Sunday, December 12, 2021


We began our day yesterday with a Christmas time! 
 So nice to spend time together!
Late morning, we went to a great ice cream store
 and everyone picked their favorite flavor; 
 I had a Dole Whip (no milk) and it was fantastic!
Onto the boardwalk from the parking area to the beach! 
 It was the longest walk I enjoyed all week!
Within minutes we saw this group head by--Ella, who is enamored of all things 'horse' was mesmerized!
Caleb and Cassandra enjoyed some down time, too.
The pleasure of playing with seagulls never fails to please.
Ella had quite a following-in air and on the ground!
Eli was happy to build a wall 
and dig trenches for the waves to destroy!
After a delicious beef stew when back to their home, we did a bit of target practice--but this is not a gun; 
 it is a CO2 powered AirJavelin!
  It shoots arrows! 
 No kickback and it was so much fun! 
 I was pleased to see I could hit
 right where I called out each time!  
Goodbyes are always tough 
but we had a beautiful sunset all the way home!   


  1. Our Dole Whip store on the boardwalk just closed for the season and I didn't get in there once this year. I kept saying I was going to and never did. Now I'm sorry because that stuff is good!

  2. What a blessing! Glad you got to enjoy the time.

  3. It looks like such a wonderful time. I've never heard of a Dole Whip but it does look good. We did some Christmas with Alex & Tara when they were here but we'll celebrate with other family members around the 25th sometime.
    Blessings and hugs,


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