Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Finding My Stride Again!

First thing yesterday, I sewed the two borders in place.  
Once pressed, I admired the work of my hands! 
 The quilt is 42 x 54" and like the rest of the tops, 
await a backing before it can be loaded on the frame.
The centers each have a very pretty Fall scene with either cats or kittens!
I took the many hst's that were rejected from the border and started sewing them into pinwheels; 
 I will add solid squares in between these blocks to make another top. 
 Fabric never goes to waste!
I also decided to finish cutting out the flowers and tropical leaves for a table runner--
I don't have the background fabric because I sacrificed it for the quilt above! lol
 Robbing Peter to pay Paul as the saying goes. 
 I hope to make it to the fabric store at the end of the week!
Sock number one was bound off and number two is begun; 
 I think I have matched the stripes after several false starts.
I ended the sock just a bit before the point of repeat to do the toe.  
And for the guessing game-here is the latest watercolor postcard!
  Happy guessing!


  1. That turned out very nice. I also like the pinwheels! You are so busy with so many different projects!!

  2. Betsey's steps at her trailer is my guess, Love playing your game!!!

  3. Love the pinwheels! And you're right, nothing goes to waste!

  4. You have such gorgeous quilts. I really love the pinwheels. You are amazing. Socks, quilts, pinwheels, applique and painting. And you couldn't see a few days ago!
    I know that painting too. How lovely.

  5. Love the finish top, and the pinwheels! And, oh my, can't wait to see the flowers and leaf project.

  6. I love the sock. Hmmmmm. that could by BESTY's Flowers and the Camper steps?

  7. It's lovely!!! I saw something called a Crumb Quilt the other night on Pinterest> It uses up all bits and pieces of scraps that are in weird shapes or sizes. I was very intrigued but there are too many things in the queue now to get done.
    Love the watercolor. That's a great job on those table legs. That had to hard.

  8. It does seem that you have found your stride! The quilt is perfect for fall. And the table runner will be a nice reminder of Summer! I'll have to go back and check out your paintings. I've been away from blogging for a while, but I'm now back!

  9. The quilt looks great with its border - well done! Betsy’s camping, coffee pot is a pretty subject for today’s postcard painting.

  10. Nice quilt top. Quilting happening here too. Family arrived for the two weeks of Spring break on Tuesday, Wednesday was grey, cool and dull, so DD, OG and GD joined me in the sewing room where the adults worked on improv blocks, OG made three 10” strip blocks, and GD, in her first ever sewing attempt, sewed pairs of random strips together! YG spent time with Grandad in the workshop. This morning, the first thing he wanted to do was have his turn at sewing!!

  11. Nice pieces! There is a something about pinwheels; they are very pleasing to me...maybe the sense of potential motion. Any minute they could start spinning...


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