Saturday, September 30, 2023


I  crocheted right through the basket filled with balls and partial skeins of dishcloth cotton!
Now the basket is filled with twenty three 7-8" dishcloths
 in the C2C pattern!
And I wanted to share that I added loops to the hot pads I had made and hung them on the end of the kitchen island--now the color really pops and makes me happy!

Friday, September 29, 2023


I have finished one sock on the new needles-things went well and no damage to my finger occurred with the sharp points! lol  I set right out on the second sock and finished the toe.  A good place to begin now for all of that foot knitting requires hardly any thinking!  I am down with a sore throat and headache. 
 A day off today is just what I need. 
 I have had too many days out and about!
I ran out of the thread for this doily.  I need to pick up several balls of this grey;  I really like it and am enjoying the doily renaissance that's struck me!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2023


The binding is added to the table runner and it is nicely on the table!  This one will be for November because it has no orange in it and  I have several that will be on the table for October first!
I am in the process of adding the blue binding to the gingham quilt;  I accidentally put this in the finished pile
 without adding the binding-silly me!
I have another Call Me bag almost finished!  I will be teaching it to my quilting group next week or so!

CALL ME #2 & #3

I had the pieces all cut out and worked an assembly line
 and things went very smoothly!
The green is for me 
and the butterfly one is for my daughter!

Monday, September 25, 2023


So far I've made 14 of these dishcloths and I am not bored yet!
I have this basket of larger skeins and little balls to use up!
  It is very satisfying to turn them into something very useful!


Sunday, September 24, 2023


 I have started the ribbing (k3, p1) up the leg. 

 I am enjoying the new needles; they are Hiya Hiyas because this yarn,, Hawthorne,  seems to have a problem splitting and these sharp points solve that problem!    

Saturday, September 23, 2023


I loaded up the table runner after I added a 3.5" border all around the squares.  It maxed out the width of my quilting frame!  70' x 20"  While I was digging through the bin of Fall fabric, I found a large piece that was exactly what I needed for length! 
 I even had enough to use for the back of some hot pads-I now have two pumpkins for my table!
I really like the contrast of the orange and turquoise!
And then I loaded up this quilt after I pieced the backing for it!  I didn't start quilting it yesterday but I will today.  See the empty design wall behind the frame?  I get to do some piecing again!!!!

Friday, September 22, 2023


I made my first Call Me! bag yesterday and it was a good project!  I can see why Chris makes so many! 
It is a free pattern, too.

The front.
The back.
The front has a vinyl pocket for a class name tag or a ship pass, with a zippered pocket for credit card or cash.
The back holds your phone. 
 This might be my first but will not be my last either!
And I think it's become an obsession! 
 They work up so quickly and enjoyably,
 I am using up my dishcloth cotton!!!


We finished the measuring, sawing, screwing of the veg bed and now I want to paint it a medium turquoise color!  But we are making one more of these first!
I made some more of the C2C dishcloths--I didn't single crochet around the outside of these and I like it a lot more.  I had just enough (with 6" to spare!) to make two from one skein of Crafter's Choice in the Black Ice colorway using a size H hook.
  A very good dishcloth project!


Thursday, September 21, 2023


I'm a bit late to the C2C (corner to corner) Crocheting Fad
 but I just learned it by making a dishcloth! 
 Yes, I liked it enough to make a second one!  
And another batch of rocks is finished! 
 This one is from The Rock Shed and includes several new-to-me specimens with fun names like sunstone, opalite, tiger's eye, amethyst, moss agate, and bluestone to name a few!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Bill and I are building some tall  garden beds for my Fall planting (Florida has three growing seasons and summer is not one of them! lol)  We are using reclaimed boards from an old decking.  I drew some plans for a very basic outline and we set to work.  First we made the two ends.
The 2 x 4 will form the frame to hold the slats to make the bottom of the veg box which will be the last step!
He brought up the boards, we sorted them 
and then began to pull nails and unscrew screws!
 The saw horses are handy for cutting the boards to length!
Working on the ground is no longer pleasant!
This is where we ended yesterday, after a good day at quilting group!  Not bad considering I made a great meal of stuffed peppers Bill grew and served it with homemade bread 
and a tossed salad!
We will tackle the last side and then the bottom of the bed today.  Now that the kinks are ironed out
 and I have all of the measurements written down, 
we will be able to make the second box in no time!
This is one of the things I did during quilt group yesterday!  (Forgive the stray threads--I didn't notice it when I took the pic!)
 I am going to turn it into a hot pad!
(it is 6 1/2" square)

Tuesday, September 19, 2023


 I pulled out the hand embroidery that has laid dormant for months!  My friend gave me a needle-minder and that was the catalyst to get me stitching again!  I also have an Autumn stitching I want to do but i will finish this one first!

Monday, September 18, 2023


I was still pretty exhausted from the long and busy day at the quilt show so I did a lot of this from bed.  It finished at 15" across.  I used #10 cotton and a #7 hook. 
 The pattern is called Close Circle from Fine Art Crochet.  

I have a trip to town first thing today, unfortunately. 
 Why did I schedule an appt early on a Monday morning?!  

Saturday, September 16, 2023


Fans and Roses is the name of this pattern but I am calling it shells and roses!  I had a much easier time crocheting this one after the refresher of the Dolphin doily!
It looks very fancy on the dining room table
 with the orchid in bloom!

Friday, September 15, 2023


I do not make Halloween quilts but I must admit, 
this one was superb on a lot of levels!!
I liked the colors of this NYBeauty quilt.
The Tessellating fish really caught my eye 
and I loved the fabrics used!
While black was the favorite background color, 
this one with Grunge grey was very pretty!
This is a very good use of color and pattern-
-I love the twinkling diamonds.
This one was amazing in a Judy Neimeyer sort of way.
The simplicity of color and a brilliant pattern
 makes this one a favorite of mine!
And I love the whimsy of this use of the NYBeauty block!!! 
 There might be one of these in my future!
Hands down, this quilt is fantastic--it's the four-patch posies pattern with the kaleidoscope blocks simplified but the design still giving a pop!  I definitely will make a four-patch posie!

We went out for breakfast to First Watch on the way to the show, and stopped at Olive Garden for dinner on the way home!  

Thursday, September 14, 2023


There are four of us from our local quilt group who are going together to the big show in Jacksonville! It's a first for me!
Since I am a passenger, I am bringing a new sock 
to knit out of Hawthorne yarn!

Wednesday, September 13, 2023


I went to my quilting group and enjoyed figuring out the piecing for the latest project.
I was glad to learn that the heavy plastic templates worked with a rotary cutter which will help with the piecing immensely!
When I got home, I only had a few pieces to add to finish the row.  Today, I will be sewing the two rows together and hopefully will have time to tackle another row!  I do need to take stock of how many units I need;  I always know what I need and then cut it out so this is a different situation for me!
Bill helped me put together a new shelf 
for my logs in the woodshop!
The little shelf wasn't sufficient for my supply of wood!
I used the old shelf to hold the hickory wood and clear the space where it was just piled on the floor!
I was able to see some order result 
and have even more wood to stack but it was enough for now. 
 It is still pretty hot in the garage not to mention the humidity!!

We finally had our WiFi restored at dinner time--it was torture to be disconnected! lol


I will be working on my sock knitting today since I will be in the waiting room for quite a while;   Bill is having surgery to remove his ga...