Sunday, September 27, 2020

Socks on Sunday

The Christmas striped socks are finished without any more drama, I'm glad to say!

  As soon as I get some measurements, 

I will be making some little girl sizes to go with this pair for mom.

I was glad to see an order of sock yarn delivered recently.

  I wanted to try the new yarn called  Static;  a 75/25 wool yarn.  

It is thinner than the Stroll I usually use but that is not a criticism--it is a really nice yarn!


  1. Yay for a sock finish!!!
    I had to go look up Static. It looks like fun. If I wasn't up to my neck in a frenzied Pandemic ordering of sock yarn I'd be tossing some in my cart right now.

  2. Something about the first hints of fall weather and Grandma socks coming off the needles just goes together quite cozily!

  3. I was looking at that static yarn online the other day - I really like the colours.

  4. I just put some Static in my cart yesterday. I'm waiting on the Stroll Manatee to be back in stock next week (at least that's what they're promising), to place my order.

    Your Christmas socks look great and match perfectly.


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