Sunday, December 30, 2018

Never Give Up!

 I have a completed and permanently completed pair of men's socks made on the knitting machine!
Since this is the fourth try, I really have nothing to brag about!
Especially since I really knit two right socks and not a left and right!
(On the knitting machine, since the socks are seamed, you knit one sock and then
reverse the shaping to make the second sock;
I omitted that last part of the instructions.....because that is what happens sometimes!)
However, I did such a good job seaming,
it is so invisible, you do not see this little design element!
BUT there is still a problem with this pair of socks...
they were supposed to be for my brother-in-law who wears a men's 8 shoe.
The socks fit my husband's size 15 feet.
Back to the drawing board for the next pair-this yarn is not being ripped back again!


  1. I would have given up after 2 tries! At least someone has a new pair of socks! Glad you got those old projects restarted, good luck with the new plans.

  2. hey - at least they will fit someone! that's always a win!

  3. I know you'll master the smaller size and will keep great notes of the changes do you can replicate the socks in various sizes.

  4. I admire your willingness to try four times. That's pretty amazing.


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