Tuesday, January 16, 2024


I wanted to knit a pair of the Tough & Toasty mitts again because this weekend will be very chilly for us and might even hit a frost alert.  I will be prepared with a scarf and wearing these matching mitts.  The yarn is handspun from Merino/silk.  I will be making these again in the new handspun yarn as soon as I knit the dropped stitch scarf first!
We were visited all day by this large flock of turkeys.
  They chatter away as they eat-it is very relaxing to watch them!


  1. We used to have wild turkeys here - not all that long ago (10 years?), but I have not seen any in quite some time. I miss seeing them!

  2. It is amazing what a different the mitts make! One of the pairs you’ve made me is just short enough to not rub on my wrist incision, which has been great! -Marsel

  3. Mitts are so fun to make and great to wear of chilly days. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen wild turkeys.

  4. I think it's finally going to be cold enough here in the next few days to finally get out my mitts. That's a great pattern.

  5. We had wild turkeys in Spokane and we have them here too. I don't remember them being around when I was a kid though.
    Your mitts are so pretty. Fun pattern. It's -16F outside right now, I'm not sure of the wind chill. Just that it's cold and we have lots of errands today since we're leaving tomorrow.
    Stay warm.

  6. I really do have to try that pattern one of these days!


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