Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Down to the Wire!

 I stopped after going to the doctor's yesterday (appt to adjust meds)
to the quilt shop in town to buy some backing for the last two kid's quilts for Christmas.
I found the backing with no problem and as usual struck up a conversation with the woman about what I was doing with the fabric and she told me about another lady who was trying to get a lap quilt for everyone at the local nursing home who didn't have a family member and wasn't going to get a present this Christmas.  
There were 60 such residents and she was working to make one for each of them!  
I got her phone number and told her that I had at least 10 to send along.  (and found 12)
I diverted these from the pile to go to the hospital to her.
And we have plans to start earlier this to do something similar for next year!
(she started making them in September this year and was only a dozen short!) 
Not quite a Santa's knapsack, but close!
You don't have to look very far to find those that need help.

I am still going to give the 5 kids' quilts to the hospital for any Christmas day incidents in the ER!


  1. That is just so wonderful for you to do that!! You're going to really make a difference for so many people.

  2. Fantastic! It's no coincidence that you had just what she needed. God Bless both of you for making Christmas special for those residents without families.

  3. That is so wonderful! I found a lovely pair of mittens that I made for a child. I have to find a drive that wants them. They are beautiful and sitting in a drawer. I'm not mailing anything else out. I'll find someone who needs/wants them right here.

  4. That sounds like a Christmas Miracle to me!

  5. How wonderful! See what happens when quilters band together.

  6. I just know that the people receiving these will feel the love. What a good place to send them.

  7. it's really generous of you to do this - the recipients will have a much nicer christmas for it! and you'll have more space for new creations;)


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