Tuesday, January 30, 2024


I was rather unfocused today;  I decided my ironing station needed a cover-so pretty now!
I pulled my next pattern to do! 
 This is not an old one but I want to do it so I will!
I am quilter, hear me roar!
See what I purchased from Amazon;  it is especially handy because it opens ALL-THE-WAY!  So many of the tackle box style sewing boxes only open a bit and then tip over easily.  This is an easy access case to de-clutter the top of my sewing table! 
 You can see the round ice cream tub I have been using to try and hold all of the tools I use.
It's now easy to reach and easy to set out of the way
 when I need more room pressing.  A win.
And look at these cute mice! 
  Yes, the one on the right is a dormouse!
You can see how much smaller these mice are;  I used DK weight yarn and an E or 3.5mm hook.  I winged the pattern to give it the mouse shape to fit my preference.  


  1. Wow, lots of winners — the new cover is lovely, the box is fantastic, and the mice are adorable! (The shape of the little one reminds me of the sweet little brown mouse we had years ago, Mocha, which is a happy memory!) -Marsel

  2. Cute little rodents! Love the fabric you used for your ironing cover.

  3. What sweet critters! I was in Ikea yesterday and I was so tempted by all the storage containers. I could use an upgrade too. As usual, I came home piratically empty handed because I got too overwhelmed to make rational decisions. But I did get cookies. I always get cookies....lol.

  4. I always try to find a good container, and then end up buying something else! I have given up on the perfect one. LOL But it looks like you have one that works for you.

  5. Wow! I am so glad you aren't being pestered by real rats! Your mice are way cuter than the real thing. Your projects are always so fun. Pretty, too.

  6. Congratulations on the new ironing cover and a nifty tool box. And the socks you showed last post. I can't find any of my sock needles! What the heck did I do with them? I'm afraid there is a new set of double pointed needles coming into my life. Your mice are very cute.

  7. Love that fabric for your ironing center and the tool box looks like it will work a treat! But those mice. Oh my goodness! They are so cute! I'll take an infestation of those anytime.
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. Your ironing station looks great - so lovely to have a refresh! I need to redo mine as well... love, love, love the mice - so glad it wasn't a real life rodent infestation! xx


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