Friday, September 18, 2020

Just Give it a Try!

Several Ohio Cats Stars were made yesterday.  
I have all of the pieces cut but still lack two squares of the background fabric! 
 I can't believe it. 
 It's a good thing the fabric is newer-I was going to use it to make a table runner!
The paw prints are settled in the 'path' with the other blocks.
I have shod Bill and he is thrilled!  
He can't wait for me to add soles to another pair he owns!
And another paw prints stepping stone is in stage one!
Here is a photo watercolor for you to guess about! 
 It is the first time I have tried to paint people!  Yikes!


  1. I just love those stepping stones! So pretty and fun.

  2. Lovely painting! And oh my, those cat stars!

  3. Oh, cat feet and cat blocks! I love it! That painting is gorgeous but I have no idea who it is. You did a wonderful job painting people.

  4. Those stepping stones are so much fun!
    I am in awe of the points you get on your stars.
    Your people are perfect. How romantic is that?

  5. I love your new experiment (painting people) — what a beautiful picture!!

  6. Oh My!! I love it!!! I instantly knew what it was!!!! Bill's feet really do look like Hobbit Feet now.


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