Wednesday, January 31, 2024


Flu or Covid? 
 Right now I don't care what the name of this is;  
I only know that I feel miserable!

Tuesday, January 30, 2024


I was rather unfocused today;  I decided my ironing station needed a cover-so pretty now!
I pulled my next pattern to do! 
 This is not an old one but I want to do it so I will!
I am quilter, hear me roar!
See what I purchased from Amazon;  it is especially handy because it opens ALL-THE-WAY!  So many of the tackle box style sewing boxes only open a bit and then tip over easily.  This is an easy access case to de-clutter the top of my sewing table! 
 You can see the round ice cream tub I have been using to try and hold all of the tools I use.
It's now easy to reach and easy to set out of the way
 when I need more room pressing.  A win.
And look at these cute mice! 
  Yes, the one on the right is a dormouse!
You can see how much smaller these mice are;  I used DK weight yarn and an E or 3.5mm hook.  I winged the pattern to give it the mouse shape to fit my preference.  

Monday, January 29, 2024


It's been a long time since I have finished a pair of socks!
  And for me, this is the first sock finish of the year!
  I also made two dishcloths from the Dishcloth Marathon.
  A good day of yarn was enjoyed.

Sunday, January 28, 2024


I took a long time to get going yesterday; 
 I've had too many evenings out!  I did finally manage to put the binding on the rainbow quilt
It's labeled and ready to head to the washer/dryer
 and then to the donation pile!
I saw a cool YouTube video on making this hat with the Granny Square All in One yarn.  I made two hats, an earwarmer headband and have enough left for another headband.  It is made with what she calls the Moss stitch in crochet;  it is my favorite stitch for dishcloths so it was an easy stitch to make, albeit in the round this time!  She also recommended a larger hook (k) and the yarn was lofty enough to make it a very nice density for a hat!
This hat is following her pattern-almost. 
 I wanted the top to be less gathered and more tapered.
  It was better but too slouchy for my taste.
The second hat turned out even better!
  A very enjoyable adventure in crochet!
Bill has been working on making old boards usable for a platform for the lanai furniture-more on it later.
We will be nailing it together next week on location!

Saturday, January 27, 2024


I do like the portability of dishcloths! 
 They are good car projects, too.
 I made a cat toy;  it is sprinkled with catnip inside! 
I don't like the big ears; 
 I will be remaking them but overall, it is cute! 

Friday, January 26, 2024


I enjoyed my last block of blue for the Stars Like Spaghetti MQAL!
I could've sewn on the binding but I got side-tracked!
The warmth of a perfect day with no humidity!  
I listened to the birds, squirrels and crows as they enjoyed the day as much as I did.  What a way to recharge.  I knitted and crocheted and dozed and stayed outside until it was time to eat dinner!

Thursday, January 25, 2024


I couldn't wait to dig right into the next clue to the
 Stars like Spaghetti MQAL and had fun with the new blue blocks!
I did get the binding on the gold/blue quilt I quilted for Leslie. 
I did get the rest of the quilting done on the rainbow quilt and
 picked out the binding fabric which I will make and apply today.
Since the frame was empty for a bit, I laid out the blocking board and blocked my shawl!  It did block out at 28" wide and folded in half it is 40" !  I will get a chance to use it Sunday morning when it is going to be in the 40's again when I wake up.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024


I've been experimenting with my different knitting machines making ear warmers--I made one on the larger Addi that turned out 7" wide. (I gave it to a friend already!)  This one is on the 40 needle Sentro and it is 5" wide.  I was also trying out a new yarn which is JoAnns' brand called Big Twist.  It works great on the machines, I'm glad to say.
My friend is a Georgia Bulldogs fan, hence the red and black combinations.  This one is for her son;  it is only 3" wide.    It's good to have a reference for future projects!
Yes, the quilt will look better with the borders.  Now that they are cut to size, I will be sewing them on today.  I enjoyed flitting from project to project today!
I did finish Clue #1 on Stars like Spaghetti quilt-a-long. 
 The new clue comes out today so I am ready!
I almost finished quilting the rainbow batiks but I ran out of thread and was ready to get off my feet!  Another job for today.
And I put the last stitches on the shawl that is like wearing a narrow afghan!  It is so warm and soft.  I am going to block it to open up the stitches a bit.
There are many ways to wear it and it will double as a lap blanket as needed.  This was made with an I hook and DK weight yarn, Mandala cakes (2 1/2) in Echo Caves.  It won't be worn again for a week because we are in for some very mild weather!  I took a nap out on the patio lounge today;  it was wonderful to just sit and enjoy the sound of birds and the breeze in the trees!


