Thursday, September 3, 2020

By Hand or Machine

At the knitting machine, I managed to knit the front of this sweater;
the yarn matched stripes for the most part.  
This one will  have a square neckline in the front with ribbing 
which I will knit by hand after the sweater is all stitched together. 
 The plan is to knit at least one of the sleeves!
I've also been working on this hand knit sweater.  I used two other skeins to add the color to the yoke.
I used slipped stitches so there wouldn't be bulk added to the yoke
 and I carried each color under the last so that they are no ends to weave in at the end.
  Whether by hand or by machine ,which still needs me to speed the carriage back and forth,
 I'm building stitches one upon the other until I can wear the yarn! 
 I'm glad I'm a knitter!


  1. What a lovely, subtle blend of colors on that yoke!

  2. Two beauties!!! I haven't touched my sweater since the Tour started. I need to figure out how to get it into rotation again because I really want to wear it this year. As soon as the tourists leave when it gets cold I'm claiming by boardwalk again. I need some fresh air.

  3. I love the yoke on that blue sweater. So pretty.

  4. Everything is coming along, even if it was an apple fail, it still looks good to me!!

  5. Oh my goodness! BOTH sweaters are lovely. The color changes match so well in your machine knit one and I truly love how you did the color in the yoke of your top down beauty.

  6. Matching stripes on the machine knit - ❤️ but the colored yoke on the hand-knit sweater - ❤️ ❤️

  7. oh blues and to use slip stitches


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