Thursday, September 10, 2020

How I Know It's Fall

I know it's Fall because I get the deep need to purge!  
I clean corners and drive away piles; 
 I organize shelves and get rid of ballast!  I had such an intense 4 hours yesterday
 that accomplished so much! 
 It felt good throughout the day, too.
   I did take a few breaks to make a pile of my end 1/2 motifs. 
 I am going to be able to start making rows now. 
 I sent an order in for some sock yarn because I am without skein! 
 They are still out of this color!  
I have made more than a pair of socks a month and would like to keep up the momentum!
This is the usual scene in the evening when I knit in bed before falling asleep!
  I am slogging through the second sock for Bill. 
 I think it is the color that is boring is all. 
 I like COLOR!
  See the bag of trail mix behind Nyki?  
I add a small bag of dark M & M's to enhance the flavor of sweet! lol
Let's go to the water's edge today! 
 5 x 7" watercolor postcard 

The picture yesterday was from Dee's Blog
 I believe it is labeled 'under the railroad bridge'. 
 The water is the Delaware River. 
 (correct me if I mistaken, Dee!)



  1. I haven't the got the fall feels yet. It's been hot and wet again thanks to that tropical thing that came at us from the Atlantic yesterday. Thankfully it never formed into something worse. We've got all the flood alerts pinging all day and night but at least it's not those fires like out west. They are just terrible.

  2. That evening shot looks cozy: a cat, knitting and a snack. Nothing better!! I'm enjoying seeing your paintings.

  3. My urge to purge usually hits in the Spring, and in a Fall, I tend to gather and accumulate. I unearthed a project bag with a shawl that was in the works over four years ago. I need to make a decision to finish or frog.

  4. I've been having the urge to purge too. I just haven't worked up the energy yet.

  5. That was it! Dee's blog. I knew I had seen that photo. Is this one from Debbie's?
    I love the photo of you knitting with Nyki and trail mix. I do the same with M & M's. My feeling is that a bit of chocolate improves everything!

  6. OH my gosh! I didn't even recognize my own photograph. Yes, that is the Delaware River. The bridge is the Easton/Phillipsburg bridge.

  7. I got that fall “improve my nest” itch from you!!


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