Sunday, April 18, 2021

Catching Up!

I did it;  the SAHRR is officially a quilt!  Overall, it was a good first time event and I will keep it mini next year!

As soon as I finished, I went to work on the Dakota Inspired QOV--I somehow read the instructions wrong for the red/white hst's I guess, because I didn't have enough to make all of the blocks.  I didn't whine;  I got right to work making some more!  
I began the layout as instructed on clue 7;  I will catch up by Wednesday, I hope!

Today, I will be crocheting a new afghan!  Pics tomorrow!

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Work That's Play

Yesterday, my brother and sister-in-law took us to a new to us restaurant called Redfrog & McToad's! 
How's that for a name?!
The grub was superb! 
 What a great time we shared around that table!
We went back to my brother's 
and then it was time to say farewell.
I'm grateful for the visit-beyond words 
but it is hard to be parted already.
I'm going to bury myself in several projects today-I'm going to finish quilting the SAHRR
quilt and then bind it.  Done at last.
Then I am going to make a bunch of the QOV mystery quilt--I'm rather behind by 5 blue blocks and 17 red ones!  And then they will have to be assembled....
I also started a sweater!  
The knitting funk is over--a summer knit is on its way!
 Isn't this pretty! 
 Thunbergia is in bloom! 
 No sweet smell but a rather sweet face! 
 Off to stitch!

Friday, April 16, 2021

A Finally FO

I started this way too long ago; 
 ran into yarn supply problems, twice.  
That's one of the problems of dealing with a 'scrap' yarn project.
 The colors are way more jewel tone than appears here but this is all I have.  The yarn is from Mary Maxim, Prism, a single ply yarn with a G hook.  The afghan is 40" x 55".

Thursday, April 15, 2021


Another grapefruit bowl is finished.  
The coloring in this one is gorgeous, too.
6 x 4", sitting on the grapefruit tree stump!
The coloring runs through the inside, too.
I finished this with beeswax from a friend of mine
 who is a beekeeper!  It smells delicious.
Signed and ready for use!  
Bill and I are going to my brother's for another bit of family time;
we will be playing some games (Spinner's) today.
The lathe time was a reward for getting our taxes done!
What an ordeal! lol

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Siblings and Such

My half of the week is over, they loaded up and headed to my brother's home just 45 minutes away.
Across the way are cattle farms, sod farms, 
corn fields and then finally....
we are at his home!  This is my baby sister and me!
And here in one place, is my nuclear family.  Who could ask for more?!  

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

So Much Love

The last of the afternoon sun shines beautifully down the many paths in the woods;  how inviting.
The reward to the walk this week is mulberries!  They are the size of your thumb-so sweet!
We enjoyed a visit from these guys this afternoon--
the best sailors! 
             A campfire with marshmallows this time, too!             
Ready for the ride home in their pj's....
until next time, hugs and memories were made!

Monday, April 12, 2021

A Day for Slow

Yesterday, we went to Corky Bells to eat dinner!  The food was superb but the company even better!
The rain finally let up...I should say the thunderstorms finally moved on after giving us a much needed 3+" of rain!  I was worried the amaryllis would be knocked down but no, they were standing proud.
In fact, the fourth bud is opening up!  I've never had one with four blooms on one stalk!
The Heliopsis is opening up, too!  I did manage to tie them loosely together so the winds wouldn't flatten them--it was a very night Saturday night!
Here's one from youngest son's family and grandparents!  What a treasure.

Today will be a slow day-it has been a bit busy since they got here.  We will enjoy slow.

Catching Up!

I did it;  the SAHRR is officially a quilt!  Overall, it was a good first time event and I will keep it mini next year! As soon as I finishe...