Wednesday, December 15, 2021


One of the risks you run when you turn 
a piece of green (fresh) wood, is that as it dries, 
it takes a distinct oval shape and can develop splits.
  Some inconsistencies are tolerable, some disastrously!
The bottom blew out a large section where there was a flaw in the wood--I embraced all of these 'problems' 
and just sanded and finished with sealer. 
 I think it will be a pretty art piece as is!  
We still don't know for sure what kind of wood this is. 
 I am looking for a  site to give wood colors and properties 
so I can identify it!
Now this I know the name of--and wow, does it smell wondrous in the back yard because there are two separate blooms like this and each is 12" across!  Incredible.  (Tree Crinum)


  1. I've been splitting wood lately and you've got me thinking about all the colors and patterns in it. Now that the wood we are using is two years old it's not nearly as pretty as it was when we first split it but it sure is easier to work with.
    Those flowers are so unusual. They look like a cheerleaders pom pom.

  2. What strange and pretty flowers! and HUGE!!! I like the bowl.

  3. Those flowers are so pretty. I wish we could smell through the screen. :-)
    You have a way of making even disasters pretty. Love both pieces.


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