Saturday, December 18, 2021


Another pair of mitts, yarn is Capretta from KnitPicks in Blush colorway. Very soft and warm.
I've been enjoying knitting a hat again-thanks for the inspiration Dee and Nancy and Alycia and Betsy!
Lion Brand hand-dyed worsted.

 Our Florida avocados are back in season!  These are large-5" long and 3 1/2" wide!  They are sweeter than Has and very, very good!  We will be enjoying them on our salads for months now!


  1. Good lookiing mmitts and hat! But that avocado! Oh my gosh. It looks good. I love avocados.

  2. Capretta is really soft. I lined a pair of mittens with it and it's lovely.
    I am always on the hunt for a decent avocado. They are so expensive and half the time they are icky inside. It's always hit or miss even when I ripen them myself.

  3. Wonderful finishes, sewing and knitting, and love the yarn for the hat.


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