Friday, September 11, 2020

I Used to be a Seamstress!

While digging through the corners the other day, 
I discovered this skirt fabric I had put into the someday pile. 
 And now it is done! 
 It is a simple a-line skirt that I adjusted from a zippered side
 to a pull-on elastic waisted skirt.
  It fits my lifestyle better this way since I never tuck in a shirt!

I also had purchased yardage to make a slip for this 
and several other light peasant skirts I like to wear.  
I only have a slip for knee length skirts and wearing this skirt without a full slip wasn't an optio;
you will see why below.

The skirt is a border print which is very cool. 
 I added a bit of pre-gathered embroidered edging to the slip; 
 this also adds some weight which is a nice addition to such lightweight cotton.

 You can see here how ethereal the fabric is! 
 I will wear the skirt properly modest now! 
I did some painting but it isn't finished;
that is one thing I wasn't aware of when I started watercolor several years ago--
it is why I quit trying, too--
I didn't know about letting areas dry, adding layers,
 being patient while painting has become part of why it is so relaxing now!
                                                            A doubly good lesson, right?

Yesterday's painting was from Chesapeake Beach, VA, from Araignees' blog!


  1. Lovely skirt... and fun to wear!

  2. That IS my beach!!! I should have recognized it right away. Silly me. I have tried to paint it before myself and it wasn't very good. Water and sand are hard. Well done!!!
    I love the skirt. I was just watching a video podcast yesterday where someone was talking about sewing. She made a very cute dress. I had no idea there were so many pattern sources out there now.

  3. I never tuck in a shirt either! The skirt and slip are lovely!

  4. I rarely wear skirts and dresses anymore, but I love them.

  5. I wear dresses almost exclusively because I find them so much more comfortable and non-restrictive. Cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter!
    Do you have a pattern for the slip? I need to make myself some new ones as they're so hard to buy. What kind of fabric did you use for them?
    I was right on yestedays painting! Yay! Thanks for letting me know.

  6. There are moments I dream of sewing garments again, usually when I can't find Fall/Winter shirts with sleeves long enough!! LOL Pretty skirt.


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