Friday, January 17, 2020

Finishes for Friday

 The Trip Around the World quilt is completely finished;  washed, dried and labeled!
Into the donation pile it goes!
 The simple meaner in a thread of Christmas colors give a great texture without distraction.
 The 18" doll outfit is finished sans buttons! These are just pins holding the hoodie shut.
I will remedy that today when I have to be out for labs and a doctor's appointment!
(Age spot, wart or cancerous mole?  Only a dr can tell!)
 The jacket fits perfectly, having enough room for hands to go into the sleeves!
The hood fits well-snug enough to stay up but not stretched tightly to look strained.
The pants are leggings....note to self if I want them fuller in the leg next time.
Have a good day-do you have any finishes?

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Pressing On

 It is a complete surprise to find that the center of the bowl  is so dense and
therefore, it gives way at the rate of 1 1/2" with an hour of work.
I work for a while and then I need a break!
It was warm out, 84F in fact, so I did spend a good deal of time outside.
 After a good deal of time of reorganizing a closet, I did a bit of knitting before church.
I must admit, I do miss the car-knitting time the trip affords in Spring-Fall!
By the time we leave, it is too dark and I miss the familiar motion while we drive!
This afternoon, I managed to finish the two sleeves and then seamed them all together.
I have knit the button bands on the front and now have the live stitches on the knitting
needle to hole them so I can load them on the knitting machine to now knit a hood.
I will seam up the top of the hood, sew on buttons and have a fashion show tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Works in Progress!

 I am making friends with this new Irish Knit Sweater!  I can't tell you the number of times
I have ripped back to the ribbing and started the pattern again!
It's working out finally and WHY DID I NOT USE STITCH MARKERS? 
I will be putting them in place next time I pick it up! lol
The official name of this sweater, a free one from Lion Brand Yarns, is Inishturk, and island off Ireland which will be worth your peek from this link!
 I am thinking it would be an amazing place to visit in the summer!
 I am sewing covers for the cotton pads to be used for cages at the vet's.
 These were the 'batting' the antibiotic fusions Bill was sent each week for months!
They are about 1 1/2" thick and 14-18" wide.  I cut them into appropriate lengths with this idea in mind. I think they will work well for recovering pets!
 And at the knitting machine, I made this pair of pants for and 18" doll-well the two pattern pieces which I then seamed them into this configuration!  I added elastic in the waistband before I put in the final stitches.  This is a DK weight black acrylic yarn. 
 And to complete the ensemble, a glitzy hoodie! Well, it is under construction but I will work on it again today.  The glitzy yarn is from Cascade, a fingering weight cotton  yarn.
The double-knit hat project went on my needles last night....I worked about this far
and thought the hat looked very big.....
Oh, yeah.
Very big.
I cast on the medium size and this one is looking just right.
Of course, I remember that double-knit (knitting two layers at the same time)
is not a speedy knit.
I am working on remembering that when I cut the yarn at the crown, 
I will have a lined and reversible hat!
Onward, ho!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Rare Treat!

 On a recent post from Mason-Dixon Knitting, they talked about this author and her book.
I like the idea of trying new techniques and stitch patterns so I splurged and purchased the book.
 These are the three patterns highlighted for December, January and February.
(I'm late to the party for this book was released last March and the KAL has been to knit the pattern of the month all year and therefore, you would have boosted your knitting throughout the year!)
But here is the real treat-something I rarely allow myself, the yarn recommended by the pattern.
I can't wait to dig in!  Do I 'catch-up' with the hat pattern first which was for December?
Do I jump right in for the socks for this month?  What delightful decisions for today!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Lathe in Motion

 Excitement abounded as I prepared this next hunk of wood--
this one a 6" chunk of a branch
not a burl this time.
 I had to shave the first 1/2" off wood to get to round;  
knocking all of the odd shapes and bark from the branch itself!
The grain is lovely, as typical with cedar, and the smell is delicious, 
but there isn't the complex grain and knots of a burl.
 This is the beginning of trying out new shapes and sizing relationships;
which is always subject to change as your progresses!
 I cut a  tenon in the end once I have a general roundness to the log.
After I have it all smoothed in this step, I will turn the wood segment around --
this is the bottom of the bowl.  There is a specific scroll chuck which will grip this end
when I turn it around.
Initially, the log is attached with the faceplate by screws.  This is the top or future inside of the bowl.
You will be removing this area where the screw holes are as you build your bowl.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Share Your Stitches on Sunday

 I had completed the first blue/orange colorwork and wondered if....
 I could just load it on the LK150 and finish the stockinette part-even the short rows!
It was done in minutes! 
 I folded the hat in half and did a machine-knitting version of a 3 needle bind off.
 The I-cord can also be done this way....
 ......and it can be applied to the hat, too, 
and then I finished off the cord on the other side for the ties.  Done!
 The second hat I did entirely on the LK150--Fair Isle included!
In no time I had two little elf hats in the team colors for Syracuse University!
Going to my grand-nieces by mail on Monday!

What are you stitching?

Saturday, January 11, 2020


 I pieced the mermaid quilt first thing in the studio today--it might jump up in line for the frame...!
 I began the new pattern I chose for the machine knit baby blanket!
The pieces are oddly shaped but it will work out in the end!
Well that's the plan;  it was pretty rhythmic!
 And the last coat of Shellac is dry on the oak burl bowl!
 The grain and crevices are so interesting...
 This bowl is 5 1/2" across and 2 3/4" high.
The bottom is so complex!  I signed and dated the bowl.
I will begin a new one today! 

Finishes for Friday

 The Trip Around the World quilt is completely finished;  washed, dried and labeled! Into the donation pile it goes!  The simple me...