Friday, March 27, 2020

Spin and Ply

 I  do the best for the first few hours of the day;
after lunch the fever rises and makes upright impossible.
I plied  the four ounces off the bobbins without too much trouble.
 It is nice to see the ease of spinning the singles carried over to plying.
 355 yards of yarn is the result.
I have 2 more ounces to spin and I will be done with this Polworth fiber.
But the knitting will be wonderful-this fiber is that soft and lofty.
Look at what my orchid is doing!
It is a bit behind it's usual bloom time which is February 
but I will be happy to see them again no matter when it does so!

Thursday, March 26, 2020


 Each morning as I take my stroll from one end of the house to the other, 
I kept finding my quilt-on-the-frame severely HAMMOCKED!
 Last night, I covered it with little squares from my adhesive lint roller
because I was out of contact paper-- desperation, people!  
It worked!
This morning I found another dent on the quilt, the squares were disturbed 
this one was on the floor!
 Upon closer inspection, I knew who the culprit was!
And it doesn't look like he had an enjoyable snooze--he really struggled to get these off of himself!
Our one and only male cat,
the heaviest one of our cat family, Puff Daddy!
I've got to get better so I can get the last little bit finished on this quilt
and get it off the frame!
Here was a very slow project I worked on-
cleaning off my mantel-both from clutter and from dust! 
No when I move from my bedroom, down the hall into this room, 
I am pleased from the fruit of my minuscule labors!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Test Results!

So thank you for the prayers and well wishes
while I have been so sick for the last 10 days;
the test for the COVID-19 came back negative
which is wonderful but leaves me feeling in a bit of a conundrum.
What have I been dealing with?
Not Strep, Not Flu, Not Covid....
Oh, great, there is another virus out there waiting to pounce
which is also pretty miserable in every way but not fatal!
My medical advice is to
 1. wait out the fever by several days and resume normal life
2. go back to my Primary Care Dr for redirection
3.  take another COVID-19 test if I am still sick in another week
I am going to go with door 1 !
 I managed to finish the gusset, 
turn the heel, work the ankle
and then begin the k3, p1 rib up the leg!
 the only place where pooling appeared is at the ankle
but as you can see, it quickly corrected itself when the stitch count returned to 64 stitches!
 The heel is nicely patterned on the back, too.
I took copious notes because, let's face it, I (we) won't remember 
exactly what we did at which stitch number if it isn't written down!
And while working on sitting up today instead of lounging in bed most of the day,
I changed up my activities to some spinning which I haven't done in a long time.
This is the Polworth roving which I am loving as far as spinning ease and softness delights....
it's just a bit boring to spin the same color for miles!  Poor me!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Physical Therapy!

I didn't hear from the DOH with test results yesterday so today will be the day!
And thank you so much for all of the love being sent my way--
from all of my faithful commentors who brighten each post
to several who risked coming out of lurkdom to wish me well;
thank you all.

For my PT yesterday, 
 I took the big walk from my bedroom to my studio to wind some sock yarn into a cake!
It is a long walk-150 feet!
Want to hear a funny story?
The door behind the swift goes to the garage (where my DH  putters).
We have determined,
 after several spontaneous discussions,
that I will lock the door when I pull out the leaf to the table to wind yarn
thereby avoiding him plowing the door into the leaf and coming to an abrupt halt,
scaring both of us!
This is how old married folks work things out; 
 if you are a young couple,
may you soon learn the compatible joy of compromise!
And this is what I did with the new cake of yarn-plain vanilla socks!
(they are toe-up obviously but will have the new gusset construction I am working on memorizing!)
I have just begun the gusset increases which will increase the stitch count by 20 stitches
for this woman's pair of socks.
The shawl knitting is being set aside for only a bit of time;  
the #8 needles and hand spun yarn had grown too heavy for my arms.
I am still at a 'newborn with a little rattle' stage right now! 
Go ahead, laugh with me!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Fact from Fiction

For the first time in a week, 
I could pick up knitting needles and make some stitches!
Albeit garter stitches--like when you first learn how to knit.
I couldn't handle too much more than this--
 I am using some different colors of handspun Shetland I pulled from the shelf
 in my room; I didn't have to take more than a step to look for it.
Another good point in  the choice of a project.
 And you can't go wrong with one of Joji's patterns.
I am still running a fever but improving because I am feeling antsy.
The knitting will help with that for now.

Health Update:

I went to have the 'nasal swab' for COVID-19 test from my DOH.
I  had a nasal swab on Thursday for the flu-
this test is similar except that it extends beyond  your nasal passage into your brain!
I burned for over an hour afterwards.
Just add it to the pile.
I do have to wait 24-48 hours for results.

Contrary to the false information you might be hearing or ignoring-
this illness begins with a fever, sore throat, headache, fatigue and a mild, dry cough.
I was told too many times that if I could breathe with ease, 
I didn't have anything to worry about.
(I will be calling these professionals to correct their pat answers.)

I was told I had to have been traveling or exposed to someone before I would be tested.
Not true.
You are contagious 1-2 weeks before you exhibit symptoms.
This is why it is so easy to spread.

In my state, more than half of the cases are from people like me
with no idea of who, where or when they caught this.

That's all for now-
I have weeks before I can leave the house
and the same goes for my dear husband , the nurse!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

COVID-19 Science Fiction Meets Real Life

I have been very sick this week--the first few days are a blur.
Thursday Bill dragged me to Urgent Care for a flu swab which was negative.

Today, I'm doing something I have never done before;  
going to a designated health department site for testing to see if I have this novel Corona  virus.

It is like a science fiction movie except I am in it instead of watching it!

Bill can drive me there--grateful for that--but he can't get out of the vehicle.

I have to approach the locked door with nothing in hand
but my ID card (licence in my case).

Outside the door, I must don a mask and utilize the hand sanitizer,
show my ID through the window and then will be allowed entry.

Each patient is the ONLY one at the premises at a time-no lines-no spreading of this virus.

I will submit to a nasal swab and then immediately leave.

I have 15 minutes allotted to me to fulfill these instructions.

I will receive a call with the results and until then, remain in my home.

This is not for whimps, people!


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

We Interrupt This Life

I didn't feel well Sunday night but got really slammed with fever/sore throat last night.
I am pretty sure it is strep but will go to doctor's to be sure.
Bill had to cancel a golf trip-I can't drive myself to the dr.
I hate to ask for help on the best of times.---
I've got invalid guilt to add to my symptoms.....

Will keep you posted.

Spin and Ply

   I  do the best for the first few hours of the day; after lunch the fever rises and makes upright impossible. I plied  the four o...