Monday, January 22, 2024


 I have been enjoying the 31 days of Washcloths but haven't made them all.  Some just don't interest me and some are poorly written but it has been fun to visit all of the different sites
 and see the creativity that exists!  

Sunday, January 21, 2024


The Shop Hop '23 quilt is pieced but I am thinking it needs a  solid colored border all the way around so it is going to sit a bit
 until I can buy some new fabric. 
 (I have a dr appt tomorrow so I can get some when I'm out!)
  Still I am pleased it went together well once I set my mind to it and will certainly have it finished before the next Hop begins!
The rainbow quilt is all loaded up on the frame
and ready to go but I ran out of gas too soon to get to it.
  It will wait for me!

Saturday, January 20, 2024


I've begun the MQAL with Alycia at QultyGirl
Only 5 more by next week-I can do it! 
 I'm using the strips that Leslie and I cut out last week.
I also finished the rainbow quilt by adding another strip of red at the top and bottom and then added the borders. 
 I will be loading it on today.  
I thought you would enjoy a few blooms from our yard.
Turk's Cap.
Another Camellia.

Thursday, January 18, 2024


The quilt for QOV is off the frame and just needs me to bind it--
I will be doing it today!
I made some major progress with last year's Shop Hop quilt.
  I will finish stitching it together today, too.
I did some wandering around outside in between some drizzles
 and found some radishes to nibble on!
And I didn't pick it, but there were 5 skinny beans growing! 
 The weather has been horrid for my beans to grow--and then they were attacked by something that nibbled off all of the leaves.  Since then we've had a row of Swiss Chard disappear, too, and Bill thinks it is deer who are also enjoying my raised bed
 so they don't have to bend over either!!!! 
 Time to hang some soap and hair in the row to discourage them!


Adages stand the test of time.  This one perfectly fits this situation about me and this shawl.  I had bought two skeins of yarn to make this shawl according to the pattern;  then I changed the needle size to give the shawl more drape.  When I used up the first skein, I could see the shawl would be too short.  So my late-at-night self thought the solution was to rip it back and make it narrower.  So the next morning, I ripped it back and when there were only 6" left, I had a critical thought--I had loved the width, the drape and the look of the shawl so why didn't I just think to buy another cake of yarn? --BUY ANOTHER SKEIN ?!  I didn't need to rip it out!  So I stopped whining to myself, mostly, and began crocheting it again! 
 I have finally hit the mark where I started the second skein and then some.  It is going well and I will pick up another skein soon.
I need to wait and make all decisions earlier in the day!

Wednesday, January 17, 2024


I played around with the fabric for last year's All Florida Shop Hop that Mary and I bought and didn't get around to making it into a quilt!  I need to wrap that up BEFORE this year's hop begins!!!  Nothing like incentive.  
I still like to play with graph paper and sketch out what I have and what I want.  It works for me!  I will begin today with cutting and hopefully some stitching.  

Tuesday, January 16, 2024


I wanted to knit a pair of the Tough & Toasty mitts again because this weekend will be very chilly for us and might even hit a frost alert.  I will be prepared with a scarf and wearing these matching mitts.  The yarn is handspun from Merino/silk.  I will be making these again in the new handspun yarn as soon as I knit the dropped stitch scarf first!
We were visited all day by this large flock of turkeys.
  They chatter away as they eat-it is very relaxing to watch them!


The bird bath fountain sprung a leak so Bill fixed the leak and put a new sealant on it and I gave it a new paint job!  I had to let the pai...