Saturday, December 11, 2021


This is the weekend that  we get together with youngest son and his family-no matter what.
I was pretty excited to see this quilt still being used-it has been passed down to son's son!
I didn't use binding on the edge and in a few spots the fabric has worn through but the fabric is holding up well on the quilt top and even the backing--it is soft and snuggly!  And still loved.
It is 'old'! lol
And I am happy to say that this photo bomber has come with us to Caleb's and she will be staying with them until he finds her a forever home.  They already have a dog and so their cats are very used to a dogs' loudness and rambunctious romping.  My cats are sighing with relief but it will be several days until they trust the dog is truly gone!  


  1. That is a well loved quilt! I pulled out #1 Son's baby quilt that I made in 1977 the other day and found the material had really faded. That was a surprise since it hasn't seen the light of day in 40 years.

  2. Pretty quilt and so well loved. Glad you could take the dog with you.

  3. I love that the quilt has been so love sn thst your son gsve it to his son. How special.
    Hopefully a great home is found for that sweet dog.

  4. Love to see a quilt being so loved!

    Lol... your kitties sound like mine. Dave's uncle had his dog at our townhouse for a couple hours one day. Relic looked for the dog for a week after it was gone!

  5. Yay for heirlooms being passed down! And yippee for the pup finding a foster place!! And yahoo for the cats getting their home back. LOL


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