Thursday, December 16, 2021


One dog is completed sans eyes.  
I have the other two halves pieced for the second dog 
and I will hopefully finish them both today!
This is 8' tall--the Angel Trumpet Plant. 
 Yes, the 8" long blossoms smell sweet.
I just had to go and check on the ripening of the Clerodendrum  Trichotomum to see how blue the berries were. 
 The flowers are just as fresh as they were weeks ago.

And I found the info I needed to figure out the mystery wood for the bowl yesterday--it is a Wild Olive tree;  birds eat the berries but they are not for people!  It is an evergreen tree which is cool.  


  1. Another sweet little pup coming to life!
    I have to say you've got some crazy plants down there. I get an education every time you mention them.

  2. Those dogs are so darn cute!
    Are the angel's trumpets in the Datura family? We used to get Devil's Trumpet (aka Jimson weed) coming up in the gardens at the town house. I had to pull it because it would take over.

  3. More dogs!!! Such pretty plants too.

  4. Sweet pups! Are they Christmas gifts?

  5. Oh Wild Olive! That is a pretty wood. And your dogs look great!


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