Friday, April 20, 2018

Picot Finishes and a Pile

 First, I finished the doily and blocked it overnight.
It is 24" in diameter-a nice table-center size.
This one will be gifted to youngest son's household.
Here's what I bought at the fabric store-
starting at the top of the pile-
backing for Winding Ways,
backing for the Flowering Snowball,
and the bottom three will be binding, backing and border for the LeMoyne Star.
The dark brown is faux suede to recover this footstool.
But more on that project soon!

Thursday, April 19, 2018


 Since I needed some fabric purchases to finish up the quilts,
we did a run to Daytona Beach to JoAnn's
and Bill to Sam's-our two 'friends' there! lol
The ocean was magnificent!
 We were arrived as the tide was going out so
the boys played in the tidal pool for a long time;
the water is so warm and calm...
 until a little brother has to go and stir things up a bit!
 And then someone needed a snuggle since he missed nap time with all the activities.
 We called BoyWonder in from the surf,
to say goodbye for another week.
 There was a fire down the beach at one of the condos.
The fire engines could be heard and within 12 minutes the smoke was gone.
When we went back to our car,
the boys played by the retention wall for another
half hour-making the sand 'squeak'
and warming up and drying off.
A nice place to spend the afternoon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Settled #1

 We found a big cement slab for the pedestal to rest upon
so we could place the birdbath in the yard!
 I should've waited to paint the base first
but I couldn't!
I will paint around the pedestal and be done!
Here, birdies, we have some water!
(In Florida, there is plenty of food for the birds, 
but there is a shortage of 'puddles' for the birds to water in.
This will be an essential stop for them when it heats up around here!)
I was measuring the quilt tops so I could buy the right amount of fabric today
 and I discovered two things about this quilt-
first it isn't square like I thought!
When I measured it,  
it is actually 40" x 48" so I turned it on the design wall and sure enough, 
it was the right size for a lap quilt!
But then I saw this corner in a new light-
I sewed in a wrong color here!
 Ahhh, much better!  
Now to head out to purchase some backing, borders and bindings!
And a quick beach visit to reward us all for the trip!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Topped Off!

 The Flowering Snowball block with nine-patches is completed!
It measures out to 40" x 52"-another top that needs a  backing fabric.
That trip to the fabric store is getting close, I hope!
And here is something I pulled from the lanquishing pile;
a doily!
I only need to finish this row and work one more and it will be done!

Monday, April 16, 2018

A Pile of Intermission Knitting

Eleven dishcloths have come off the needles in the last few months....
I was only going to knit one or two until I felt like tackling
a big project again like the cardigan
or shawl
or socks
or summer top....
I'm still making dishcloths.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


 So I finished filling in the broken tiles for the stepping stone, 
and then laid the Contact paper over it.
After a good rub, I was able to pick up the tiles in their order so that I can
apply adhesive to the stone and replace the tiles!
I am enjoying this process of picking up the pieces!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

It Takes Time

Working in a few minute increments,
the Winding Ways quilt top is completed!
I need fabric for the backing so this will be added to the
quilting queue behind the LeMoyne star quilt which needs border fabric...
a trip to the fabric store needs to be squeezed into next weeks' schedule! 
 The second coat was added to the birdbath
and I spiffed up a few Terra Cotta pots, too.
 The rim needed a steady (sort of) hand to paint the rim of the basin-
two coats also!
I had to take a deep breath and realize this project needed time
to complete it;  
I had steps that needed 24 hours between them and there
was no hurrying it if I wanted it to be done right.
Now I have to apply sealer to the grout and tiles 
so that this birdbath will last 20 years!
 I will apply it, rub it out in 30 minutes and let it be for another 24 hours.

