Sunday, July 15, 2018

Wool 'n Silk

 I started out the day with another few hours of spinning and it was very relaxing.
 I had plenty of company!  We all like the sunshine from inside!
 The bobbin filled up pretty quickly with the 2 ply yarn.
 The next step is to wind it into a skein from the bobbin.  
I can also count the rotations to figure out the yardage for the new skein.
 I then tie off four points  to keep the skein under control while soaking and drying.  
It also keeps it neat when it is skeined  until I knit with it!
I now have enough yarn for a luxury pair of socks!

On a funny note, I use string to tie off the four 'corners' of the skein--
string that I save from cat food bags and from the bird seed bags!  

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sunshine and a Sock Blank

 We had some errands to run in St Augustine but afterwards,
 we went to the little splash park by the beach with our lunch.
 The boys had just as much fun stopping up the nozzles as they did running in the spray!
 We moved on to the beach when their attention waned 
and found a wonderful bit of shade under the pier.
 It has been repaired after the hurricane damage last Fall.
 While the lumber is all new, the pylons are pretty flaky and bleeding rust!
 Will threw his ball and chased it in the surf for a long time.
 Ethan was more interested in engineering sand castles. 
 Look at the clouds building in the northern horizon. 
 It always does us good to have a visit to the beach!
 When we arrived home and emptied the car of all the beach duffle, 
I took a few moments to play with the knitting machine.
This is a skein of sock yarn, which I caked and then caked again so I could knit with double strands.
This will enable me to make two matching socks from one skein.
The sock blank is 16 1/2" square-I will eventually be able to fine tune the gauge 
to match that of the actual sock knitting gauge. 
I'm building confidence at the knitting machine-able to fix mistakes is a sign of progress!
It is definitely speedier and has a rhythm of its own which is pleasing.
 I will enjoy dyeing this blank in either a gradation or in a summer splash of  color;
  I haven't decided for sure yet!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Feeling Blue!

 Blue morning skies pale beside the electric wool and silk slipping through my fingers.
 Blue calm water cut by the knife of the speeding hulls.
 Blue black birds feeding their young in step to their raucous demands.
 Blue grey feathered friend eyes my work as I fill the bobbin in one continuous thread.
A Blue day's work ready for another journey.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Frog's Last Leap!

I was able to do some spinning first thing yesterday morning...
it was so peaceful with Lena in the sunshine in front of me
chirruping good morning!  
Later in the day, I worked on the final row of the frog applique quilt!
When I was ready to shout a ta-da, 
I realized I had the four blocks to do that would go in the backing;
I almost tossed them in the orphan block pile 
but stuck it out and finished them as planned!
Now I am truly over the frog fingers !
(I did 552 frog fingers for this quilt--as in needle up, needle down, turn, needle up, needle down, get the idea!!!!)
 The beautiful Cana lily I received for Mother's Day is still going strong....
it is an amazing pop of color in the pool area!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


 I finished plying the second skein of the Southdown wool which measured out to another 150 yards..  
I plan to dye the first one in a few colors and the smaller skein in a solid color.
I don't know exactly what it will be used for yet.
 The flowers are loving the rainy season.  This Hibiscus measures 8' across.
 The knotweed bush is making a comeback-the freeze this past winter reduced the big bush to a few 12" stubs.  It is now over my head in height...butterflies are coming to dine!
 This little stub of cactus was 'picked' for me--the lifesaver was too real for some little boy!
It might well root!
It is pretty on my windowsill over the kitchen sink in the meantime!
 This used to be the pond--it is becoming a lake.
We can't drive around the pond-straight ahead on the left was the dam Bill had built.
The next three days are supposed to be dry so we will see if the water level drops at all.
I have been adding to the Persian Tiles blanket;  I think I am about halfway done now.
I ripped out the other blanket-I like this one better and I want it to be big enough.
I also have a pattern to my random colors!
It makes it easier to know what to use next!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Southdown Skein

 I wound this off the bobbin early this is balanced and beautiful!
This is a down breed and so the yarn is soft, super squishy, bouncy and lofty.
I have started plying the last on the bobbins.....another skein will follow later today.

We have had a relapse of the vomiting by the youngest--it makes for a bit of confusion and disruption but I am hoping for a nap time later today so I can do some work on the frame.
I do so like being home for a change!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Sunny Spinning!

 After I dropped off the boys, I went to do some spinning by the river.  
It is day three of the Tour de Fleece, you know! 
 I managed to ply the first bobbin full for skein number one of the Southdown fiber.
 This was my view of the river today.
On the way home, I took a picture of the construction going on at the Dunn's Creek Bridge;
it will be a four lane bridge in another year or so! 
 The boys enjoy spotting the construction vehicles each time we drive by!
(and because no one was behind me, I slowed down and took this pic out my windshield!)

Wool 'n Silk

 I started out the day with another few hours of spinning and it was very relaxing.  I had plenty of company!  We all like the sunshi...