Friday, December 17, 2021


Lena says she will accept this pack of dogs in the house! 
 I am so glad I finished all four of the dogs-sometimes things don't work out but this was interesting and sentimental to sew.
I tell friend that I really do like to mend things;  a vintage decoration had suffered water damage while packed away for the year and the fabric had actually rotted away.  I was able to patch it and use some holly appliques to copy how it looked before.  Since this was printed fabric, I had to do the best I could.
The use of the silver glitter glue really brought harmony to the patch and the rest of the print! 
 I enjoyed the challenge and my friend was thrilled.  
(This used to be her grandmother's!)
I thought you would enjoy seeing the 'olives' of our wild olive tree.  They are edible to birds and not people!
The olives are the size of small marbles.


  1. Nice job on the doggies! And the mending!! Are those really olives? And why not edible to humans I wonder...

  2. Now those are some cute pups! Nice job on the mending. I lost so much from mice damage bc (before cats) so I know how much that must have meant to her.
    I never knew there were wild olives. The fruit looks different but those leaves are pretty close, right? At least to the ones painted on all my fancy olive

  3. Perfect Puppies - and Lena doesn't have to teach them to behave!!
    Beautiful Tree Skirt - you mended it wonderfully!

  4. I'm back! Still no internet but I have an intermittent hot spot that I'm trying to use to check blogs. Love all of your sweet pups. They are so cute and will be very loved.
    You did a fabulous job on that mending. I know it means a lot to your friend to have something that belonged to her Grandmother. The use of glitter was brilliant.

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