Saturday, July 11, 2020

Savor it on Saturday

 On the piecing front, I managed to make the rest of the outside rows I needed for the last 7 blocks.
I hope to get them sewn on in stolen moments throughout today.
Yesterday, I cut out enough face mask pieces from youngest son's work t-shirt
 to make him 6 work masks since it is now mandatory to wear them in his county,
 he will need more than the few he has been using.
I will line these with interfacing and use elastic to go behind the ears.
 After our swim yesterday, the kids found surprise packages from Dad and Mom in the mail.
Nothing like a bit of love via Amazon! 
 I wanted to show you round two of bloom from the African Violet.
I didn't think over-watering could happen with the pot-in-a-pot they sell for this kind of flower,
but I have proven it IS possible.  At least the yellowing leaves tell the truth!
And here is something I will love to share with you--
today is my parents' 67th wedding anniversary!
They were such kids--they are on the way to their honeymoon at Niagara Falls, NY.
I couldn't have asked for a better home or better parents!

Friday, July 10, 2020

A Grand Meeting

 For the car ride yesterday, I worked on this sock.
I thought I was going to do some patterning on this one but didn't enjoy having to count for the lace 
I had picked out.  
I settled on k3, p1 up the foot and then will do the leg in the same pattern all around.
I had just started on the gusset increases when we got back home.
 And I did work on the whole ride up to tame this tangle!
Look at the progress I made!
 The strands are really looped through each other and not really tangled unbearable.
I patiently (see, Nancy, I was patient) teased each loop through its neighbors until they were side by side again.  And yes, Dee it was very much like a good puzzle.  Bill still thought I was crazy! lol
And the reason for the trip---
to bring the Fernandina grands back to spend a few days with us!
By the time I had taken this photo, I was already 'pooled' out two hours later
and grandpa was about wrinkled beyond his years!
I coaxed them out with the lure of a ice cream cone!
It worked!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Two Feet

 I cast on for a pair of women's socks with the newly dyed yarn.
64 stitches on a number 1 needle.
Socks for Bill ( a size 15 shoe) on #5 needles over 60 stitches;
this is the yarn from Russia--a type of Mohair but a single ply.
Bill always wears through the heels of the socks I make him so I am going to sew some
deerskin to the heel to see if it helps them last longer !

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A Win, a Win, a Lose!

 The Charm Stars quilt is completed-bound, washed , dried and in the donation pile!
40 x 52"
 I died a sock blank that I have had for a long time-I knit this on the knitting machine (LK150)
double strand so that the two socks could match. 
 I unraveled it and have two cakes ready for me to cast on!
And then there is this.
Completely my fault-I put it in the washer to spin out-a ph call came 
and I wandered away which meant that the nice skein (even with ties) 
went through the rinse and another spin and it is a MESS!
Bill said throw it away....I might 
but first I will try to untangle it
-there has to be some way to get some order since it is still tied in two places.  
I should know better.  
I might just hang it for wall art!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

ART-Just Do It!

 I started with an idea of replicating a photo a friend took of an abandoned and decrepit
stone house in a state park in Oregon.  I was going to do a water color but decided I liked
the idea of a line and wash instead. (permanent ink pen and watercolor wash)
 I began the watercolor.  I find watercolor so much more difficult than acrylics!  
You have to think so much because there is no hiding an error!
I tried a bit more shading than I usually use with watercolor and I liked the results.
The ink shading gave life to the pale colors.  
The photo was taken in the winter and the landscape was as desolate as the house.
The moss was alive and well which makes a nice contrast.
 Framed and finished!
I'm pleased with what I learned with this artwork.
And I dug out my little sketchbook and decided I need to stop with all of the YouTube watching
and do some more of my own sketching.
This is a landscape from of all things, WordScapes, which I play on my Kindle!
Pen and colored pencils.
I'm going to try to do one a day.
Exercise is good for the brain!

Monday, July 6, 2020


 The LionBrand Mani-Pedi yarn socks are finished.
Against all odds, I managed to get a matching pair even.
The first skein was a perfect skein-no tangles, pulled right out of the center nicely, was a dream!
The second skein was wound opposite of the first skein-no problem, I found the spot 
and began to knit all the way up to the dark pink on the leg and then I hit a knot.
Bad enough to have a knot but the ends weren't related at all! 
 I had to untangle the center
 and  then wind it all the way from the other direction to find my spot.
  I was persistent and can't believe I pulled it off!
A matching pair of socks, against all odds.
I have two little balls left from each skein-I will use them to add a square to the sock yarn blanket!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Mystery QAL Finished!

I finished the quilting in no time when using a 14" pantograph, the quilting goes quickly!
Lena offered to lay in the middle of the quilt while I was binding it so it wouldn't fall off the table.
How considerate!
 42 x 56  Mystery QAL by DaysFilledwithJoy
 I used the seashell panto which isn't immediately apparent on the front...
 but really shows on the back!
And the frame isn't empty!
I loaded the last of the queue--

Savor it on Saturday

 On the piecing front, I managed to make the rest of the outside rows I needed for the last 7 blocks. I hope to get them sewn on in sto...