Friday, October 22, 2021


I endured my last dr appointment yesterday, picked up some new meds and collapsed on the recliner the rest of the day! 
I don't have to go anywhere today, to the best of my knowledge, and for that I am very grateful;  it has been a very tough week!
 I did watch some good tutorials for days when I have verve again but really I just did some more of the crocheting.
I did have fun with the prompt, FUZZY. 
 I'd like a bite of one, wouldn't you?!

Thursday, October 21, 2021


The day was very pleasant for a very emotional day;  a friend's grown son had died.  We drove through mostly empty countryside to go to the church.

Cattle enjoyed the milder, less humid weather, too.  Scrub land, fields, a few trees and way in the distance you can see the slash pine forest.
There were also ranches far and few between.
Tool sheds are scattered among the trees.
I did a bit of sock knitting on the way.
I was able to paint the prompt, SPROUT, which was a joy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Another pair of socks completed! This is knit in Muse, Peace Tonal,  over 64 stitches on 2.5mm needles, toe-up with the Hermione Pattern.

The socks are a bit larger than usual 
because I usually knit with 2.0mm needles
 but they will fit someone!
I've made one of the new mosaic blocks--
it's a bit wonky but hasn't been blocked yet!
 And for Inktober, the prompt was LOOP--
an easy one to know what to do. 
 Did you spend a lot of time with one of these
 when you were younger?!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


After my morning eye appointment, in which we increased my dosage so hoping that is one 'pain' that will be under control again, I popped over to my neighbor's to help her with a sewing machine problem.  While there, I was amazed at the growth of this vine she calls Dutchman's pipe!  This flower is as big as my hand!
  Very prehistoric looking!
When I got home, Bill had done a lot of work clearing out this area which had gotten out of control with random pots and plants he had potted to give them a head start. 
 I love it all cleaned out!  It was a nice surprise!
I was looking for something else and found a package of 20 gauge brass wire which gave me the idea to try my hand at a YouTube
 I had seen on making this kind of jewelry! 
 It was just so much fun, I made three!
What can I is a very pleasing activity to randomly make squiggles and angles with the wire!
Forgive the rotten photo--the camera will not play with the flourescent light on my desk tonight but this is for the prompt COLLIDE--sometimes, done is well done!
Now this one was pure joy! 
 The prompt was MOON and the ideas were many. 
 Easy can be welcome.

Monday, October 18, 2021


We had fun seeing my youngest son and family--
the kids love to play games and do crafts!
Grandson approved the drawing of the Stormtroooper  helmet 
and liked it even more when I painted it!
Saturday's prompt was a COMPASS and I painted an heirloom that is only in my dreams! 
 I am a behind on yesterday's artwork....
to say I am hurting is an understatement.  
The week is full of doctor appointments. 
 So much fun when I am already feeling like I can't get out of bed...


Saturday, October 16, 2021


You know the one good thing about taking a two hour road trip is the amount of knitting you can get done! lol 
 The yoke is finished and one sleeve is completed also!  
Grandson #3 requested that for today's prompt, HELMET, that I draw a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet so , of course, that is what I did.  I will add watercolor later;
 I'm going to play with some grands instead!

Friday, October 15, 2021


Lena is a sweet lap-warmer when I take a break in the recliner!
I was able to spend some time on the lathe. 
 I made this #2 bowl from the Cypress log.
The grain is fantastic on this one--with the real uneven edge
 that is very interesting!
The bowl polishes up to the warm honey glow--the inside is light because I just sanded it--it will warm up when I apply the sealer.
This is bowl #1 from the smaller half of the log. 
 It finished at 6" wide and 2" high.  
The back has the unusual feature
 when the rot was cleaned up and out.  
It is a very artsy bowl for candy, I think!
Yup, definitely a win.
Prompt for Day 14 is TICK.  Yuck--but this is the most common tick, a deer tick, which is what you have to check your pets and ankles for each day.  Fortunately, they are not a problem all summer in the rainy season but as soon as it becomes dry this winter--they are much more common.  Bill does spray the yard to keep their population down and that helps! 
 How are they where you live?


I endured my last dr appointment yesterday, picked up some new meds and collapsed on the recliner the rest of the day!  I don't have to ...