Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Finding My Stride Again!

First thing yesterday, I sewed the two borders in place.  
Once pressed, I admired the work of my hands! 
 The quilt is 42 x 54" and like the rest of the tops, 
await a backing before it can be loaded on the frame.
The centers each have a very pretty Fall scene with either cats or kittens!
I took the many hst's that were rejected from the border and started sewing them into pinwheels; 
 I will add solid squares in between these blocks to make another top. 
 Fabric never goes to waste!
I also decided to finish cutting out the flowers and tropical leaves for a table runner--
I don't have the background fabric because I sacrificed it for the quilt above! lol
 Robbing Peter to pay Paul as the saying goes. 
 I hope to make it to the fabric store at the end of the week!
Sock number one was bound off and number two is begun; 
 I think I have matched the stripes after several false starts.
I ended the sock just a bit before the point of repeat to do the toe.  
And for the guessing game-here is the latest watercolor postcard!
  Happy guessing!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Cats on Walls

I worked on the Ohio Star kitty blocks; seaming them into a top 
and then took the leftover triangles and sewed them into half square triangles.  
My thought was to use them for a border.
  When I put them up on the design wall-my eyes jumped around like crazy! 
 To me, it is just too busy!
Time for plan B--and this one is calm and the kitty blocks hold the attention which is as it should be!

I will use the hst's for another quilt-perhaps as windmill blocks!

And for my art of the day, I did a lot of drawing!  
This one is from a picture in the newest KnitPicks catalog (p35, I think!)
 and I thought I would give it a try in my journal! 
 It was fun every step of the way! 
 Back to guessing blog paintings tomorrow!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Becoming an Artiste!

I'm still attending church from home so yesterday I had plenty of time to sit and knit

 and even do some painting after lunch.

I found a new-to-me artist on YouTube, Louise De Masi . 

 She lives in Australia so her accent is a nice bonus 

and watching her videos all the way to the end means you get to laugh with her as she includes her bloopers and it is a good way to end!

This is inspired from one of her tutorials which I watched several times before I drew and painted it 

trying out the new ideas and suggestions she outlined.

I also played around with my signature and read on the 'proper' way to sign (bottom right)

 and not to sign like a doctor because no one will know who the artist is!

I then signed all of the postcards I have done and even all of the pages in my journal.

Now all I need is to knit is a beret! lol

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Socks on Sunday

The Christmas striped socks are finished without any more drama, I'm glad to say!

  As soon as I get some measurements, 

I will be making some little girl sizes to go with this pair for mom.

I was glad to see an order of sock yarn delivered recently.

  I wanted to try the new yarn called  Static;  a 75/25 wool yarn.  

It is thinner than the Stroll I usually use but that is not a criticism--it is a really nice yarn!

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Ohio Star Kitties

The blocks are all pieced for the Ohio stars with the kitty print centers.
 Today, the plan is to sew the blocks  into a top and then to think about the borders.

The Pimpelliese shawl hit a snag--this is getting to be my theme song for shawls lately!  
My problem is using the handspun and not having enough yarn to finish the project. 
 This time, I have found another skein of grey Shetland wool 
and instead of dyeing it, I am going to use it like it is.
I ripped out the whole thing, moved up a needle size and am liking the results. 
One nice side effect is that now I can count the rows easier! lol

Yes, the watercolor yesterday was the froggy that Tyg tries to catch at Vera's fountain!


Friday, September 25, 2020

Color and Comfort!

The new yarn came in the mail so I have been hard at work making some new Mystical Lanterns.
The colors are rolling off the hook;  
I only needed 18 more motifs to add to the finished rows to make this a real lap-sized afghan 
 the second time around!

Nyki comes in and buries her nose in my knees every night when Lena hasn't taken my lap first!
Let's continue the 'name the blog' for this watercolor postcard! 
 He should be familiar to most of you! 
 It felt good to paint again. 
 Between my eye healing and the new glasses-I should be right as rain soon enough!


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Unraveled Twice!

I thought the colors were off....after a confusing look, count and recount I figured out 
I had started the heel gusset at red stripe three instead of stripe four. 
 Wow, such high numbers really threw me.  Sigh.       

Nothing for it but reknit, counting better this time. 
 I did great until it came time to begin the heel turn
 and then I miscounted when to execute that.
  I should've been done with this shorty sock and showing off a finish.
  Instead, I am putting it aside until later today.  
At least, I picked up the new glasses and could use two eyes for most of yesterday 
but if this sock is anything to go by,  I did better the day before with only one. 
 Just goes to show....

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Ode to Sock

This yarn is a dream to work with and I highly recommend it! 
 If you remember, I have been looking for a good Christmas yarn for a while now
 (I even tried to dye some but they turned out to be a good pair of Fall socks instead!)
  I know it was the first day of Fall but I couldn't wait to try a pair of socks to knit just for the therapy. 
 I need some encouraging. 
  I've gone two days with single vision. 
 It's an interesting twist on seeing. 
 I stayed in bed all day yesterday and worked on knitting a pair of socks
 because my hands can do it almost without any sight at all! 
 A few peeks with my good eye and I was on track for a long time. 
 If my eye is better today, 
I am going to pick up some new glasses 
and will step into the world of normal sight. 
 Here's hoping.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A Hank

I am down with a case of pink eye-it's been a while, why not, right?!  
So, since I couldn't see much, I sat and spun for a long time yesterday
 and finished the wool/linen/silk blend of fiber.
  As soon as I finished spinning the last few ounces (out of the 8 that's here)
 I began plying and did it all!  
I love it when a skein comes out perfectly balanced!
A beautiful skein of 400 yards of two ply.  
The silk makes a bit of slubs along the way but it is a very pretty periwinkle hank of yarn.
You can see the bits of linen sticking out-it was a very good spin, actually. 
 I purchased this fiber from Paradise Fibers. 
 Now to figure out what to knit with it! 
 Always a good problem. 
 But first, I will admire it for a while, with sight from one eye!

