to work the bugs out of my ideas!
In the meantime, I have started a blanket using the log cabin method!
Easy and a nice project to do in between projects--
I have nothing on the needles right now!

Stepping Spritely!

 Yes, my first pair of socks from the single bed machine! That second sock was so much quicker than my first attempts! I remove the l...