Friday, December 7, 2018

In a Bind

There was only 3" left of this backing fabric so I cut it close but I managed to quilt all three on this one piece of fabric! Ha!
See, one, two and three Christmas lap quilts all waiting for the next step!
I trimmed all the layers to match the top,
and dug in the stash to find fabric for bindings for all three.

And now disaster has struck-my fancy sewing machine has died.
I Googled the symptoms and the consensus was to get it to a repairman.
I called my 'local' tech who is more than an hour away, and she said it might be only $225 to fix if it is A but if it is B which is notorious for this model ,
you can take it to the dump.  
(and my machine is only 13 yrs old but for a computer that is ancient! lol) 
Ack!  Wail! 
So for now, I am using my little Eversewn Sparrow which is a scooter to my cadillac
 but better than nothing!
I will get to those bindings later today if I can!
(In between rocking, wiping fevered brows, fetching and cleaning up after popsicles 
 and , of course, there is the perpetual running of noses!  
If only I could spin snot into gold.....
Yes, both boys are sick, at the same time.  It has been a hard few days!)


  1. I didn't realize they were made from Christmas material. Now I REALLY love them. They would have made Daddio so happy. I think the one holiday thing I might dig out is his Christmas quilt.
    I feel your pain with your sewing machine. Right in the middle of soap wrapping my printer died. Then The Mister's giant TV died. I think we have a gremlin.

  2. Now that's using fabric wisely!

    I hope your machine isn't trash, and that the boys feel better soon!

  3. Your poor babies (including your sewing machine baby) are having a hard year. Hope they are ALL better soon.

  4. Oh no, not the sewing machine! Good you have a backup.

  5. Whew, that was close! Sorry to hear the little guys are sick and that your machine is on the fritz: I hope things right themselves soon.

  6. Sorry your boys are under the weather. Maybe you need to put them in bubbles? LOL yay for having just enough fabric. Boo to machines going bad. I had that experience this year, but my fancy new machine is a dream!!

  7. Yikes that was close with the fabric - well done! Sorry about the boys and sorry about your machine. Hope all are on the mend quickly.

  8. Oh no!! Sickness around the holidays and cold are so nasty .So sorry your machine got sick too!


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