Sunday, May 16, 2021

Just a Stone or Two

Bill and Caleb worked on running electricity to the shed in Caleb's back yard;  Matthew and I started with this project and arranged the stones to make a patio!
In between the stone laying, Cassandra and I played with kids (all four cousins!) and laid out a great dinner.  Caleb cooked a beef brisket in the smoker all day and the aroma was torturous and delicious all at once!   
After a fantastic dinner, we forced ourselves to get back to work!  We finished our project while Cassandra bathed the kids and Bill finished up his wiring and Caleb cleaned up the peripheral area--we made a great team!  Hugs to all and off for home we traveled-it was a wonderful day.
I leave you shot of my dwarf Hydrangea--it is covered with blooms!  
Naps and knitting after church is the plan of the day today!

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Helping Out

Today we are heading to youngest son's home to help out with some electrical work; 

 I will help out by enjoying the kids! I know, that's a hard job!

I did get some work done in the sewing room yesterday-  Lena helped a lot by keeping the runner from falling off the table...

But the Grandmother's Flower Garden table runner is completed, binding and all!  The binding wasn't too hard to do just

 slow going;  Lena was able to have a long nap!

I started some blocks for a new idea-here is the charm pack I cut up and paired up to make some new blocks.

Cleaning and a bit of housework claimed most of the day 

but I did get several rows of quilting done on the latest QOV on the frame.

Friday, May 14, 2021

And Blink They are Gone!

I had to say goodbye  to daughter and family already but it sure was a huge blessing for them to squeeze in a visit to us before the surgery, etc, that is going to be their focus for the months ahead!  I have some beautiful reminders of the visit--I don't know how she squeezed these things into the van but they did!  this is a ceramic garden decoration-about 18" tall.
A Thunbergia plant with trellis-
she knows how much I love orange flowers!
Two large branches from their Oak tree that was removed will be a good wood to try-we have Live Oak so it will be different-or maybe not;  I will get to try it out on the lathe soon!
A friend of theirs had to have this Japanese Red Maple removed and so I have a 36" piece of that to play with also!  
And Marsel has a new sewing room so she has cleaned out fabrics (plus a ton had recently been donated to her and I have some of that!) and brought me a box of goodies to sort through!  It will help with the lonely feelings 
that might creep in in the weeks to come!
And finally in light of friday felines--here is a pic Marsel took of Nyki--I can never get a clear pic of her facial features and she has her perfectly here--Nyki will miss all of the extra laps she tested out all week! lol


Thursday, May 13, 2021

Ocean Therapy

Look where we went yesterday!!!  It has been so long since we have visited the Ocean!
We set up the cabana first-Bruce burns very easily and the meds I am on are make me sun sensitive (and the MS makes me very heat sensitive, too, oh boy!)  
Anyway, we all went to the water first thing, the kids went in a lot farther than most!
Bill and I dipped our toes in the water and then Bill took off for a swim with the kids!
The dunes have suffered quite a bit of erosion since we were last there, too.  I love the way the natural world constantly changes-it always commands our respect.
The beach was not was a perfect day!
Abigail loved tossing my spilled Cheeto's to the seagulls--see this one with one in his mouth?!
I did this while enjoying the beauty all around me.
There was not a single shark's tooth but lots of shell bits!

An utterly perfect day!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Did You Know

This is David, a recent 19 year old, my first grandchild.  
 Bill and David have been fishing out back 
on the little lake behind us catching and releasing bass!

Did you know this is Deaf Awareness Week?  David was diagnosed with a degenerative hearing loss when he was a toddler and just last month woke up not hearing impaired (able to have hearing aids to hear) but completely deaf.  It has been a jolt for all of them but he has handled it with the grace and confidence of a young man who is has a solid faith in God and sees God's care even in this event.  This quick and precious visit was squeezed in by his family because in a few weeks David will undergo surgery for a cochlear implant and a few months after that have the same surgery for the other ear.  It will be a very intense schedule of appointments and therapy for David as he learns how to 'hear' again with the implants through the summer.

Now you understand how much of a blessing this visit is for us to be able to spend time with them!

I will keep you posted on how they are all doing in the months ahead!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Full Heart

 Something unusual has happened at my Georgia peaches have driven in for a quick visit!  More on this later but right now, suffice it to say that going almost 2 years without seeing your daughter and family is 21 months too many....

Monday, May 10, 2021

A Calm Knit

I'm enjoying the sock knitting-a very cheerful sock.  
I'm close to the bind off stripe!
Another pair of birds we see every day, some turkey hens.  We place cracked corn under the bird feeder and they know it!  We've seen no chicks yet but it is close to the time we should spot some!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Progress and Beauty

Look at this!  My caladium has two blooms 
and one more on its way! 
 Just beautiful.
I sewed the binding on this quilt 
and as soon as I hand sew on a dedication label, 
it can be handed in to the local coordinator. 
 I thoroughly enjoyed this quilt-along!
I also finished the free-motion quilting on the table runner
 and trimmed around the  border hexies 
to make a smoother edging so I will be able to bind this!
I used my small drunkards path template to draw a curve on each of the hexagons and then used scissors to cut all the way around.  I might use a large plate and make them circles instead of scallops.  I will decide another day! lol
And then I loaded another QOV quilt I made with a friend last year before you-know-what-hit.  It's time to get it done 
and delivered to a Veteran who will use it!


Saturday, May 8, 2021

Back -Up

Lena helped me iron out the backing for the table runner--
I had to be careful of  that swishing tail!
I added the diagonal stripes and set it over the table runner 
and--see it on the left?  
I couldn't believe it still peeked out!
I added a little strip-all I had left, and that covered it up. 
 I loaded it on the frame and pinned it to the top so it wouldn't get folded under when I came to it! 
 Unorthodox but it worked!
I couldn't resist starting it and made a lot of progress!
I'm doing each flower a little differently and thoroughly enjoyed it!
As for the QOV , I got as far as making the miles of binding
 but didn't attach it. 
 I will tackle it first thing today!

Friday, May 7, 2021

A Simple Day

I can't have an empty lathe! 
 I loaded on another  piece of the maple for a bowl.
A square bowl emerged pretty quickly. 
 I will wrap up  the sanding and finishing today!
Look what I finished at the frame yesterday!
I will be putting the binding on today and loading the pieced backing on the frame for the table runner!
The young sandhill crane is a teenager! 
 As soon as the parents saw me at the window for a photo,
He herded the kid right away 
staying between me and him the whole way! 
 Lena likes watching them, too!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Grandmother's Flower Garden Runner

I did it!  The Grandmother's Flower Garden table runner is completely pieced and waiting its turn on the frame! 
 It's big-and will look very striking on the table-soon!
As I watered the flowers this morning, 
I noted the blooms inside the bromeliads.  
So delicate and such a funny color compared to its host!
I spent some time at the lathe! 
 This vase is from a Sycamore branch. 
 I left some bark it and didn't worry about getting it completely round--I like the look of the vase emerging from the branch! 
 It is 10' tall and about 3" at its widest. 
 This one is going to my sister--a thank you for the gift of the visit last month.


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

A Color Theme

Ahhhh,  sock knitting, I have missed you! 
 A little Felici yarn makes my fingers happy!
And while the stitching of the hexagon table runner isn't the most fun piecing I've ever done, it is very pleasing in its entirety! 
 I only need to stitch a few more rows 
and then I will be able to sneak it onto the frame,
 as soon as I complete the Dakota Inspired QOV!  

Just a Stone or Two

Bill and Caleb worked on running electricity to the shed in Caleb's back yard;  Matthew and I started with this project and arranged the...