Thursday, September 27, 2012

Live and Learn

 Backing up to Saturday, I loaded a new quilt of Millie's on the frame and started quilting using pastel thread and a butterfly motif.  After I did the first row and looked down at my work, I realized I had a problem.  I have never done a quilt with embroidered blocks and it didn't like the quilting lines invading its space.
 So, I thought I could just use the panto in between the blocks in the sashing, but it didn't lay flat and it needs some quilting in the blocks with plain white thread.  Nothing to do but to take it back off the frame and rip out all the stitches.  I will suffice it to say that the quilting stitches go in a lot quicker than they come out.
PuffDaddy held it steady while I picked out all 3,000,000+ and learn.  I have a new plan for this quilt but I needed a break from it before I tackle it again!
 I received a very fun sock kit in the mail-a splurge to myself.  Isn't is just perfect?!  I do not enjoy eating watermelon very especially but I will enjoy wearing one on my feet!
The pattern is moving right along and after figuring out how to randomly apply beads in an orderly fashion (!) I am enjoying the knitting.  I even learned how to do a toe-up gusset heel-it is good to push myself to learn something new and then have it be successful!
We had a wonderful visit from Caleb and Cassandra this weekend-after dinner, we took a walk with Storm following us just like a dog all the way out back and around the pond.  She enjoyed seeing her 'dad' again!
 This catydid took a ride on our car and hung on for a several miles!  He is as big as he looks-3-4" not including the antennae.
 I finished the skirts-nice to have them fit perfectly!
 I helped a friend finish the quilt and pillow shams she needs for her grandson who is getting married this weekend!  We might have pushed the limits of this deadline but we did it!  It is all labeled and ready for wrapping!


  1. You know my philosophy about deadlines...right before them is the perfect time to finish projects!!! :)

    Impressive kids would love to have him as a pet!

    The watermelon socks are very fun -- out of the ordinary, which is a nice perk-up sometimes!

    Glad you enjoyed a visit from the C's.

    Come visit me and then you can go home and re-tackle the embroidered quilt. :)

  2. I love the socks, they do look like summer! and the quilts, though I don't envy you for the unpicking - undoing is always so much more work than doing the job in the first place.
    and that insect - is huge! the only ones over here that come near in size are some of the larger dragonflies - kind of frightening to have one coming close, because they emit such a loud buzz!

  3. Ooooo, reverse quilting -- eek!

    Love the watermelon socks.

    Glad you had a nice visit with the C's.


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