Wednesday, September 16, 2020

One Step at a Time

I begin with a 12" cement paving block I purchase from Home Depot; 
 I have several for when the mood strikes me-they are very inexpensive. 
 I cover the top surface with tile adhesive using the sawtooth trowel for applying it to the block,
 that's why you see the lines. 
 Then comes the fun part;  placing the pottery, tiles or ceramic pieces 
to make the design you feel like!
  My youngest son brought me a baggie of these blue tiles in 3 sizes leftover from a job.  
I had such fun placing the 'footprints' all over the surface of this one! 
 I have plenty of tiles left so I will be making another one, I think! 
 Now I have to wait 24 hours for this to dry completely before I can apply the grout. 
 Patience is developed, you know....

Now this project didn't need hours before each step! 
 I finished piecing the last four blocks, 
then stitched all of the blocks together and then cut the borders and attached them! 
 The whole thing is pressed and waiting in the quilting frame pile! 
 Ahhhh, this was a good project!  
It is 42" x  51".
Now this is an experiment to extend the life of Bill's socks.
  He must have bony heels because he wears out socks at there and at the ball of his foot. 
 So this is our plan, I traced his foot, cut the leather from deer hide 
(from one  of the bucks he had shot 20+ years ago!)
 and remembered to reverse the second tracing so he would have a right AND left sole. 
 Then the tedious but not difficult job of piercing the holes every 1/4" around the outside of the piece. 
I do own a punch for making these holes;  
again, having the right tool for the job sure made it easier and professional. 
 I must admit, I gained an appreciation for cobblers! lol 
 No wonder there was a fairy tale for getting the elves to help them get their work done!  
It takes a lot of time to get the job done, one step at a time! 

Today's watercolor is going to be an easy guess-have a go at it!


  1. Valerie's squirrel table!!

    That star quilt is just gorgeous. The colors are just brilliant. Interesting fix on the socks. My mother used to wear out the socks I gave her the same way. I'd never seen that particular wear pattern before. Mine sure don't do that but then I have 75 pairs of my hand knit socks to choose from everyday and she had only one.
    I know those trowel lines all to well. That was my job when we were putting the tile in the bathroom. Good times.

  2. The quilt is stunning! Fun to have cat prints on the stepping stone... and an accurate reflection of life at your house, too! That is a large sole... we do have some big feet!!

  3. Yup - Val's Squirrel Table!!

    Love those little paw prints - so cute. Hope you show the finished socks. Love that you are using deer hide from Bill's hunting years ago.

  4. Is that Squirrelington's???? I love it!

    Love the paw prints and the quilt!

  5. Ahhh!!! The puppy print tile is awesome!! andyay for the last few blocks on that amazing top!!

  6. The paw prints on the stepping stone are adorable and fun. I’m eager to see it finished. I’ve been tempted a few times to add leather to slippers but not socks.

  7. You did a great job on the squirrel. I struggle with animals!
    Mosaic is so fun -- and so messy!

  8. Vals picnic table for the squirrels! How great is that?
    The mosaic is perfect with such cute little paw prints. I do love the quilt top too. I truly believe there is nothing you can't do when you decide to do it.

  9. That's Val's crazy squirrel! LOL

    The stepping stone is going to be adorable.

  10. I know this one!!!! LOL All your projects are great!

  11. A woman of many talents you are! Tile setter, quilter, cobbler and watercolor artist! All wonderful!

  12. Great projects! The stepping stone with the paw prints will be so cute. Beautiful quilt.


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