Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sweater Progress

 I enjoyed the process of this top down construction;  
I knit the back, picked up the shoulder stitches and knit down one side of the front
 and then the same for the other. 
 Once they reach the armholes,  they are joined in the round to knit down to the waist. 
 I am enjoying this very much.
If you haven't worked with the Shine line of yarn from KnitPicks, 
you need to find something to make with it!! 
 It has a wonderful sheen and great hand for knitting--it is cotton and tencel;  a great combination.
The back is done a bit differently than the pattern-I didn't want an X on my back
 but this gives a bit of interest.  
This could be boring but the fronts have a bit of patterning up  the edges
 so it gives just enough to keep me busy and orderly. 
 The pattern is intuitive so no need to keep track of a chart as I knit around-perfect!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Step by Step

 The front now has  back-it sure makes fast work on the knitting machine.
I will be joining front to back and then will pick up stitches to knit the sleeves down to the cuff.
That's the idea anyway! 
 This is how the newborn hats look when I pull all the stitches off the needles 
and onto the gathering thread for the top of the hat! 
 The bottom piece is called the ribber comb-it catches the stitches 
and holds them down with weights for the rows to follow. 
 I am getting used to making these now with fewer moments of quandary!
 Once the ribber comb is removed, the hat sits for a few hours to relax the stitches then I seam it up.
I made two from a leftover skein.  
I like the almost Fair Isle look of these. 
 I added one pom pom from this yarn after this pic but I will have to dig through
 to find some to match for the second one!

Monday, September 17, 2018

A Front

 In a very brief moment, I was able to whip off this front to a boy sweater!
This colorway will be for Ethan;  I thought to start with the smaller size.
It went smoothly and made an interesting design of pooling in the center of the front.
(the dark green yarn  is merely waste yarn so I can pick up live stitches easily in future steps)
While looking for something in a shed (Bill has many) he ran across a bucket of old bottles uncovered when digging the foundation for the studio and garage ten years ago!  He had forgotten where he put them but discovered them while looking for some other tool!
The two brown bottles in the foreground still have the glass droppers in the bottle.
Only a few are really old but there is an old whiskey bottle and medicine bottles here-
they have been buried at least 50 years!

I took Will  to the doctor's this morning since he developed E's strep over the weekend!
Not a lot of other went on today;  between the heat and droopy boys, it is a relief to see a day end.

A Quilt on the Wall

 The binding is on the lap blanket and it is even washed and dried and added to the donation pile!
It is so warm in the house, I didn't even try it out on my lap first!
 The ocean meander shows up nicely now that it is ''textured'!
 I remembered to add the label , too.
Here is the machine knitting swatch-it is large 30 needles by 45 rows
 to give me a good idea of the fabric for a sweater.  
What a funny project for this heatwave but cooler temperatures will come someday!  
Two little boys will have pullovers pretty quickly, I think!
This will be a good lesson for me and a break for you and the cowls! lol

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Slow and Steamy

I finished the bias scarf cowl today,
this one is knit with hand spun and dyed silk hankies.
I stood to cut out 12 more blocks for the latest quilt and sewed only one.
I made a swatch to make a kid's sweater on the knitting machine kids and did little else but rest.
I don't do well in the heat/humidity and it was hard to have the house
 which is usually my refuge, be a sauna, too.
It will be nice to knit in the car and attend church today!
(The repairman can't come until Tuesday and
worse, we will need a whole new compressor and air handler--
let me say, that is a lot of yarn and fabric!)

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Fall is Just a Thought!

Right off the needles!  I have a pair of socks!
(they look very coral here-it is the reflection from the coral walls of my bedroom!)
This is a better rendition of the sock colors-much more orange1
These are made with Hawthorne yarn,
dyed by me.
A pair of socks perfect for the Fall.
 Unfortunately, as we hit record temperatures for us, our a/c unit has breathed its last!
We are not used to the house being hot! 
 The ceiling fans are keeping the house bearable, just.
The curtains are drawn, the fans going, glasses of ice water
 will keep me company in the studio today!
  Here is another bias cowl of silk which is at its halfway mark!
  A good knit!
I hope you have a good day, too!
(I'm late with this post because I slept in-what a delight!)

Friday, September 14, 2018

In a Jam!

 Here's proof that I do occasionally spend time in the kitchen!
This is a pan of Muscadine grapes that have simmered for an hour.
My neighbor, Millie, called to say she had some grapes ready that she wasn't going to get to herself;
did I want them?!  
She had made some jelly last year and gave me a jar which I thoroughly enjoyed;
 so I was very happy to make some for myself this year!
Bill went right over to pick them for me and I filled the house with such a delicious aroma 
as they cooked down.
I then ran them through the sieve to capture all of the juice.
After a ton of sugar (yikes, I didn't have the low sugar certo so this will be a rare treat!!)
I  had a pot of boiling and wondrous smelling jelly!
I did keep out one jar to put in the fridge for sampling right away-
Ethan and I gave it a go after dinner on some toast!  Oh, yum....
And in honor of feline fridays....
Every morning after breakfast when I make the beds, this is the body I disrupt in Ethan's bed! 
I get the punk eye because he knows I don't give any quarter-
no mercy no matter 
how sweet you think you are! 
 It's time for beds to be made!

(Call me hard-hearted but if I waited for him,
 I would get to make the bed
in time for Ethan to nap!
He does come back and lay down after it is made up proper!)

Sweater Progress

 I enjoyed the process of this top down construction;   I knit the back, picked up the shoulder stitches and knit down one side of the ...