Friday, September 15, 2023


I do not make Halloween quilts but I must admit, 
this one was superb on a lot of levels!!
I liked the colors of this NYBeauty quilt.
The Tessellating fish really caught my eye 
and I loved the fabrics used!
While black was the favorite background color, 
this one with Grunge grey was very pretty!
This is a very good use of color and pattern-
-I love the twinkling diamonds.
This one was amazing in a Judy Neimeyer sort of way.
The simplicity of color and a brilliant pattern
 makes this one a favorite of mine!
And I love the whimsy of this use of the NYBeauty block!!! 
 There might be one of these in my future!
Hands down, this quilt is fantastic--it's the four-patch posies pattern with the kaleidoscope blocks simplified but the design still giving a pop!  I definitely will make a four-patch posie!

We went out for breakfast to First Watch on the way to the show, and stopped at Olive Garden for dinner on the way home!  


  1. What beauties! It must be so inspiring to see them in person and to be able to see all the details.

  2. That Witch's Hat is amazing. I love the bat free flying about the hat.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  3. Lots of inspiration at this quilt show! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful quilts.

  4. Those are all some beautiful quilts. My favorites are the teal and cream one and the last, but it's pretty hard to choose a favorite. You must have had a wonderful time at the show. Thanks for sharing photos with us.

  5. They are all wonderful, but I love that Witch's hat the best!


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