Sunday, December 19, 2021


I started yesterday off by baking some gingerbread cookies
 using my Grandmother's recipe.
I frosted them and took them to the church 
Christmas Banquet/Concert in the evening!
They tasted like memories!
During the baking time, I ripped out three hats that I had made last winter that didn't fit anyone!  They were just too wide!  

Using the newly recommended hat pattern which is fantastic in its simplicity and genius because it has the info for any kind of yarn you choose or have at hand!  Winner!  Nice to knit successfully!


  1. Fun to bake with an extra connection! The grays are playing out so beautifully on that hat.

  2. Those cookies look delicious!
    Isn't it great that yarn is reusable!

  3. I love gingerbread cookies and gingerbread cake. I've really got to get my oven in order before the whole season passes me by.
    The new version of the hats look great. A ribbed hat always is a good fit. I just hate knitting so much ribbing by hand. It's so boring.

  4. Thanks for the hat pattern link, I love when I can just use a chart to determine cast on numbers for different yarns. And then all I have to do to upsize or downsize is use the recommended gauge with the head size I am going for.

  5. That pattern is almost exactly what I do with worsted weight yarn. I've printed the chart out because it will be a handy thing to have on hand for any weights.
    Piper is spending the night a couple of days this week so we'll be doing some baking of cookies then. Your ginergerbread looks delicious.


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