Saturday, June 29, 2013


 Saturday night, our little town held its first annual fireworks show and we went to share in the celebration.  Aria was amazed and unafraid.  It was wonderful to share it.
 I am savoring the baby time.
 I did finish the June selection of CVM fiber.  I spun it lace weight fine-63 yards of it.
 It was a delightful fiber to spin; I can see why so many have raved about it.  This was a first for me.
 Everyday my parents and nieces came for a visit-we so enjoyed the extra family time.
Yes, loving the babies and seeing them play together was indescribably wonderful.......

Tour de Fleece Begins Today!

The Tour de France begins today.......for spinners, we choose to participate in a Tour de Fleece; spinning each day according to the race schedule choosing easier fibers on the lighter days and pushing hard on the tough terrain days!

I am beginning with some red Targhee fiber-a 4 ounce batt from Dyed in the Wool.  On your mark, get set, go!

(Yes, my company is still here, but I am getting my spinning in early in the day when they are still sleeping!)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Family Ties

 The week is filled with 'nursery' time......
 ........and crafting time during naps.
 We felted some bars of soap for a luxury exfoliate bath bar.  So much fun to share!
 The guys are enjoying the pool every day-*This is my niece, Alicia, getting some tips from Jared!*
but are much more sedate with the babies!  
 Aria stole a skein of wool from the basket and scooted as fast as she could to escape with her treasure; when she took a taste, she gave it back to me!  Hysterical!
 Eating is serious business in the morning.
Bob and Shelly are here to enjoy the growing nieces and nephews!  Our swim was cancelled due to a beautiful thunder and lightening storm; it is in full summer pattern here weather wise!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some Clean Fun

The guys went golfing yesterday.  
 The girls got to stay home and play!!!!  We made soap and it was a huge success!
 We made some olive oil and goat's milk bars.....
it was so much fun;  we didn't want to stop!

Monday, June 24, 2013

D is for Dads

We took Bill out for his birthday....this is Bill, with his three sons and now they are all dads, too.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why I have been MIA from the Blogosphere!

 My house is grandma quiver was overflowing and my heart overjoyed!  (Aria)
 Ella in her matching bloomers from Auntie Krystle!  (She has cut a tooth while here!)
The grandsons enjoy some time together and Will cut a tooth here, too!
 The bigger boys painted these shirts to hassle Caleb for the Miami Heat game but Caleb had the last laugh when his team won despite the overwhelming fan ratio in the room!
 We visited the beach and added to the family tree!
 These are ALL of my grandchildren!!!!
The crew at Boston Lobster Feast for Bill's birthday!

Monday, June 17, 2013

C is for Cat

These are the 'C' installments of a weekly photography challenge I have joined.  

 Sketch........rarely indoors but quirky when she does come in-this is where she chooses to spend the occasional night.
This is her more common environment-the way out front yard.
 Big Grey is filling out but still sticks pretty closely to his new people.
Storm likes ledges........she is in most of the time but does visit outside every few days.
 PuffDaddy explores everywhere but does like his people's bed at night and the pool area  which was his first domain.
 Nyki stays close to the house, still enjoys night in the pool area but will only give snuggles for 5.2 seconds now that she is 'free' to roam.  Stinker.
JD still has issues with trust and companionship-she comes in each night to sleep in the pool area but doesn't want too much interaction with anyone two or four legged.
 Sissy does come in and visit us off and on all day but her favorite domain is the garage.
Bling, the king of the porch is still a teddy bear and loves to have us sit on the porch so he can get a right and proper stroking.

Knitting Knudges

 First, against all odds (like a killer migraine that stole a day and 1/2 from me!) I got the three counting books done in time for my grandbabies' visit this week!
 All are grommeted and ringed and ready for little fingers and handling!  I can't wait to share them!
 On the knitting front, I have enjoyed some simple knitting from Kay Meadors with some yarn that was gifted to me. It is knit on #10 1/2 needles with an artsy yarn.  It is a simple knit that I will be relying on when my house fills with company this week (garter stitch).
 But for some mental stretching, I purchased a class from Craftsy to learn Brioche knitting.   It is a great class and really puts your brain in gear!  I did my first sample in one color; then today finished my two color sample.  The darker strip on the two color sample was a stretch as I was lost on what was happening but I stuck with the directions and it worked-the colors are juxtaposed for a few rows!  I am hoping that as I become more familiar with this work, the patterning will be more intuitive for me!  The two color knitting is light with a dark background on one side and the opposite on the reverse.  Unlike k1p1 ribbed work, there is no right or wrong side with this stitch because you do not carry the strands in the tradition way.  Both sides are equally as attractive-very handy when you make scarves or reversible hats with this stitch.
 This morning I cast on for a real project;  the patterned scarf is on its way!  I am using some of my hand spun Coopworth yarn on #7 needles-it just begs for one more row!   I have used this for a  carrot on a stick all day because I am getting ready for the great salmon run in which all my kids will be returning home for a visit this week!!!  All of them-15!!!!!  I have beds everywhere!
I am ready for these to be filled-this is for the Seattle Salmon!  Aria's new entrelac blankie is just waiting for her!  Off to do another row........

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just Playing with String......

 I finished the third entrelac blanket for a grandbaby!  36" x 45"
 The sewing room is set up for an assembly line for getting those other two counting books done in time for the BIG visit!
 Another pair of summer shorty socks are off the needles-these are for my brother who will be visiting soon, too!
This is a fun pattern-free from The Purl Bee called the Summer Shimmer Scarf.  A very fun knit if you are looking to use up a skein of cotton yarn!

Monday, June 10, 2013

RetroActive B is for Blooms

 The rain has brought the rain lilies into full bloom.  The light colored ones only last a few days but these red ones just keep putting out new blooms.....this on is in the yard.
This one lives in the pool area.  I have to keep his leaves clipped back because he gets too jungle-y for his territory!
The desert rose is in full bloom-this is right outside my kitchen window and is a feast during my dish washing activities!

(I am trying to catch up with the first few weeks of the photo challenge, Benita!)


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