Friday, March 16, 2018

Finding the Sunshine!

 We had another  morning of 30F this morning which meant we had lots of cats inside,
all scrambling for the warmth of the sunshine!
This is Nyki.
 And Lena with me while I sat to sew on those borders 
so I could load on the second quilt.
And it is loaded on and stitched down just waiting for me!

(I am late to post because I woke up with an allergic reaction
to the latest antibiotic in trying to treat this never-ending UTI!
I have Benadryl and steroids in my body to fight the reaction;
count me impaired but improving!!!)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fancy Ribbing

 The last dishcloth ready for use!
These were clever pattern from Annie's
and new-to-me stitch patterns which were nice to learn.
I had just enough to make a coaster!  
Now to finish that child's cardigan....

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Rolled Up

 I managed to quilt the triangle log cabin patriot's quilt this week.
I used a star and banner pantograph for this lap quilt.
When I finished doing the first one, 
I loaded on the second little rail fence and log cabin blocks quilt
then realized I had not added the blue border on this one.
So a little setback I hope to remedy during today's nap time!
(I had purchased enough backing to do both quilts without having to load again-
it worked out great!)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Project Bag

 I had an hour in the sewing room 
so I thought to make one of my sweater sized project bags;  16" x 14" .
I  added a matching notions bag later in the day.
I think my Mom will enjoy having this set to take back to NY with her;
the departure day is fast approaching, unfortunately.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Parts Make a Whole

 Another dishcloth made;  it wasn't enough yarn to make a whole one
 so I used a bit from a new skein to add borders top and bottom.
This one is knit in seed stitch;  
I thought I wouldn't like doing a whole dishcloth in seed stitch 
but I didn't mind the rhythm of it at all and I like the texture of it in my hand!
The pond lawn is covered with these wildflowers again this Spring.
The camera wanted to focus on the ones in the background
 instead of the one right in front of me! 
 I saw some color in the tree back there and found this......
the hurricane had tangled it beyond repair 
so I cut all the parts from the string and I am going to build it again!
I have been saving colored bottles to make one of these
and now I don't have to cut the bottoms off-I can just enjoy this one!
This one was tangled , too, and I almost just tossed it
 because they are pretty common
 but I saved all the disks after I cut them apart
 and I will decide if I am going to rebuild this one later!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Always New

 A new to me stitch was used to make a knit dishcloth-yarn and pattern from Annie's Catalog.
A goodnight extravagance sent last night.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Visit to a Natural Wonder!

 Blue Springs State Park here we come!
  It was crispy cold today but sunny and bright
 and just right for spotting manatees along the Blue Spring where the water is a constant 72F. 
 In the background of this photo is the St. Johns River. 
 This is in the DeLand/DeBary area of Florida.
 My niece and her friend are down from Syr., NY,
 for a visit and we took them on a day trip!
 The spring is full of fish
 and if you look in the sunny spot in the foreground, 
you will see a fish ''swishing a nest.
 Here is a manatee mama and her young one!
 A closer view with a visitor swimming along for a chat!
 The mouth of the spring and you can see why it has its name!!
 This is my husband (L) and my Dad (r) on the boardwalk .
Boys, their dad (my middle son) and my Mom!
We have taken this same picture so many times and love to compare them for the generations!
 And I blocked this early this morning and had it drying in front of the fireplace so I could wear it today!  
Nothing like some stylish woolens on a chilly day!
(This broke the curse of this Jacob's wool yarn which has been knit and ripped out from 4 garments I have tried to make out of it!!!!  This vest fit perfectly and I had only a little bit of the yarn left which I tossed so that it's really a finish-gone, done, the end!)

Finding the Sunshine!

 We had another  morning of 30F this morning which meant we had lots of cats inside, all scrambling for the warmth of the sunshine! T...