Friday, September 28, 2012

Traveling Again?

 But you just got home!!!!
What do you mean your oldest grand daughter needs you?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Live and Learn

 Backing up to Saturday, I loaded a new quilt of Millie's on the frame and started quilting using pastel thread and a butterfly motif.  After I did the first row and looked down at my work, I realized I had a problem.  I have never done a quilt with embroidered blocks and it didn't like the quilting lines invading its space.
 So, I thought I could just use the panto in between the blocks in the sashing, but it didn't lay flat and it needs some quilting in the blocks with plain white thread.  Nothing to do but to take it back off the frame and rip out all the stitches.  I will suffice it to say that the quilting stitches go in a lot quicker than they come out.
PuffDaddy held it steady while I picked out all 3,000,000+ and learn.  I have a new plan for this quilt but I needed a break from it before I tackle it again!
 I received a very fun sock kit in the mail-a splurge to myself.  Isn't is just perfect?!  I do not enjoy eating watermelon very especially but I will enjoy wearing one on my feet!
The pattern is moving right along and after figuring out how to randomly apply beads in an orderly fashion (!) I am enjoying the knitting.  I even learned how to do a toe-up gusset heel-it is good to push myself to learn something new and then have it be successful!
We had a wonderful visit from Caleb and Cassandra this weekend-after dinner, we took a walk with Storm following us just like a dog all the way out back and around the pond.  She enjoyed seeing her 'dad' again!
 This catydid took a ride on our car and hung on for a several miles!  He is as big as he looks-3-4" not including the antennae.
 I finished the skirts-nice to have them fit perfectly!
 I helped a friend finish the quilt and pillow shams she needs for her grandson who is getting married this weekend!  We might have pushed the limits of this deadline but we did it!  It is all labeled and ready for wrapping!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


 I have had a slow moving week for me, I have come down with another head cold.  This has to be some kind of record for me unfortunately!  The Berroco acrylic socks are finished and they are wonderfully soft.  I ended up being able to make the socks identical except for one little stripe on the sock on the right-fun to have a bit of sunshine showing on that one!  I will give these socks the wear test before I buy some more of this yarn.
 I made a cover for a young friend's Nook-same principle as my Kindle covers, just slightly different dimensions.
 It helped to have the actual device here to do the measuring and fitting on!
 This month's Fiber Binder Club featured double coated Shetland fiber.  I must admit that this was the best experience that I have ever had with long draw method of spinning wool.  I didn't want the sample to end.............  It is also the first time that I have spun a single that would have been strong enough to stand on its own without plying.  I am thinking a Orenburg shawl with more of this fiber in the future!
 I knit my swatch and added it to the binder!
 I got the rest of the Pima cotton spun and skeined-sure is soft and lustrous; much more refined than the raw cotton I worked with last time!  I am not sure what project this will end up in.
 I am spinning some Eri silk; this is going to be used in some baby bonnets....
 I have been enjoying myself with garment sewing, too.  These are two skirts a friend had bought all the supplies for and never got around to actually sewing them-DelightedHands to the rescue!
 Since my needles were empty, I pulled out the baby sweater to finish the sleeves and get this in the done pile.  I have signed up for a festival in November and I am going to be selling a pile of hand knits and yarn.  I took several orders last year and had many more requests than supplies and need to remedy that this year.  I will be making several of these for the sale pile.
 The Windmill quilt is finished and on the back of the couch!
 My other hobby this week-taking tons of vitamin C and zinc tabs to help me fight the allergy war!
 Outside, Bill has been trimming branches that hinder his mowing and this Camphor tree has been under his skin for a few years and he is taking it down branch by branch.
 I didn't want to see it go because I thoroughly enjoy the annual visit of the robins every December but there are a few more trees out back to attract the birds and it will be nice not to have the cars in the driveway covered in berry mess!  I does open up the front yard , too, so I am warming up to this idea of his!
The Ginger is in cone all over the front yard-it sure is striking!
 That catches me up-looking forward to a visit from the C's this weekend..........

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Starting and Finishing Day

 I started a new sock this morning-it sure felt good to have a pair of socks on the needles again!
(This is the yarn I bought at the LYS by Marsel and Abigail's home.  It is nylon and acrylic but has a nice soft feel; like cotton.  It passes the knit test and I will let you know how it wears in a few weeks!)
 I finished the wind mill quilt and got it off the frame.  Watch how Sissy's face changes when I take another picture....
 ....she looks disgusted with me!  I do enjoy my kitties!
 I might have finished the quilting but now I have started the binding and need to get that on to count the quilt as truly finished!
 The ruffly scarf is done and ready to be wrapped up and put in the gift pile!

I have started and finished the first bobbin of pima cotton sliver--stage one done before plying the two bobbins together for it to become yarn!
I will be turning the heel on the sock tonight-the yarn is dk weight so it works up quickly!

Friday, September 14, 2012


I had no idea it would take so many days to get back to East Coast time-my internal clock is all off kilter!

 I was pregnant with Jared when Mt St Helen's blew-it was amazing to get to see it for myself as we flew over on our return flight.
 There was even some red glowing in the plume of smoke-quite breath-taking to see.
The grandparents photo-
 I finished these little 'Gator socks on the way home.  Nyki is glad to have me back in the sewing room and keeps me company while I switch gears to the home front.
 I cast on a ruffle scarf; this one for my sister-in-law who will be visiting next month.
I found a packet of lavender while cleaning out a drawer (I love to clean out when I am feeling emotionally fragile!) and put it right into its own little linen sachet.
Now, on to the last little bit of this quilt so I can start another project!  PuffDaddy agrees-get moving is the best thing for the blues.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amazing Joy...

 We made a little plaque with Krystle's Mom and Sister-good memory maker all the way around!
 I mounted the hanky for wall art-this is the hanky my parents sent to my Dad's mom on the occasion of my birth here in Tacoma more than half a century ago........when my Grandmother died, the hanky found its way back to my parents who gave it to me.  This is the perfect celebration to bring it back to Washington and complete a circle of life.
 Aria is figuring out how to chow down with Mama's milk in a bottle.
 She took right to Daddy time and prefers naps here than anywhere else.
 We took a family outing to Dash Point to get some fresh air and collect some sea glass for me!
 Aria loves riding in the car!
 Jared took the evening chill out of the house with a fire-it was delicious but it did warm things up!
 We had a great time collecting the sea glass and found this in about an hour-what a treasure!
And speaking of treasures.................she has grown and filled out in the week we have seen her!

We have to say goodbye .Today. It. Hurts.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Western Ho!

 Had a great flight here, which is a blessing not to take for granted.  We flew over Utah and saw so much of nothing as far as civilization but lots of these 'crop circles' when there was a river nearby!  Cool!
 I am getting a little knitting done-SU/Gator colors for Aria and her daddy......
But most of my time is centered around this little sweetie!  It is wonderful to be here!!!!!


Ahhhh, a pair of socks on the needles finally!  It has been way too long.  I haven't had too much time for knitting but it sure was wond...