Saturday, September 22, 2012


 I have had a slow moving week for me, I have come down with another head cold.  This has to be some kind of record for me unfortunately!  The Berroco acrylic socks are finished and they are wonderfully soft.  I ended up being able to make the socks identical except for one little stripe on the sock on the right-fun to have a bit of sunshine showing on that one!  I will give these socks the wear test before I buy some more of this yarn.
 I made a cover for a young friend's Nook-same principle as my Kindle covers, just slightly different dimensions.
 It helped to have the actual device here to do the measuring and fitting on!
 This month's Fiber Binder Club featured double coated Shetland fiber.  I must admit that this was the best experience that I have ever had with long draw method of spinning wool.  I didn't want the sample to end.............  It is also the first time that I have spun a single that would have been strong enough to stand on its own without plying.  I am thinking a Orenburg shawl with more of this fiber in the future!
 I knit my swatch and added it to the binder!
 I got the rest of the Pima cotton spun and skeined-sure is soft and lustrous; much more refined than the raw cotton I worked with last time!  I am not sure what project this will end up in.
 I am spinning some Eri silk; this is going to be used in some baby bonnets....
 I have been enjoying myself with garment sewing, too.  These are two skirts a friend had bought all the supplies for and never got around to actually sewing them-DelightedHands to the rescue!
 Since my needles were empty, I pulled out the baby sweater to finish the sleeves and get this in the done pile.  I have signed up for a festival in November and I am going to be selling a pile of hand knits and yarn.  I took several orders last year and had many more requests than supplies and need to remedy that this year.  I will be making several of these for the sale pile.
 The Windmill quilt is finished and on the back of the couch!
 My other hobby this week-taking tons of vitamin C and zinc tabs to help me fight the allergy war!
 Outside, Bill has been trimming branches that hinder his mowing and this Camphor tree has been under his skin for a few years and he is taking it down branch by branch.
 I didn't want to see it go because I thoroughly enjoy the annual visit of the robins every December but there are a few more trees out back to attract the birds and it will be nice not to have the cars in the driveway covered in berry mess!  I does open up the front yard , too, so I am warming up to this idea of his!
The Ginger is in cone all over the front yard-it sure is striking!
 That catches me up-looking forward to a visit from the C's this weekend..........


  1. Sorry you have not been feeling well. Jack got a cold too. Thankfully, some echinacea/goldenseal and homemade elderberry syrup has done the trick. You sure know how to stay busy even when you aren't feeling well!

  2. I just typed a long comment and it got eaten.

    Suffice it to say that I like all of the stuff you did, feel better soon, and enjoy your visit with the Cs!

  3. So much to comment on, I'm bound to miss something! I smiled at the combination of Shetland fibre and Orenburg lace! The quilt will be warm and inviting as you enter the cooler months. The skirts look pretty and practical - are they for you or going back to your friend? Bill is always so busy in the yard, I bet your place (like ours) looks nothing like it did when you bought it!

  4. I think you sent me a few of your germs - I caught one too, but you're way ahead of me in the jobs you get done! I am just moping about in the hope that noone sees me:)
    does the camphor tree actually smell like camphor? or the timber, when you burn it? and having ginger growing outside, what a climate you have! we nearly had the very first night frost this season, but the nasturtiums are still there, so it must have been slightly milder...
    get better soon - or we'll exchange progress reports:)

  5. So sorry you've had the sniffles again. So frustrating!

    The Windmill quilt is beautiful. I love the colors you used, You are good at that.

    So, does a camphor tree smell like it?

  6. Fiber binder sounds cool! Love the quilt! Yes, allergy season is coming back I think :(


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