Monday, September 21, 2020


This antique folding deck chair has a wonderful story.  
My daughter brought it to me to fix 18 months ago
 ( the last time I've seen her!) 
and while doing my big purge a few weeks ago, I uncovered it!
I took up the challenge!
The first thing I did was give it a good clean!  
Ahhh, that turned out beautifully which spurred me on to step two which was the real problem. 
 The dowels that held the other end of the fabric seat to its proper spot 
on this gloriously clever folding chair  had both broken. 
 In fact, they had broken off and the dowels remained in the frame
 which meant I had to drill out the old and then cut and glue in the new dowels. 
 Of course, it is like putting the zipper in last for anyone who sews knows, 
zippers go in first and then the pants are built around it! 
 The frame was machine bolted (no way to loosen them) to put in the dowels 
but Bill to the rescue--he stretched it just enough to slip the dowel into place
 after I had filled the holes with glue!   
After that, we put the clamp on it long enough (two days)
to be sure it was secure and  VOILA! 
 New life for this deck chair!

I do love to fix's too bad I'm not a politician!


  1. I love that type of chair! Well done!!!

  2. You are so handy!
    I was eyeing a very shabby chair yesterday and wondering about recovering it but the truth is I don't have room for it anyway. It was a very comfy chair though. Perfect for knitting. I need a bigger house. Sigh...

  3. With your common sense I would vote for you to be the politician of all things!! Love that chair.

  4. An excellent repair! I hope you’re able to see your daughter soon.

  5. That is a gorgeous style chair.

    Doesn't it feel great to give something old a new life?

  6. Nice job! It looks gret! I sure hope you get to see your daughter before long.

  7. It’s so exciting to see the chair being rescued! Thank you! It always makes me think of strolling along an upper deck on one of the early-twentieth century ships, or maybe along the seashore, among people in “bathing costumes”...! Love you and miss you.


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