Thursday, August 31, 2023


The Quilts For Kids boy version is completed!  Washed and ready for me to finish the other one to send back to them.

I even sewed the binding on the linen and indigo table runner.
Unfortunately, the indigo fabric bled into the linen colored fabric!  I'm hoping that a color catcher after the fact will work.  If not, it makes it look rather cohesive and I won't stress over it! Sigh.
What do you do when the hurricane isn't really as impressive as predicted?  Splash!

( our yard is a mess of brown palm boughs and some branches but this storm missed us!  Thank you for the kind thoughts!)

Wednesday, August 30, 2023


The hurricane is coming--the first bands lash at us.  We are all safe and sound and still have power!
I made some headbands for a big sister and little sister at church--I like doing the pattern on top better than the one on the bottom but I needed two different sizes and this worked!  These were made with cotton yarn and though it doesn't show, it has sparkles in the yarn!

Tuesday, August 29, 2023


Yes, we are in the cone of the next hurricane.  We spent yesterday getting ready for it to hit and importantly, ran the generator to be sure it was all ready, too! 
 (If you draw a diagonal from Tampa to Jax, we are on that line, closer to Jax than Tampa.)
I finished the quilting on the rail fence quilt
 and cut out the binding.  
Today, I will have two bindings to apply!
Before I left the studio last night, I loaded up the girl's quilt, picked out the panto and threaded it with yellow thread and bobbin! 
 All is ready for me today while the rains move in!
Look at the orchid again! 
 She bloomed from January to July and already pushed out a flower stem in the beginning of August.  And it opened yesterday!
I put it in the dining room but already I miss it; 
 I love waking up to this in my bedroom window!

Monday, August 28, 2023


I hit the 1/2 mark on this doily;  now I have picked up from the foundation row and will repeat the same design to make the other half!  It is much easier to work the second half!  I had hit this mark earlier last week but when I blocked it I could see something wrong with the dolphin's fin-yup, I must have lost my place in the pattern and skipped a row (or two) and it was all wrong! 
 I ripped it back and I am so glad I did!  
At the shower yesterday, these are just a sample of two of the 'succulent' cupcakes that were available!  I did only eat one but I could've enjoyed the second one, too!!!  It was a very nice time and she loved the sweater I had knit and bought a bunch of outfits that matched!  Fun to be in the baby department to shop!

Sunday, August 27, 2023


The table runner was loaded, quilted and....
...the binding made but I went back to the quilting frame
 before I sewed it on!
I instead loaded the QuiltsForKids boy version onto the frame
 and began quilting on it.
I'm using the fancy clamshell pantograph
which I call the dragon scales for this quilt.
In the yard, I (Bill) had to remove the old bowl to the bird bath because it developed a leak!  I have to paint this one to match the base but couldn't wait to put the ceramic ball on first. Inside I have set up the new solar water pump. 
(see the small square to the right of the wrought iron fence)
The water just bubbles up and cascades down
 the sides of the ball.  It is so pretty!

Saturday, August 26, 2023


I have finally deemed this top finished!  I like the framing of the center area with the last of the jelly rolls strips!  Today I will be starting to load up the quilts on the frame and get the pile of tops under control! 

Friday, August 25, 2023


The baby sweater is finished; 
 ready for the baby shower on Sunday!  
I made this for a little boy at church.  He always has such interesting stories about what he was going to invent that I suggested he draw them for now so he will remember all of his great ideas.  
I think he will very happy with this notebook just for him!
I have finished half of the latest dotz picture!  

Thursday, August 24, 2023


 I was ready to load the quilt on the frame when I noticed the middle row was upside down (the center of the stars are directional!).  So I had to stop and cut rows apart and resewing them instead of loading it.  Then I thought I might as well stitch up the last two blocks I had cut out but didn't add for some reason.  And then I thought it needed a border after all.  I added a row of blues and today I will be adding a row of reds.  Then I will be loading it up on the quilting frame! lol  I think sometimes I pause finishing a project because I know it needs more work before it will really be done!  This is a good example!  

Wednesday, August 23, 2023


A good way to spend a few hours;  this rail fence quilt went together without drama and turned out so handsomely.  Now to tackle my quilting frame pile!  There are 5 quilts in the pile!  Have I mentioned that I do prefer piecing to quilting?!  
Eli and Bill brought me this bloom after their fishing trip out back yesterday morning!  I love these pond lilies!  Yes, there is a little blush of pink on several of the lowest petals.
Bill picked up some retaining wall blocks--he got a deal on the price and has an idea for the next 'project' to use them.   He has to pick up one more load to pick up to have enough blocks.  Time will tell!  Bill likes starting projects and not finishing so much.
I rarely have problems that way but yesterday all I wanted to work on was this dolphin doily instead of making sleeves for the baby sweater!!!!   I have a routine dr appt (to get results of my recent MRI) and I am bringing that sweater so I will be able to finish at least one sleeve!!!  I am determined!


Tuesday, August 22, 2023


I enjoyed some time in the studio while the guys hung out!  I wanted to finish the top for the table runner.  I am really pleased with the way the stars interact with the background fabric!

I ordered two kits from Quilts for Kids and received a girl kit and a boy one.  I had the girl one knocked out in no time!
  Pretty easy but enjoyable to sew the blocks together.
The busy yellow fabric is popsicles! 
 Very fun to stitch and it will be a good kid's quilt donation!

Today I will be making the boys quilt in a rail fence design.  


Monday, August 21, 2023


I started the new dolphin doily!  It is an old pattern and let me say, the instructions are scanty-see the chart-that's it without a legend or key to know exactly what you are supposed to do!!!  I ripped it back twice but I think I have it now!  
It is worked from the middle out to each end.  I've done filet crochet before and it only had one dc in each space for a filled stitch--when the count didn't come out right the first time, I used my phone to magnify the picture greatly and saw they have 2 dc in each filet space--it made the difference!
And I am still working on the baby sweater--I am heading south on the first sleeve!  It has to be done by next Sunday so I have to take advantage of any downtime But---
We switched Ella for her brother so there is still a grandkid on the premises! lol

Sunday, August 20, 2023


We took our youngest son and children to the springs at Welaka--what a treasure that place is tucked in like a hidden world!  The water was so refreshing after a long hike in to the water!
We sat and enjoyed the view and then would swim again--
a very relaxing few hours!
Everyone had a good time jumping in 
and swimming across the spring!
I came prepared this time to join in the swimming 
and had a wonderful time in the water!  I even swam over the springs--the water pressure is so great-
1.4 millions gallons a day-it holds you up in the water!  
My daughter in law sent gifts from her grandparents--very old bottles that he brought up when diving off the coast of St Thomas Island many decades ago--very cool to hold the bottles and feel the difference from new bottles!
  And the fabric is from grandma who is also an avid quilter! 
 I will enjoy them both very much!
 And look!  I even managed to finish the second doily! 

Saturday, August 19, 2023


We had fun making a pillowcase! 
 Ella is a natural at sewing,  even using the serger!  
We spent a long time in the pool, too!
We hung the heart swag in the crepe myrtle bushes.
The sunset was very colorful and lent a beautiful glow
 while skateboarding around the driveway!  
Her dad and brother came to spend the night--he always
 brings some powerful fireworks!
 We ooohed and aaaahed appreciatively!


The bird bath fountain sprung a leak so Bill fixed the leak and put a new sealant on it and I gave it a new paint job!  I had to let the pai...