Monday, September 28, 2020

Becoming an Artiste!

I'm still attending church from home so yesterday I had plenty of time to sit and knit

 and even do some painting after lunch.

I found a new-to-me artist on YouTube, Louise De Masi . 

 She lives in Australia so her accent is a nice bonus 

and watching her videos all the way to the end means you get to laugh with her as she includes her bloopers and it is a good way to end!

This is inspired from one of her tutorials which I watched several times before I drew and painted it 

trying out the new ideas and suggestions she outlined.

I also played around with my signature and read on the 'proper' way to sign (bottom right)

 and not to sign like a doctor because no one will know who the artist is!

I then signed all of the postcards I have done and even all of the pages in my journal.

Now all I need is to knit is a beret! lol


  1. What a cute little bluebird! I've been watching Pinterest tutorials and this week for some reason my feed was all watercolor birds something I do NOT have the skill for alas. I do enjoy watching folks bring them to life though. It really is fascinating what you can do with just a little water and some pigment.

  2. Signing your artwork is important, and I’m pleased you went back and did that with the pieces you finished earlier.

  3. What a sweet bird! We're still attending church online too. We have never missed more than two weeks in a row before this virus and that was a rarity. We do enjoy the services we watch online though.
    I'm glad you're signing your artwork. That will be important to your family someday as I'm learning as I go through old photos of family that was here long before me.


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