Monday, September 21, 2020


This antique folding deck chair has a wonderful story.  
My daughter brought it to me to fix 18 months ago
 ( the last time I've seen her!) 
and while doing my big purge a few weeks ago, I uncovered it!
I took up the challenge!
The first thing I did was give it a good clean!  
Ahhh, that turned out beautifully which spurred me on to step two which was the real problem. 
 The dowels that held the other end of the fabric seat to its proper spot 
on this gloriously clever folding chair  had both broken. 
 In fact, they had broken off and the dowels remained in the frame
 which meant I had to drill out the old and then cut and glue in the new dowels. 
 Of course, it is like putting the zipper in last for anyone who sews knows, 
zippers go in first and then the pants are built around it! 
 The frame was machine bolted (no way to loosen them) to put in the dowels 
but Bill to the rescue--he stretched it just enough to slip the dowel into place
 after I had filled the holes with glue!   
After that, we put the clamp on it long enough (two days)
to be sure it was secure and  VOILA! 
 New life for this deck chair!

I do love to fix's too bad I'm not a politician!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Something Different!

Morning Snuggles-what a great way to start the day!  
Before they came yesterday, 
I did get the grout added and cleaned upon the second stepping stone!

And I played with the watercolor on the self-made paper! 
 It is rough so the painting felt very different and boy, did it absorb water! 
 The colors came out much more intense!
  It was interesting to work with and I will try again!
Off to breakfast the troops!
Have a good day!

Friday, September 18, 2020

Just Give it a Try!

Several Ohio Cats Stars were made yesterday.  
I have all of the pieces cut but still lack two squares of the background fabric! 
 I can't believe it. 
 It's a good thing the fabric is newer-I was going to use it to make a table runner!
The paw prints are settled in the 'path' with the other blocks.
I have shod Bill and he is thrilled!  
He can't wait for me to add soles to another pair he owns!
And another paw prints stepping stone is in stage one!
Here is a photo watercolor for you to guess about! 
 It is the first time I have tried to paint people!  Yikes!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

In Every Room

Ihad quite the day yesterday, I had a project going in every room and even outside!
I did manage to complete the stepping stone--see the cat's paws!?
A Cats' Star block quilt has begun! 
 This is cut from Accuquilt and scraps from the cupboard!
We launched the sailboat! 
 A bit of on board cleaning is all that is left to do. 
 And a bit of flooring to replace which will take place today!
One sole is stitched in place;  the stitching was very straight forward. 
 I used the same yarn and made sure I had both legs of a knit stitch picked up
 to make the grab into the sock.  
The pre-drilled holes in the sole sure made fast work of the stitching in the leather!
Not a new subject but a new rendering-
I want to learn how to draw not just paint so I had to try that truck again!  


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

One Step at a Time

I begin with a 12" cement paving block I purchase from Home Depot; 
 I have several for when the mood strikes me-they are very inexpensive. 
 I cover the top surface with tile adhesive using the sawtooth trowel for applying it to the block,
 that's why you see the lines. 
 Then comes the fun part;  placing the pottery, tiles or ceramic pieces 
to make the design you feel like!
  My youngest son brought me a baggie of these blue tiles in 3 sizes leftover from a job.  
I had such fun placing the 'footprints' all over the surface of this one! 
 I have plenty of tiles left so I will be making another one, I think! 
 Now I have to wait 24 hours for this to dry completely before I can apply the grout. 
 Patience is developed, you know....

Now this project didn't need hours before each step! 
 I finished piecing the last four blocks, 
then stitched all of the blocks together and then cut the borders and attached them! 
 The whole thing is pressed and waiting in the quilting frame pile! 
 Ahhhh, this was a good project!  
It is 42" x  51".
Now this is an experiment to extend the life of Bill's socks.
  He must have bony heels because he wears out socks at there and at the ball of his foot. 
 So this is our plan, I traced his foot, cut the leather from deer hide 
(from one  of the bucks he had shot 20+ years ago!)
 and remembered to reverse the second tracing so he would have a right AND left sole. 
 Then the tedious but not difficult job of piercing the holes every 1/4" around the outside of the piece. 
I do own a punch for making these holes;  
again, having the right tool for the job sure made it easier and professional. 
 I must admit, I gained an appreciation for cobblers! lol 
 No wonder there was a fairy tale for getting the elves to help them get their work done!  
It takes a lot of time to get the job done, one step at a time! 

Today's watercolor is going to be an easy guess-have a go at it!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Lifesaver Cactus Blooming!

Isn't it unusual but beautiful?!  The bloom is about 1 1/2" across ; 
 there is no aroma whether sweet or sour!
There are no prickers on this cactus and it is extremely easy to grow!  
A win-win succulent!
See how it stands out from the lobe with a 3/4" stem.
  What an amazing plant!
Look what I am going to make today! 
 It has been too long since I have made a stepping stone!
And since I spent some time being chauffeured to an eye appointment yesterday,
 I was able to knit quite a bit on the Pimpelliese shawl;  
I've only messed up once but it is easy to rip out to the beginning to the last 'tooth' and begin again!  


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