Friday, September 4, 2020


I had phone service early in the day yesterday but no internet! 
 And then there was NO phone-no texts, no calls--very silent and isolating! 
 Even more than usual! 
 So what did I do?  
I made the last of the Mystical to find enough of black fingering weight yarn
 to make the half motifs for the top and bottom and to crochet them all together! 
 I think it will go well.
These are building right up-I even found some similar background 
so I can make enough to have a lap quilt for these Autumn Hunter Stars!
I even made the sleeve without a hitch! 
 I have all of my notes so the second one will go smoothly, too!
The red apple worked out differently than I anticipated but is okay, too. 
 I am recognizing where I want to be and mostly I caa get there! 

 (the orange tape is holding the postcard down on the painting surface to help control the way paper warps when wet;  I remove it when it is dried!)

(I'm glad to say the internet and my phone are now working as of 4 a.m.!)


  1. Glad everything is working again. Weird when things go "out." Beautiful projects. The lanterns are lovely.

  2. The hunter stars will make a great quilt! It certainly is isolating to be within our normal communications! Always a big sigh of relief when they work again.

  3. Such beautiful projects! You really did make good use of your down time.

  4. Yesterday, I noticed my phone was curiously silent and had been since Sunday. I turned it off and back on after a few minutes. Immediately I had multiple texts coming through and voice messages from missed calls. I have no idea why it did this and hope it doesn’t happen again.

  5. Looks like a productive day! That apple looks good enough to eat! I just made an apple pie and the house smells amazing!

  6. Looks like you made the best use of that time!! those autumn Hunter stars really pop out at me! I love them!

  7. You are getting it done! I am feeling meh about stuff, so will float through the weekend without rudders. LOL! And then make a mad dash to quilt a baby quilt I need for the 12th! LOL

  8. My goodness, you went to town with those lanterns. How can you leave the tails? I'm terrible about that. If I don't weave in the tails as I go, the project tends to go unfinished because they overwhelm me.
    Our phones did that a couple of weeks ago. Apparently Verizon is removing it's 3G towers to make way for the 5G. We were told that will give gaps in service. It can be frustrating since all we have is our phones now. No WIFI, just the hotspot.


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