I will get to use this birdbath before another week passes!
(son #3 who is in the business of caulk and grout restoration
says it is an easy step that people skip and they shouldn't if they don't want to
repeat a tile and grout project in another 5 years!)
 Another pot was painted and it sure makes them look beautiful again!
(the paint is inexpensive as paint goes-$15 a quart at Home Depot!)
The old birdbath is all painted and waiting for me to work on the mosaic for its basin!
(It was exciting to see that the work I did to level
the inside of the basin fit beautifully;
secure and level is a wonderful thing!)
 Which I have started....
and will take my time to work on it
without being impatient!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Mint and Berries

 The riverside skein was reeled off today
yielding 258 yards of the fingering weight yarn.
I was afraid I was over-spinning it while plying
 but it turned out beautifully balanced;  a nice surprise!
I wrote the label and then thought to look up the details on the fiber-
it is not wool/rayon (even though that is what it feels like!
Ramie is what I meant to write....)
but here is a link if you are interested in what it is for real.
(a biodegradable cellulose fiber that is supposed to be mint infused-there is zero mint aroma,
 I will add!  But it is a very inexpensive spin!)
 I don't know what I will make with this skein....
but I finished it!
The first fiber I have spun and skeined this year!
 This is the pretty lane next to our driveway that leads to the homes of two widows behind our property.  Bill maintains the right-of-way as it is on our property.  
The 2-day rainstorm washed out the road farther down from here,
and he had some late night repairs to do so that they could leave their homes!
I like the snake rail fencing down the southern side of the lane!
 This fencing is made using railroad ties instead of split logs,
 but the zig zag construction is the same.
This view is looking back up towards the main road.
Why do we ride the golf cart down the lane?
To go to pick Mulberries!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Typical Day

Here was my set-up for spinning yesterday-
my e-spinner has a cord that plugs into the car charger so I can spin on the go!
 My view was so pretty ,
the temperatures were just right and it was dry after all the rain of the last two days! (8") 
 I was able to ply both bobbins into yarn; 
 Jjst in time to pick up to go!
 And when we finished with the lunch and nap routine, 
I painted the bottom of the basin and the pedestal of the birdbath.
 When I laid down the old birdbath to paint it,
I discovered why it was always crooked;
this portion of the basin was chipped away in portions
and so I did a fill of concrete to level the portions out.
 Once this area was slightly set, I painted this, too.
Oh, yes, this is better!
I am working on the mosaic for this basin, 
stay tuned! 
 When I was finished with all the painting, 
napper was finished so we took a golf cart ride!
This is what all that rain does for the pond!
Filled past its banks!
(and we have a little 'gator in residence again....)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


When I take the boys to the center to visit their mom,
I have three hours to sit and
spin, knit, read.....
One of these days I will get brave 
and bring my art supplies and paint plein air!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


 When I got ready to sew the blocks together, I noted an error in the layout.
 I did rip the block partially apart to fix the offending section
 and then sewed it all back together and 
in place!
  It would've driven me crazy!
 And then I did do a bit of piecing on the new quilt top!
I couldn't resist.
It goes together much more quickly then the Winding Ways top
with blocks of 9" since the pieces are much larger making the 12" block.
I'm glad for the break!
 This stepping stone is done
though I will not use white pieces with white grout again-
what was I thinking?
Oh, well, it will serve its purpose!
 I have the two halves drawn out for the next birdbath
and the tiles came in the mail so I can start work on that!
It rained all day yesterday and it is forecast for today also!
Rain, thunder, lightening and rain!
Bill will have to brave the downpour to drain some of the rain from the pool!
We have hit the level of the sides!
(which means I might get to do some more sewing!)

Monday, April 9, 2018

Cutting it Up!

 I finished laying out all the blocks and border for the Winding Ways quilt.
 I am more than halfway through making the blocks and it comes off without a hitch most of the time!
 I also got out the Accuquilt for a new block I purchased...
 The Flowering Snowball die with 9 patch blocks in between.  
I can't wait to cut out another lap quilt size using the reverse of the background 
and the colored portions!
Because I wonder what would happen!
 Bill has been working with a friend to haul all the scrap metal out of the back-back yard.
I am thrilled with the reduction of the junk pile!
Bill has had to use the welding equipment to cut the larger pieces down in size so they could be loaded onto the trailer to go!
  Good riddance junk! 
 The money for the scrap  metal is just  a bonus.

Picot Finishes and a Pile

 First, I finished the doily and blocked it overnight. It is 24" in diameter-a nice table-center size. This one will be gifted t...