Wednesday, December 19, 2018


The Helianthus mitts are finished!
If you remember, I ran out of the darker purple and had to use a lighter shade for the second mitt.
I think they are similar enough to pull it off!
They are knit with fingering weight wool (Cascade and Palette yarns)
on size 2mm needles.
The sun shone and the temperature was pleasant this afternoon
so I sat outside to work on the mitts.
The birds were so active, the squirrels dashing about with acorns;
it was a beautiful backdrop for some quiet knitting.
I am in between projects.
I have some fingering weight yarn in a celery-like colored yarn but 
I am not sure what I want to make with it!
A cardigan I am feeling inclined to knit 
but I haven't found a pattern to match my mental vision.
I also hesitate to start in on that project because I usually dig through the started projects from the previous year and either finish them  or toss them every January!
I could start that clean out early and then start the new sweater in January instead.
Another day in sunshine of a perfect temperature like that and I will figure it out!


  1. The different purples make it look like you used a gradient yarn. It turned out VERY pretty.

  2. Yay for sunshine! Love the mitts. You should just go ahead and design the sweater in your head.

  3. Lovely mitts!
    We've had the sunshine, but it's sooooo darn cold! And it's getting dark so early - I'm looking forward to being past the solstice. Normally it doesn't bother me much, but the dark is really getting to me this year. Maybe because I'm working from home, I notice it more - no more stuck in a windowless office.

  4. Oooh, the mitts are beautiful - well done! I could use some warmth and sunshine today, as it is snowy, windy and bitter cold this morning.

  5. I love your mitt finish. Good to see someone has nice temps. We are looking forward to Friday, the solstice. A local group has a solstice hike in the woods and a bonfire. I doubt we will go as I get too cold. However, we could go into our hottube that night and welcome the solstice that way!

  6. Those are such happy mitts! I would love to sit outside and listen to the critters in the background. We've been cheated out of good weather for so long I've forgotten what it feels like to be outside.

  7. Better than two shades of yarn in the same sweater! I have 1 sleeve that is a lighter shade than the rest of the cardigan. Mostly it's not that noticeable, only under fluorescent lighting. As long as they warm your hands, it's a non issue!


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