Thursday, December 6, 2018

Oh, Look! It's Working!

 I finished both sleeves on the knitting machine, 
 I even used a new way to seam the sleeves;  
it is a chain stitch just like you will find on store bought knits.  
It was done with a small latch hook to poke through both layers of the edges of the sleeves,
 securing the yarn and bringing it to the front to secure the slip stitch, repeat! 

 It was so much quicker than stitching with a darning needle!
And they are finished in time to be added to the Plymouth Yarn pullover that I have worked bottom up instead of top down!  
Soon I will be joining them and facing any yoke obstacles!!!


  1. Pretty, pretty! I love those cables on the front too.

  2. Bravo for working out the details on how to knit the sleeves on the machine!

  3. Clever! That blue is gorgeous and love the cables.

  4. Just fabulous! You will crank through sweaters now. Can't wait to see the finish.

  5. Beautiful. That latch hook method must be why I had so much trouble trying to unravel a machine made sweater to recycle the wool...????


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