Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A Hank

I am down with a case of pink eye-it's been a while, why not, right?!  
So, since I couldn't see much, I sat and spun for a long time yesterday
 and finished the wool/linen/silk blend of fiber.
  As soon as I finished spinning the last few ounces (out of the 8 that's here)
 I began plying and did it all!  
I love it when a skein comes out perfectly balanced!
A beautiful skein of 400 yards of two ply.  
The silk makes a bit of slubs along the way but it is a very pretty periwinkle hank of yarn.
You can see the bits of linen sticking out-it was a very good spin, actually. 
 I purchased this fiber from Paradise Fibers. 
 Now to figure out what to knit with it! 
 Always a good problem. 
 But first, I will admire it for a while, with sight from one eye!


  1. Such a pretty shade of color. Sorry about the pink eye.

  2. How lovely! That is a pretty color.
    Pink eye is no fun. I used to have it all the time when I taught. That and head lice, ringworm and whatever bug was floating around. I can't believe how healthy I've been since I retired. Knock on wood. I really, really don't want IT. My sister and her husband are still feeling the after affects and it's been months now since they had it.

  3. Very pretty. Well done you. I hope you are well again soon.

  4. Now I don't know much about hanks, but it looks like an absolute beauty! Hope your eye gets better soon xx

  5. ❤️ the color of this yarn and wonder what it will become. Pink eye is nasty stuff - I hope you can give it the boot quickly.

  6. It's just been a year for you! Hope you are better soon. I love the slubs of silk, so pretty.

  7. I'm sorry about the Pink Eye, it's no fun to have. But, you made great use of your time with that gorgeous hank of yarn. I love the color.

  8. Pretty! Hope the pink eye clears up soon!

  9. That is a gorgeous color! There’s even a pretty luster in the second photo... that doesn’t always show up in pictures. Nice! Sorry about the pinkeye.

  10. Pink eye is aggravating and painful. Hope you are quick to get over the virus. And that is one lovely hank of yarn . I love it

  11. Pink eye is aggravating and painful. Hope you are quick to get over the virus. And that is one lovely hank of yarn . I love it


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