Tuesday, January 18, 2022


I couldn't bear it anymore-it's hard enough not to use my hand but not being able to swipe a screen was too much! lol  It works now!
  I did a little bit of knitting yesterday-only for minutes at at time.  Another corner to corner dishcloth is completed.  It's nice to have some new ones to start out the year.
And with the little bit of yarn left, 
I am knitting a Linen stitch coaster
 and mostly remembering what to do!  

Monday, January 17, 2022


I had fun planning the next quilt....
I did a lot of knitting; in all honesty, 
I probably did it a bit too long for the aching ramped up a lot. 
I took the hint and rested my arm again.
We had bouts of wind and rain throughout the day--when there was calm, the birds were busy filling up since our temps are due to drop from the 60's to the 30's! 
 I'm hoping for no frost!

Sunday, January 16, 2022


When talking to my Mom the other day, she reminded me how her sister retaught herself to hold the crochet hook with her right hand (it was a stroke that had removed her ability to use it) 
and she learned how to manipulate the yarn with her left hand
 to move it around the stable hook !
  It sparked an idea and I began to play around with my style
 and sure enough, I could knit by holding the yarn in place
 with my right hand and let the left hand to all of the work! 
 It was so good to knit again!
My hand is hurting less but the bruises are appearing on the top and new ones on the underside, blooming from my thumb! 
 I'm figuring out how to do a lot of things with my left hand 
but any two-handed jobs still stump me! 
 Give me some time and I hope to conquer even more !

  Church is a virtual gathering tomorrow as we still have many sick;  most are well after a week as I was. 
 A mild flu I would say except many are testing positive for Covid but they are not losing taste or smell like the first round.
Interesting to note the changes.


Saturday, January 15, 2022


Since there was little to do in the house,
 I went in search of easy jobs in the front yard.
  I did enjoy a new azalea bush coming to color!
And the last camellia bush is finally blooming! 
 We picked up and removed tons of items-me of minor assistance and Bill doing the bulk of the work. 
 It was nice to be outside anyway 
because It was sunny and pleasant 67*.
After dinner, the cats all congregated in the living room.
  This is highly unusual as the 'girls' have a tenuous relationship
 to put it mildly.   

The reason for this truce; 
Bill built a fire because our nights have been in the 40's 
which is cool for us.  
The cats are drawn to it like moths to a light!


Friday, January 14, 2022


 I woke up feeling very good yesterday!  
 I made my own breakfast and after catching up on the computer decided to strip my bed after being sick! 
 It was going well  until I tripped over the cord of the heated mattress pad that decided to die-- that left me with one hand to catch myself and down I went full weight on my right hand. 
 The pain was truly blinding white!  
I staggered to my ph and called Bill--
I didn't pass out but it was close!  
This is the ironic choice of magazine to stabilize my wrist for travel--a Mary Maxim catalog! It's going to be a while before I can do any hand work!  It's not only to awkwardness of the brace, 
it is the  searing pain when you try to do something 
with the fingers, too. 
 Okay, enough whining from me--what creative project are you working on today?!!

(Primary care physician couldn't see a break but referred me to a hand specialist which I see on Tuesday.  Until then the brace. 
 I am wearing a glove because my hand is numb-cold- and the brace is abrasive so the glove helps on both counts.  I might need to cut off the fingertip of the pointer finger so my electronics respond to me! 
My immediate need is to work on being ambidextrous!)

Thursday, January 13, 2022


Our Ruby Red Grapefruits are ripe!!!  If eating healthy fruits and veggies will help me feel well, I should be able to run a marathon pretty soon!  It was delicious and the good news-
I get to eat the other half at lunch tomorrow!
Last week, I added another row to the apple core quilt 
when this happened...
....my iron died!  
This is my second one and I have thoroughly enjoyed 
the ease of a cordless iron, however, 
the price has gone up considerably.
(name something that hasn't!)
 So I ordered a different brand-it looks very futuristic; 
 I hope to be upright soon to try it out on its maiden voyage!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Since I haven't been out of bed yet,
 I haven't any wood to share with you
 but I do have some hand knitting-about 10" of stockinette. 
 You might think it is boring but it isn't for several reasons. 
 One being it matches my mental acuity right now 
and two, it is pleasing to see the colors change 
and morph into the next arrangement
 because these are not repeatable stripes of any kind! 
 I had planned this to be a machine knitting project
 but when the yarn came when I was laid low,
 I thought I would put it right to work for me this way!  


I couldn't bear it anymore-it's hard enough not to use my hand but not being able to swipe a screen was too much! lol  It works now!...