Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Bill and I are building some tall  garden beds for my Fall planting (Florida has three growing seasons and summer is not one of them! lol)  We are using reclaimed boards from an old decking.  I drew some plans for a very basic outline and we set to work.  First we made the two ends.
The 2 x 4 will form the frame to hold the slats to make the bottom of the veg box which will be the last step!
He brought up the boards, we sorted them 
and then began to pull nails and unscrew screws!
 The saw horses are handy for cutting the boards to length!
Working on the ground is no longer pleasant!
This is where we ended yesterday, after a good day at quilting group!  Not bad considering I made a great meal of stuffed peppers Bill grew and served it with homemade bread 
and a tossed salad!
We will tackle the last side and then the bottom of the bed today.  Now that the kinks are ironed out
 and I have all of the measurements written down, 
we will be able to make the second box in no time!
This is one of the things I did during quilt group yesterday!  (Forgive the stray threads--I didn't notice it when I took the pic!)
 I am going to turn it into a hot pad!
(it is 6 1/2" square)


  1. Those beds are going to come in very handy! I love the idea of gardening that you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to do.
    The hot pad is very pretty. Reminds me of origami.

  2. Those raised beds are something I wanted for years when we were in our house(s). They are very expensive to buy though. How wonderful that you have the talent to design, ability to build and wood that is just waiting! They will definitely save your backs. The quilt block is beautiful and looks very difficult to make. As Deb said, it reminds me of origami.
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. A lady who just moved into the complex has a similar but smaller raised bed. If I had a place to put one, I do it in a heart beat.

  4. Love the idea of the tall raised beds. Can't wait to see what you plant


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