Saturday, December 29, 2018

Out with the Old!

 The Shhhh! Shawl-I worked on it for a few hours and remembered why I left it-
it is written for a sport weight yarn and I was using a lace weight yarn;  the sizing was all wrong!
 I ripped it out and started a different pattern where the yarn size wouldn't matter!  I can just keep going until I run out of yarn!  This pattern , Swedish Lines, is one I had bought for my daughter for her first shawl;  it was so much fun doing it with her, I thought I would buy it for myself!
 The Sand cardigan was an intriguing knit;  a really beautiful design that I would use a lot if it was finished but the size looked too small (you start this at the top!)
So I ripped it all out, started again with the next size and this time I will mark where I am each step!
Nothing worse than picking up a pattern that had languished and not knowing where you are when you pick it up again!  

Now I have two patterns going that are interesting and will have a good outcome!  
What a nice way to knit out the old year!


  1. Yes, your end of the year knit plans sound great. Ripping out until the knitting gets good is a great plan. Why suffer through something that is supposed to be fun?

  2. Happy (and successful) knitting in 2019.

  3. Love both yarns... looking forward to seeing these progress!

  4. Sometimes frogging is the best thing to do. . . Happy knitting.

  5. I have frogged my fair share of patterns that is for sure. I love these projects, good luck!


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