Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amazing Joy...

 We made a little plaque with Krystle's Mom and Sister-good memory maker all the way around!
 I mounted the hanky for wall art-this is the hanky my parents sent to my Dad's mom on the occasion of my birth here in Tacoma more than half a century ago........when my Grandmother died, the hanky found its way back to my parents who gave it to me.  This is the perfect celebration to bring it back to Washington and complete a circle of life.
 Aria is figuring out how to chow down with Mama's milk in a bottle.
 She took right to Daddy time and prefers naps here than anywhere else.
 We took a family outing to Dash Point to get some fresh air and collect some sea glass for me!
 Aria loves riding in the car!
 Jared took the evening chill out of the house with a fire-it was delicious but it did warm things up!
 We had a great time collecting the sea glass and found this in about an hour-what a treasure!
And speaking of treasures.................she has grown and filled out in the week we have seen her!

We have to say goodbye .Today. It. Hurts.


  1. Oh my goodness, what an abundance of joy this post represents...Aria is so beautiful and I'm so glad you have had this time with her and Jared and Krystle.

    Praying for an extra measure of grace for you today...xo

  2. PS -- I'll admit it...the picture of Aria on Jared's chest made me cry...!

  3. What a precious time! I also can't believe all of the sea glass you collected. :-)

  4. A lovely post which will remind you of the wonderful time you had. As a grandmother, your last sentence made tears well up in my eyes!

  5. I love the pic of the big fellow and the little one:) it's hard to leave - but you'll carry those memories forever! soon you can collect sea glass with her! and in the meantime you could make a lovely mobile out of it for her - and think about Aria (love that name!) while you do....


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