Tuesday, May 24, 2022


So pleasurable to yield a tiny needle for this embroidery. 
 It is in an eight inch hoop for scale. 
 I did all of the coneflowers first, as you see.
I'm using three strands of DMC floss.

Monday, May 23, 2022



While deciding what I would begin next, I remembered this kit I bought at the Quilt Show in February.
I even knew right where it was!
It was so much fun to play with the different blocks--piecing the sailboats and the flip flops and umbrellsa are done with applique.  I have it all set up but now I have to stitch the sashing to each of the blocks and then add the borders. 
 It will be fun to work on at Quilting Group today!

Sunday, May 22, 2022


The applecore quilt is a done deal! 
 I love the crinkly softness of the newly washed quilt.
The back turned out beautifully;  
just the way I hoped it would work out!  
It's about 40" x 47"
Proof that the stitching is completed for the sock monkey quilt! 
 I have to find backing for it so it will be on hold for a bit.
Perhaps a quilt shop trip will happen soon!


Saturday, May 21, 2022


I am tracing a new embroidery from Yarnspirations. 
 The light box sure made it easier!
 Now to load it in the hoop and begin stitching! 
 (I trace it with a Frixion pen so that it disappears
 as I iron it when done.)

Look at the hostas!
And here comes the first Calla lily!

Friday, May 20, 2022


Nyki hopes that if she lays on my yarn, I won't be able to knit....
I made all of the decisions and this is what I will be sewing together for the sock monkey quilt!
I am wearing this heavy adhesive tape to help put pressure on the thumb incision which is trying to thicken too much and also to help the fluid drain from my thumb.
It doesn't hurt or prevent me from doing anything but it is helping with the swelling.  I can't move the tip of my thumb due to swelling and this will help so we can continue PT/OT !
I'm not in pain, gratefully, but this is how I roll! lol

Thursday, May 19, 2022


The piecing of the blocks is finished with the sock monkey quilt but today I will add the sashing.  I'm not sure how I will do it--grey with red cornerstones, beige with red or maybe grey? 
 You will see what I decide tomorrow! 
Bill rolled the new tool cart to the garage for me where I cleaned out the many places where lathe tools resided and put them all in this one place!  The other shelf by the lathe was open so every time I worked, I covered all of the tools with sawdust. 
 Now, if I remember to shut each drawer,
 I will keep everything clean and tidy.
The chest has a lidded top section, too.
  Now to get back into working on the lathe again. 
 The piece on the lathe now was when I played around with Eli.
  I don't know if it can be a vase or not but I will try.
We've gotten pretty good at spotting a gopher tortoise from afar.  He was out to nibble the green grass growing over our drywell!
Isn't he a handsome fellow?!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022



I am able to knit socks!  Boy, does it feel good to have the sock knitting in my hands once more.  I had a doctor appointment yesterday and I knit while waiting to be called!  Things are getting back to normal again!

Today I usually post watercolor or wood but today I would like to show you the new tool cabinet I put together for the wood shop.  This will hold all of my lathe tools and accessories.  I will be lost in front of the lathe pretty soon!


So pleasurable to yield a tiny needle for this embroidery.   It is in an eight inch hoop for scale.   I did all of the coneflowers first, as...